Dreaming of the Twin Flame While Physically Apart

Q. I am a clairvoyant, I visualize things and put them in to their place in a verbal way to express it to someone else…I have known who I believe is my twin flame, Sean for almost 13 years…so from the time I was 13 till now which is 26. He lives down the street from me and we grew close between the ages of 22-and 25. We do not talk to each other anymore as he is the “runner” and I am the one sacrificing each time and in the higher dimension of consciousness than he is….I know he’s my twin flame, because of all the signs and mysterious dreams I have of him and then I’ll bump in to him if I am not speaking to him for a few months, it’s strange, I had a dream this morning, that I met him, and I was telling him in my dream….how I always dream of him…I’m telling him this in my dream.

I have two other eligible bachelors that are in love with me, and they have good heads on their shoulders, financially and education wise etc, whereas Sean is in the middle still struggling to find his identity, I don’t know …My only question is, if he is my twin flame, why am I dreaming of him so much when he’s not even in my life at all?

Will he ever come to realization ? and if so …how? Sometimes I think I am going crazy because he always runs as soon as we get “close” . I love him with all my heart and I am not sure why…

A. The twin flame connection/love is so deep and it goes way beyond any limitations or rules that the mind can place upon it…it feels as though there is a questioning/going back and forth between your mind and your heart. Your heart and soul loves your twin flame beyond your minds attempt to try to control your feelings and to understand them. Yet this love has always been between twin flames, from before life ever began on Earth, so the feelings that come about are the souls remembering and recognition of this other half of your soul.

In many of my other posts, I discuss the necessary component of being with your twin flame is being aware of the fears that naturally emerge when in contact with the clearest mirror of who you are, and then allowing yourself to walk through those fears, transforming them into a deeper space of unconditional love and connectedness, while your soul understands the depth of the interconnectedness of everything and everyone, how perfect each step is for the over all circle of your specific souls intention and creation. In this light, there really isn’t anything to fear, though we learn growing up in “society,” that we need to be careful, we try so hard to be loved and to love, not realizing that love is what we are made of, and that as we naturally be it, then we attract it and can fully open our hearts to receive it…then there is MORE releasing when you are opening and opening and opening more to truly receive the deepest love that your mind can perceive and your soul already knows…ah, believe me, it is intense, but completely worth it!

To specifically answer your question, when you are not physically in direct contact with your twin flame, it is natural for your souls/spirits to meet, connect, share, love, communicate in your dreams. This will only continue as you more forward along your path…as you both individually grow, heal, evolve, and move deeper into the space of unconditional love for self, each other and the world. Relish these dreams for they strengthen your spirit…write them down if you feel guided, and allow your intuition to allow yourself to receive the messages within them, the reassurance, the love. As far as him coming to the realization, don’t think about this from the mind but feel it from the heart…and bask in the connection you have right in this moment, if it is only in dreams and the love that bursts forth from your heart…there truly is no separation between twin flames even when the physical bodies are not beside each other or in direct contact…and you will become more aware of this and all of the layers of this truth as you continue forward on this journey. Many times twins create this physical separateness to enhance their ability to intuitively receive from each other and from life so as they naturally flow into being in this way, following the guidance in each moment when they finally merge together in all ways. Allow yourself to be in the moment, let your heart guide you towards the full union in all ways…and if your path leads you to another soul mate along the way, feel this in your heart if it is part of your journey…you will know in each moment…know that all the love that you feel in each moment and bring into your life, sharing with those around you only enhance both your twin, you and your union.

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  1. Thanks for this insightful response, Gabriella. My heart tells me that you are so spot on!

    For many years, I may have been the ‘runner’ as described in the question… not that I had actually met my twin flame at this point, or at least that I can recall, but was certainly not in a loving frame of mind… I was in a very ego-centric frame of mind, and not yet open to the path of love. If my twin flame and I had met, I am not sure that it could have ever worked as a relationship.

    As described in an earlier post [URL: https://risinguptheladderoflove.com/2010/04/30/becoming-whole-before-twin-flame-reunion/comment-page-1/#comment-6094%5D I have now met my twin flame, but only after being saved from the pit of depression by my now wife and soul-mate.

    My experience has been that my entire physical, intellectual and spiritual development was greatly stunted as a youth, primarily via heavy doses of phenobarbital, as prescribed by my pediatrician, from the ages of approx. 5-10 years. I was also given frequent ‘fluoride treatments’ by my pediatric dentist, and fed a diet of steady junk food at home.

