My Beloved, Home With Me

I feel your embrace in my breath as I inhale, the vision of your face surrounding me, so softly you become me. My eyes close as I exhale…
I know what I chose. My heart yearns for the tenderness of your caress. I feel you near me my love. An ever persistent reminder from above. Your creation of emotion wrapped in expressive devotion. My soul creates our story of kindness and intuition made from our dreams in moonbeams. Ah such a fantasy it seems yet this aching knowing of our promise of love flows through my bloodstreams. I feel you stronger, here with me, your voice as it tickles my earlobe, sending waves of bliss inside of me. How much I desire you to be…
Yes, I know this fantasy is our reality as you ever so lovingly show me and now you have only to flow with me, literally my love. I’m yours.

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