The Light of Our Soul

Star light, star bright, how beautiful you are in white. Wrap my heart so tight, keep it safe in flight. I know it is so right that I stand to my full height.

I am holding with all my might this night to the truth of my inner sight. Send the message of its depth to the soul of my true love, as it embraces & breaks his fight for sleep. Let the well of inspiration take away the plight, the flow of love drops arrive upon his brow to whisper softly, “create a light your soul.” For the world to see the intensity aglow, bathed in an iridescent show of the perfection in Gods eyes, no surprise tonight.

As I weave these energies together & write, let the universe know the thread of connection is wrapped in love through the cosmos, this night. Let the stars continue shining their love beams to shower upon everyone, that they know their power to dream & gleam heavens light.

Thank you & good night. (Sudden 3am Inspirations) by Gabriella Hartwell

2 Comments on “The Light of Our Soul

  1. Beloved Gabriella, knowing we have more parallels that the outer world situation would cause others to believe, I stand tall with you as you “hold the space for your Twin” and trust that because of the timing of the touching of our Lights, we’ll enjoy this physical world reunion parallel too. I’m so thrilled for you and expect nothing short of a grand report that yet another Cosmic Realignment is complete with your reunion.