    As a result of these drug and diet choices, I spent almost my entire life in a sort of trance-like stupor, unable to focus on simple tasks, hold the most basic of jobs, or even remember simple things like people’s names. There was lots in life that I feel I missed, and in the past it has saddened my greatly, to the point where I contemplated suicide daily.

    During this phase of my life, many attractive women attempted to enter into relationships with me, however my heart was so totally in the wrong place. In most cases, I was totally unaware when women were attracted to me; it was only when my friends would point this out that I would figure it out. Even then, I always talked myself out of persuing the relationship by thinking things like “well, I don’t have any money anyway, so it wouldn’t work out” or “she’s a smoker, it could never happen”.

    It has only been since receiving treatment for hypothyroidism, that my vibrational frequency has begun to rise to a point where I am finally able to think clearly, and more fully utilize my natural talents and abilities. The purchase of a reverse osmosis water purifier has helped immensely too, as this helps filter out all the fluoride they put into our water supply here in Ohio.

    As my level of health has improved, I am now regaining my intuition and psychic abilities. My walk is straighter, I am now more focused and much, much happier. I now find myself ‘connecting’ with lots more people, and have slowly been able to shed my old bad habits.

    When I finally met my ‘twin flame’ recently, it was like my level of psychic and spiritual development has shifted into overdrive. Addictions which have haunted me my entire adult life- including marijuana, and pornography- have vanished, virtually overnight. Even though I do not know my twin’s name, or how to find her again, I feel this intense connection to her, and know she must wake up at 8:00 am every morning because now I receive a psychic ‘wake up call’ every morning at that time! (She sleeps in until 9:00 on Sundays, I’m pretty sure). Even though my wife and I have both been sleeping in until around noon for almost two years now, I find myself getting up at 8:00 with my twin, even though I don’t know where or who she is. As a result of waking up earlier, I am now working out regularly, and getting things done in the morning that need to be accomplished.

    Meeting my twin flame has totally re-energized my life, and brought me so much more joy (and heartache) than I could have ever imagined. The point I guess I am trying to make, is that I don’t think this transformation would have been possible earlier in my life, when my levels of emotional, physical and spiritual health were so low, as I was only focused on myself, and my own ego, and so unaware of my own abilities and intuition. Many of these deficiencies were not entirely of my own choosing, but rather, the decisions made by others during my early childhood, as well as making poor decisions regarding diet, drug use etc.

    For those waiting for their twin flames to notice them, I don’t know what the answer is, but to a certain extent I believe the vibrational frequency of an individual must be raised to a sufficient level for them to even be able to recognize their twin flame, let alone enter into a relationship with them.

  2. I’m fairly sure I met my twin flame in 1999. We met on a study abroad in a foreign country. The night we met, we talked until 5 AM. I didn’t immediately want a relationship with him, but from day one we were inseparable.

    We went back to our respective schools (4.5 hours away from each other), and we began an on and off relationship with each other for 3 years. He couldn’t handle the distance, but our relationship was intense, and we really knew each other. I moved on when I graduated from college, leaving him behind because he wouldn’t/couldn’t commit to me. Throughout the years we have remained in touch, off and on. I let him know I was getting married. He let me know he was getting married. He apologized for not being truthful with his feelings so long ago.

    I never dealt with him “disappearing” from my life, and I woke up one day in August with a terrible anguish and lost inside me. I wanted to feel him again, and I missed his physical presence again. Then, strangely, I began working on myself and now that I have discovered more of myself he is coming to me again in our dreams. I dream about him two to three times a week. I feel like we communicate spiritually. We are both married, and we cannot be together physically, but we are often we each other in our dreams.

    The day I missed him so much, I lay down in bed and I felt a warmness in my heart like he was sending me his love. When I fell asleep I dreamt that we were at home, and I was cooking in the kitchen. He came behind me and just wrapped his arms around me, giving me the security and the warmth that I needed from him. It was such an amazing dream, and it gave me the strength to keep moving on down this path of separation.

  3. I did not recognize my suspected twin for 14 years, though there was something about him beneath the surface that kept drawing me in his direction. I had much inner work to process . . . then about a year ago I started dreaming about him and found myself completely moved on all levels for days afterwards. Over time I continued to have dreams, and after a number of them I realized a story was being played out during my dreams of our relationship.

