2012 – Twin Flame Reunions and Ascension

Q. 2012 is said to be the time of ascension. Does it mean that twinsouls incarnated here will be reunited in the physical now? We are already united spiritually, so, does that mean that this spiritual union is sufficient for planet ascension? If so, why physical incarnation together during this time? Can you expand on this? True to what is said I became aware of the twin soul concept only in 2011 and after that my spiritual connection with my twin has deepened. What else should we do besides going with the divine flow?

A. All co-creations with the twin flame prepare the oneness of all that is for ascension – not only those reunions in the physical. Many twin flame couples will be coming together physically this year of 2012 for the purpose of SHOWING the collective the VISION of true divine, eternal unconditional twin flame love beyond the words and the feelings. However, all combinations of twin flame unions (male/male, female/female, male/female) and all ways of uniting/co-creating, whether it be in full physical union or even spiritual union are powerful. The reason why the other unions are essential as well is to bring the collective awareness into the truth that we are connected way beyond the direct communication, that we can love beyond the minds capacity for knowing or planning, that we are so much more than our human selves for we are beyond the tangible, physical matter of these bodies.

Twin flame unions are essential in bringing the healing of separation into the full vibration of union. Therefore, there will be many twins who are same sex couples coming together, one in spirit/one in human form, big gaps in age difference, difference of religion, and geographical distances. There will also be some twins that have soul mate relationships while also sharing direct connection with the twin, and this allows for all parties involved to have unconditional love for the happiness of the twin in that other relationship as love is extended to all parties, increasing the love between them all. All love shared is love shared with all. We are truly meant to see the foundations of separation that we have been living in, to bring light to it and to surpass it by expanding our heart and bringing it into the vibration of unconditional love. Anything that we have placed limitation or separation (differences) upon will be united so that we can see it, feel it, and remember what union truly is. Union is love, unconditional deep, eternal true love in the heart of each of us, which is enhanced by the awareness and recognition of the twin, in whatever form the twin is and whatever way your union and co-creation will manifest. Whether or not your union with your twin will include the physical depends on your souls intention and mission in this lifetime.

What else to do other than go with the divine flow? Be you – bring your passion into the world – listen to your guidance in each moment, which is why being in the flow is so important – see love underlying every experience, every challenge, every relationship…for as you do this, you ascend into the higher vibration of union and love, as this brings you into a deeper alignment with your twin flame as your hearts expansion happens at the same frequency as your twin. All of these steps are bringing us together on a massive scale of oneness and it’s powerful!

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  1. Almost 110 percent sure I have met up with my twin, I have so many questions though??? I feel him always think of him always…. I knew him from 30 years ago and did not care much for him then. we lost touch and just last year I met back up with him, I seen a pic of him and it was like I had to see him in my heart and soul I had too. He came to see me since he lives in another state which so happened to be on 11/11/11 I did not think anything of it until later then many things began to stand out to me… my question I guess if he is my twin does he know deep down? He is in another relationship, but I do feel his love for me although he will not say it. I know to just let things happen the way they will, but I am going crazy needing some type of verification.

  2. Dearest Gabriella,
    there are no words to express my gratitide to you. Your service is great and i wish you all success in all that you do and all that you want. As you have suggested,I now listen to guidance from my twin flame.I strongly feel that the mutual passion for us is to share our love with each other in all ways and many pointers keep telling me the “outcome is assured”.The How’s and Wherefore’s i leave it to the Universe.In the meantime, handling this longing, pain and loneliness is the challenge and i pray to God and all in the spiritual realms to help all struggling twin flamesTthank you Gabriella for your intuiteveness and guidance. I shall keep following your blog regularly.

  3. Omg laura I to found mine but It wasn’t until my psychic friend told me about this that I heard of it. I hear in november a window of oppurtunity will be available to reuniting. He is also in a relationship but it is told to me that it is soon to end. Perhaps the same for u?

  4. Hi Brianna,
    So nice to finally to talk to someone 🙂 I have been going absolutely crazy! I do not know there is a child involved I know he is not happy! I will not interfere, But this is why I am so deeply questioning everything.. it just makes me wonder?

  5. Laura, The last day I was close to my TF, he was there outside of my classroom chatting with his friends, I was on test. Then when I was coming out from my classroom I felt a wave of love coming from him. Then, I know that he loves me, I don’t doubt it. But it is just that right now there are a lot of obstacles between us. So if you feel that love from your TF then it is real.

  6. Thank you to both of you, for your responses I feel all I have been doing with my free time is trying to figure things out! What about him, if he is the one does he know? Does he feel it or do we all need to be on the spiritual path?

  7. Does he feel it or do we all need to be on the spiritual path?

    I have the same questions than you. I hope so, I hope we both are in a spiritual awaking.

  8. does he feel the that we are connected the way I feel we are connected, or does he need to be on some sort of spiritual path to feel this?

  9. hello Gabriella,
    how do we know that ascension is happeneing and when it is completed? does ascension happen by physical death of body ?is ascension our personal choice.. if so how do we choose ascension when we have family responsibilities in this incarnation ?Could you please throw light on this?

  10. I can say the end of this year will be a huge thing. I’m told by my psychic friend november is a window of oppurtunity for twin flames to come together across the board. We r coming into a new age and a new world. Now suddenly it makes sense why another psychic friend told me all she has told me.

  11. Dear Gabriella,
    I think I have identified that which requires healing For me and my TF. I have also told him about it. However, besides basic acknowledgement, I have not heard from him. How do I know if we are healing and whether this will help in our reunion in all ways. Will my TF feel the difference? I have done a lot of inner work and released a lot of past life baggage. Will this help him? How will I know that he is truly happier than before?

