A Connection, Confession, Progression, and Procession of Love

I love you and I’m not afraid to express it.
There are no more chains trying to suppress it.
I want to climb the smallest mountain and shout it to the passersby,
I want to reach the highest mountain, and sing it loud as I fly.
You are the shine within my eyes,
and God incarnate in disguise.
With each turn upon the path,
with each discovery of a new surprise,
you have me here holding my stomach,
with another laugh, another sigh,
as my minds attempt at asking why,
has diminished quite considerably.
I might even say, completely disappeared,
for the truth of our love is not to be feared,
but shared, with a smile and a voice agile,
calling out to the heavens above.
“We are the ones who are open to love!”
Then sprinkle the juice of its truth from our hearts,
to the ones on Earth playing their parts,
as they stop in their tracks,
and look behind their backs,
knowing that something, something is there,
a force of the universe that truly does care,
gently but firmly nudging, presenting a dare,
gently but firmly, no judging,
“expose your heart bare,”
and there,
what you’ll find is a well of sweetness that never runs out,
as this is what love is all about
– to feel it and reveal it, know that it’s real,
to wear it and share it, let the world see its flare.
Deep down inside,
in the recesses of your heart,
you truly do care,
willing to abide.
You know that you are a part,
of this blessed universe,
in which you have your own verse, or verses,
to intimately and uniquely impart.
So here’s a cheer to shining your light,
for its there within you, recognizing the right moment
to come and release its rhythmic hum.
Love, I say to you, let go of fear,
let your heart steer you along the road,
to the brightness and rightness of your abode.

2 Comments on “A Connection, Confession, Progression, and Procession of Love

  1. Dearest Gabriella !
    Absolutely inspirational ! ” this is what love is all about, TO FEEL IT! TO REVEAL IT!……TO WEAR IT AND SHARE IT, LET THE WORLD SEE ITS FLARE…” , !! IF only it was possible for my TF and I to wear it, share it ,reveal it and let the world see its flare! MMmmmm.. Beautiful !!! But still the journey itself is so amazing and we are filled with gratitude for having all this. As you said being in the divine flow we will embrace our destiny. Love to you.. !!!

  2. Our soul’s journey is like a game of snakes and ladders. Our right choices are the ladders and wrong choices are the snakes. But eVen when we reach the point where the next step is Home ,we still have to wait for the Right number , which is DIV!INE TIMING.