    I don’t miss him, because he is always with me. We live in the same city, but we don’t see each other. His mind is closed, my heart is opening. I achieve physical arousal and even sexual orgasm in thought of him through my mind and third eye. At times I can hear him, see him go about his daily life.

    I am not concerned about reuniting despite proximity. If and when we are ready in evolutionary terms, then it will be so. We are both whole and happy with our lives, though it’s taken me 14 years to find my own inner identity and peace.

    I know I am still working on opening my heart, I feel it when its beat becomes deeper and warmer beneath my chest. I know he is still learning to open his mind (I rejected him for many years and he has male pride, which I respect).

  4. My story is almost identical to the first story published on this Blog.
    I met my twinflame in highschool not knowing he was my twinflame at the time. From the time I graduated when I was 18, I was in a very serious relationship for 4 years and was single by the time I was 21, and that is when I bumped in Sean. When we bumped in to eachother, we felt like two best friends meeting after a very long time, although we were never close to one another in high school.

    We began to hang out together everyday or atleast whenever we could, and I didn’t realize I was feeling a very strong pull towards him.
    We would find alternative ways to see eachother “as friends” at this point I still was not in love. I had no idea what a huge spiritual transformation was in store for me.

    I cannot speak for others, but I can tell you that from my experience, right when you first initially re unite with your twin flame, sparks fly, and all kinds of amazing spiritual significances will began to occur in your life, helping you remember yourself as something divine. Love brings all kinds of divine and celestial insights on our feelings, the world physically around us, and how we are feeling through our waking life and dream life.
    I can definitely say the key to me waking up to my awareness was through him, although he did not directly help me with that, it was the meeting and the realization of life and the love for him that helped me realize the love for all creation, this is where one day I woke up and realized I’m in love with who was now my bestfriend…up till this point things are great, and now the fire starts to begin the seperation for our two souls to separate and take their individual journies to learn on their own what they would like to clean, fix, for their soul growth and the physical life they are living on this Earth.

    When I fell in love with him, I remember confessing about my feelings to him. He clearly said he did not feel the same way. We stopped talking for a few months and from January 2010-October 2012 we have had a cycle occur between us, involving separation of six months over misunderstandings and him being the runner; following that…when the time would come close for us to reunite, I would dream of him, wake up knowing, my time is here to bump in to him again. and somehow we would reunite and flames would ignite once again.
    One thing I noticed is, the few times we reunited, we were so magically caught up with eachother as if no time went by between us.
    Another thing I noticed and you may notice as well, when you re unite with your twin flame (which could happen on more than one occasion), you two will come together with much greater understanding of things, although not neccessarily understand things all as a “whole”, from a spiritual perspective-this can take time sometimes lifetimes for the two souls to learn to love everything about themselves and overcome their own challenges before they can reunite and truly be the blessing showered on earth and touching lives of all beings bringing joy, love and light just through our very own existence as finally reuniting as ONE.
    A twin flame relationship is truly a blessing disguised as a curse for many at first, who still do not understand this relationship.

    Although many twin flames share their stories with many others through sources like this around the world, I haven’t spoken or heard any stories as of yet of a twin flame who finally has successfully reunited with their twinflame.

    I do believe it exists, and I think that’s what December 21 2012 is all about including the “Ascension Process” which is the gateway and mid point of connecting us “humanity in the third dimension living in material life” to the spiritual realms and unconditional divine love and source. This Ascension process happening in 2012 and moving onwards will clear alot of misunderstandings with your twinflame and infact with everyone who you deal with in waking life and Sleeping Life.

    I in my heart and soul am very aware of the deep synchrincities between our lives with our twin flames, the events and the all the turmoil and negative events and experiences we go through, but nothing is really bad nor good when you look at it as a “whole” , all these events and experiences and feelings are occuring for your soul to know yourself better and confront and face the changes you don’t like in yourself.

    One of the twins usually runs from the other, or the chaser gives up merely because we can see the traits in one another and we wish we could remove what it is that’s causing our parnter not to see us the way we want them to see us, and so we began to give up and dislike certain qualities about them that we think are the prime reason for our suffering in this twin flame situation.

    The truth is, your twin flame, is your mirror image, everything you notice you can’t stand, nor do you like or you do not understand about your twin flame, is actually exactly the identical things you need to be working on for yourself, and as well as accepting your twin flame for those qualities or situational feelings and actions he possesses at that time.

