Laughing Fear Away as You Move into Love

Have you Felt a Pull to Balance Humor and “Seriousness?”

I was joined by Scott Kalechstein Grace, Speaker, Modern Day Troubadour, and Author of Teach Me How to Love: A True Story that Touches Hearts and Helps with the Laundry! Teach Me How To Love is the true story of Scott Kalechstein Grace, an unlicensed peddler on the streets of NYC, who, after years of being chased by the police, decides to chase his dreams instead. While sharing his inspired, improvisational singing, motivational speaking, and conscious comedy across three continents, Scott eventually discovers that what matters most to him is learning his love lessons at home – how to be vulnerable, how to forgive, how to love himself and others, and, perhaps the most difficult and daring adventure of all, how to let love in.

There was some in the moment creations of inspiration and fun! Visit Scott’s Website