  12. Sleeping beatuy, believe me, ah, believe me, everything you do your TF will feel it, every spiritual progress you make he will feel it…i know now because i`m in contact with my TF again and i couldn`t believe and niether can he how we reached the same goal in different ways…just BELIEVE, believe in love, everything will reslove by itself…love, God really has no limits and breaks all barriers. i came in contact with my tf just a few days before we had to separate again for a 2 months, but i know everything will be good i will always have him in my life, although this is a challenge too, or should i say test. i think he needs some time, it`s so amazing how i really know him but in the same time i can never tell what`s his next step. it`s so importante not to put any expecations on this TF relationship and that part it`s hard beacuse we do that instinctively, but now i`m aware of that…i just have to keep my faith in him in God and our love and i think that will be a constant work

  13. Dear sunshine!
    I am so happy that you Are back with your TF . And thanks for your supportive words, which I needed so desperately. Hope you two find the going easier. It is truly an enlightening journey and hope you find all happiness. Trust and faith are the key words, I guess!

  14. Sleeping beauty, thank you from my heart, yes, trust and faith…this is just beginning for us, i feel there is still a lot of work, i just have to go with the flow, it`s so new for me, we really don`t know where are we going and that`s ok, no fear, just trust and faith…and love 🙂

  15. Sleeping Beauty,

    How are YOU feeling? When you understand that your twin flame is part of you, then this begs you to ask yourself how you feel? If you feel that sharing from your heart and following your guidance in communicating such to him will bring solace and healing to you, then it must also bring the same to your twin, whether or not that is expressed to you from your twin in clear direct words. You are always healing, always growing, always moving deeper into unconditional love and union consciousness, and it is only the mind that can come in to try and take you away from this truth. Deep down, you know. Keep staying connected to those feelings! I am so proud of you for feeling the emotions coming up, becoming aware of what was trying to be healed and expressed, and then taking action with sharing that as your guidance inspired you to. And you did this not knowing how your twin was going to respond, which is without fear!, and how beautiful is that! Spirit knows that there is no separation, as you know, so that no matter what response is received or not received, the love is always there.

  16. Dearest Gabriella,
    Your are right . I was definitely guided to share it with my TF, cos initially I thought I could not tell him all this, but suddenly I found myself texting it all to him and before I could think twice I had sent it to him. It was a strong pull and just happened. But now I am so glad that I did it. Even now I do not know where this will all lead and yesterday, I was crying my heart out asking God where I am going and this morning I see two messages for me from you, both so beautifully worded that it brought tears to my eyes. It is God send and you Are definitely an Angel. Your kindness is heartwarming.
    I would like a session with you but I am not in your country. If an opportunity comes I will definitely take it.
    Nowadays I don’t communicate with my TF as I used to (texting). I have left it to God. I send my deep love to my TF and keep hoping. I feel emptY that I cannot share with him as I used to . But still I put my full trust in the Universe and our TF love. As you guide me I will stay connected to my feelings. Love to you.

  17. wow interesting read! I found my twin 2 years ago (july 16th 2010) & it happened in the most unusual way imaginable! we are still not together yet (he was with someone else >_<) I do feel we will be together eventually hopefully sooner rather than later! I have recently started to feel a loving feeling randomly pop into my "heart area" & guess I'm feeling his love which is beautiful 🙂

    Interesting to read comments about November this year being a window of opportunity for tf's to reunite i really hope so

  18. Well I met my twin flame in 2009 and we broke up,but even though we got separated we were always connected…I have been learning many spiritual courses this year…seeing CHRIST CONSIOUSNESS blessing us with divine golden light and that we are connected through the golden chord and our heart chakra divine light is coming closer…lets hope for the best,have been seeing signals from the angels everyday in my dreams,intution,feelings and also roadside boards giving me signals…its been too long and we are been living in different cities,i hope he is also going through the ascension phase…and we reunite soon…but i have this confusion,as for reuniting its very important that both the individuals gets connected to the higher self or spiritual ascension phase,how will you know if your other half is going through the ascension process..please guide me through this..and really thanks for the good news of twin flame reunion in 2012.

  19. Lovelyme,

    To know if your twin flame is going through something, always focus back upon yourself. If you know that you are not separated from your Beloved, then you know what you are feeling, what you are experiencing, the same is the case for your Beloved ~ truly you are one, and we are all added onto within that oneness. I can absolutely say that we are all going through ascension…and to what degree, and how we are going through it depends on our perceptions, our emotions, how fluid we can be within non attachment as we move through so many inner and outer shifts to welcome in the depth of love within creation that we are building. Keep noticing the signs of guidance around you to reassure you that the love and connection is always present, and enjoy each moment that you find yourself within…you are moving to where you need to be and how you need to get there…the moment is a powerful present which enhances your presence, and your presence enhances the present for you…this union of presence and being in the present moment are where miracles are noticed (they are happening all the time but it is when they are able to be noticed). Sending you a lot of love through this time as you embrace your full divine blissful essence deeper and deeper, as we are all rising in love!

  20. Beautiful,thank you so much…it did answered my question..lets enjoy the divine love and wait for the divine timing for our reunions…

  21. No TF reunion and no end of 3D world after 21 dec :)… Now what?
    Just enjoy the 3D damn it :))))

  22. Most people commenting here, if not all. are not twin flames.
    Twin flames are born psychic mediums, it is the only was you can know you are a flame