    A twin flame relationship is truly a divine experience, it is about each soul coming together as one only once they have learned to love “all of themselves” unconditionally including the dark side about themselves to really be able to accept and unconditionally love someone else for all that is.

    Imagine a long oval mirror, and one side is you, and in front of you…in the reflection is him, now stare in to him and look at the things you do not like, and the things you want him to improve on, now look at the mirror being your male counter part and looking in to your own reflection, (this being you), and now from his perspective notate all the things that you see in yourself which you do not like, for instance, not just physical attributes about yourself, but just looking at yourself, feel…how you are feeling, go within it through your heart chakra, and feel the changes you wish to see yourself doing, now walk away from the mirror and make all that happen for yourself so once you look back in to that mirror one day, you will see the same light reflecting back to you, content, happy with one’s self, and truly falling love with yourself, when you look back in to the mirror and you can feel this way, will be a significant accurate sign pointing you in the direction towards your twin flame to unite for once and for all.

    This analogy is to help you understand that you have to love yourself and improve your self spiritually where you become aware of all areas of your self where you see light and dark and embrace it. Embark on the quest of finding yourself which will help you reunite with your twin flame in physical form.

    Make no judgement if in between emotions get haywire when you two are together, or if there are miscommunications, misunderstandings..

    Sometimes no matter how clear you feel in your heart about things, your mind will always bring different feelings and emotions, but trust it that it’s okay to feel all these different feelings….

    Loved ones, do not hesitate or resist the feeling, just go with it, know everything is happening right now, is perfect in its divine order. All is perfect, all is good, all is happening just the way it should, and if there are certain things that your heart, not your mind tell you to fulfill to search for yourself more to understand what pure love is by understanding yourself, and by understanding yourself, you’re learning to understand god. By understanding god and in his quest to learn what is love, you will reach love as it will reflect back to you.

    Have faith, and just believe.

  5. Dear Earth Angel,
    What an in depth understanding of this journey! This blog has risen to greater heights over these past few months. I see more and more comments coming with deep understanding of the TF journey. Gabriella is doing tremendously commendable work with this blog. Love to you all.

  6. Dear Earth Angel 111,

    I thank you in the utmost gratitude for sharing your twin flame journey, for beautifully, so accurately expressing many of the revelations and experiences along this journey ~ for constantly it awakens your essence into the remembrance of the oneness and love that you are, always in perfection, which of course requires you to release all that takes you away from being and receiving the love that you are ~ as you expressed to look within the mirror at all of the pieces of yourself that you may not like and to LOVE them, deeply love them into the light ~ of course they are always light but it is loving them into you actually witnessing the light that they are! Then when you look back at the mirror of your twin reflected back to you, you become deeply, profoundly, in love with your twin more, and more, as this love is truly limitless. The cycle/circle then repeats, bringing you back within to love all of the pieces of your being into the light, then when you look again into the eyes/the form of your twin, they become light beams of radiance shining your own sweetness back to you! This naturally brings you even deeper in love with your own self, your twin and this increases your desire to share the love that you are with all that is, everyone and within everything that comes along your path.

    You are absolutely right ~ there are times when twin flames, most often than not, experience periods of physical separation as they bask in their own oneness to immerse within the love they are, witnessing it, feeling it, and integrating it, letting it all in, and then bringing that love into the oneness with the twin flame, and then the oneness that is with all. So much throughout this website, I have shared much more on this, and another book to come, which will go into detail with much of what you shared above and then some…again, thank you so deeply for sharing. It is a blessing to me to feel the energy and remembrance from those that come to my blog…you are beautiful! I honor and see your beauty, your love, your light. Namaste.

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Thank you for your words…as mentioned above, truly, I am so deeply honored, humbled, blessed and loved by all that come and feel comfortable to share here! Those like you Beloved, like you. Thank you for acknowledging the energy and love I have placed into here…as I am in gratitude for your part within it. You, and everyone, has added to the beautiful sanctuary of peace and love flowing through these pages!!!

  7. I have not met my twin, but for the past couple of years I have been dreaming of him off/on.
    I was uncertain what the dreams were to start with, I just know that during the dreams I felt “complete” and was completely surrounded by the purest of love and light. My very soul would sing and I really didn’t want to wake up! hahaha.
    Then, a year or so ago, I read one of your articles about Twin Flames, and look a little deeper into it. Since then “Twin Flame” pops up everywhere I look!
    I have a sense that I will be reunited with my TF in this lifetime, and I just want to thank you for helping me to be aware of what is waiting for me. It has given me a chance to do a lot of deep inner work <3
    Now I just need to make sure I'm not "the runner"! hahaha. Thank you xoxo

  8. I meet my twin flame and it was confirmed to me I think as when I was going to sleep a picture of him appeared of him in white smiling at me the after that the number 11 appeared ….. We are going through the dance at the moment he has run off so it is comfirmation he is the twin for me

  9. I had the most beautiful dream about mine last night. I wondered if he did about me. He was smiling only at me and for me and his eyes were really sparkling! It was amazing!

  10. My soulmate/TF are separated right now. I had a lucid dream about him last night. It was a pleasant dream, where we were just hanging out and simply enjoying each other’s company. Then, I realized it was just a dream and was able to stop it because in my dream, I remember thinking this isn’t real – that we aren’t together in reality. So, I remember feeling sad when I came to that realization while I was still in dream state. But, when I woke up, I had a feeling of closeness with him. It was comforting and reassuring. That, even though, we are physically apart, we still had some sort of connection. Throughout the day, I had mixed feelings of happiness and sadness because of the soul connection I possibly have with him (I still have doubts) and the reality that we are currently not together and that I may be wishful dreaming all of this, which is shy I was able to stop my dream.
    Anyway, I thought the whole experience was interesting because of 1) the feeling of closeness with him upon waking up and 2) being aware that it was a dream and that my ego that constantly worries was able to tell me somehow that it was only a dream and to stop it.
    There is that constant conflict between believing/trusting divine order/timing that this reunion will happen vs. ego and harsh reality. I am constantly surrounded by signs, wanting to believe that this is reassurance from the Divine but then reality/ego kicks in. It’s so hard to “let go” and to focus on yourself when there are signs everywhere.
    I am slowly learning to just trust and believe more and more, but there is always that voice of fear in the back of my mind saying this ain’t real, it’s only your imagination. You are attracting it, you suck, why would he want you, blah blah blah, etc…it’s the most frustrating thing!!! Can anyone relate?!

  11. Dear Myra,

    You absolutely are in the waves of twin flame awakening… which is really awakening to the truth of who you are, the divine love that is you, which is always in perfection, and this love chose to be experienced by incarnating here on the Earth plane, to experience itself and remember itself into the oneness that always is. The questions you have coming up, such as “why would he want you…etc” are thoughts that intend to bring you away from seeing and knowing the beauty and radiance that you are. You are absolutely beautiful as you are, and seeing this love, this beauty in your twin flame, and feeling this connection you share beyond the physical contact, is meant to bring you deeper into love within you, as you feel more and more comfortable to let it shine outward in creation in the world. Hearing the voice of fear for what it is, and not letting it control you… liberating yourself and becoming in expression a clear vibration of who you are. This is the bliss… extending that love within you outward, and letting it come back to embrace you, a continuous, limitless, never-ending flow of love. If you would like to share more intimately in sessions, I am available. Sending waves of love from my heart to yours <3

  12. I have recently been looking into a soulmate and twin flame theory. This is very recent just with in the last month or so. Things started back in high school in 1997 during my junior year.
    I had been dating a guy. Let’s call him j. And met another guy. Let’s call him c.
    J and c knew one another. They had gotten into a fight before I even entered the picture. Also there is a girl named s that had given j some issues just before we started dating. Just to give you a little back story.
    Ok so c and I barely knew one another. He was a year old than me but we went to boces together. And had gym class together. We had a very open and intense relationship that always seemed to be on display for every one to see. One day in gym c and knocked into me. He gave me a concussion. J was very up set by it. He told c to get off the bus, and threatened him. I was compelled to protect c from j. Although c would have easily taken care of him self. I did not want j to put his hands on c. C told me he didn’t need me to protect him. I said yes you do.
    Slowly c and I got to know one another through out the year.
    One day c and I were talking in the hallway about something some what personal. And of course it was in front of everyone. I got mad because he was starting to run his mouth about something personal that he had no experience with. I confronted him about it right then and there. And was able to explain my side of things. He saw his fault and apologized. We got on the bus. And of course everyone started to talk. He told everyone to shut their mouths and stop talking about me. Protection maybe?
    S came to my school one day. I hated her for what she had done to j. We were in the cafeteria and she started accusing c of something. I stepped in threatened her and told her to stop running her mouth about c. I even threw a chair at her. She asked who I was, I told her she knew who I was and who my boy friend was. She yells out oh yeah he’s the one that did this to me. I flipped, I went after her but stopped short of hitting her. I screamed in her face to stop lying about people. I told her not to come back to this school and that she didn’t belong here. I left and got on the bus. C got on and said no one had ever done that for him before. He thanked me. I said your welcome. And said I told you I needed to protect you. J found out what happened and even though I had also fought her for him I also did it for c and he didn’t like that. We stopped talking. One day I was wearing j shirt. And he made me get on the bus with out it. All I had on was a sunflower crop top. The girls on the bus flipped out on me. I’m tall and thin and they were not.
    The next few days the girls were still mad at me.
    C and I started to get to know a little more about one another.
    One day my step father who had abused me was in my school. He saw me as I left for boces and gave me a grin and waved at me. I got on the bus. C asked me what that was about, I said he didn’t want to know. He got it out of me, I told him that he had beat the crap out of me. And did other things much worse. I told him that he put his hands on me. My friend looked at me and said god Jess I didn’t know. I said no you didn’t and thats why you can’t judge someone’s life. I looked at those girls and said you hate me because of the way I look and because you can’t look like me. But I would rather be any body but me. C got up and hugged me and said don’t feel that way about your self. And that he would never let any thing bad happen to me again.
    We increasingly became closer. I decided to break it off with j. C found out and asked if I was looking for a new boy friend I told me why do you want the position. He said I wasn’t his type. I said then why you asking. My friend asks me if I liked c. I smiled and said yeah. A friend of c tells him what I just did. Then c jumps up and asks for my phone number. The next day he asks if I wanted to go to prom which was the next day. I said no I have to break it of with j and besides I don’t have a dress. He said who cares come in jeans. So I broke it off with j and went to a girl friends house to talk to her about it. Her and her boy friend drove me to the school and I saw c. Prom was over. We talked a little. He asked to hang out. I told him no, to go be with his friends. The next day at school he asked if really did break it off with my guy. I said yes and he smiled. He got a little more flirty. Then at lunch a guy Petey stole my chair almost right out from under me. I went over asked for my chair. Then c comes over. He threatened the whole table Petey was sitting at and then threatens Petey. Protective again?
    We leave for the bus. Really flirting by then. We come back from the boces and j is standing in front of my school. He starts screaming at me. And then pushes me. C picked j up and throws him in to the bus. This is of course in front of everyone. I walk back into the school very upset of the whole thing. And my friend says that I have to tell c how I feel. I tell him that it is so crazy because I barely even know him. And that I felt as if I was falling in love with him. He walks away. The next day at school I confront him in the hallway. Actually some what alone. With only one person there. I said that I choose him. And I kiss him. He kisses back. But while the rest of the school is walking by on their way to class. That day he was a little crabby and not really nice. So I tell him this. We are standing in the front hallway. And he walks up to me very intensely and starts to kiss me. Very passionately. The more people try to pull us apart the closer we get to one another. We get pushed out the door. It only feels like it was a few minutes. But was told it had gone on for at least 20 mins. The principle sees us and yanks c away from me. He starts screaming at us and pushing c and putting him down. He threatens that c is done. I go into protect mode. And yell back at the principle. He says that one of us goes on the bus the other goes to the office. I say me I’ll go to the office. C steps in and says no it’s me. They start walking away. I started going after him. C’s friends grab me and throw me on the bus. The next day c won’t talk to me. We get into a fight on the bus. That he was going to get kicked out of school. I said I’m sorry I tried to go after you. We start screaming at one another. And I tell him that I hated him.
    We don’t talk for a week. J and I start talking again. Then j comes to my boces class and c is there talking to my friend. J and get into it again. He asks if I still had feeling for c and said yes. C steps in and punches j. I go to c and then he decides that he doesn’t want me and walks away. I’m devastated. A week later j and I start talking again. C finds this out. On the bus and says Jesus how can you go back to him. I say why you don’t want me remember. He says yes I do. I say I can’t wait around for you forever. Stop messing with my head. We get off the bus. I go up to him yelling. I tell him if he really does want me all he has to say is yes. And that I would give up my whole world for him and that I was in love with him. He just stands there. His friend d goes up to us and says c this is real. This kind of thing does happen to everyone. There is some kind of connection that keeps bringing us to one another. He just stands there. So I say ok good bye. And walk away. I go for the weekend to j house. C calls a minute after I leave the house.
    I make up with j. I see c the next year. We start to chat in front of j and J gets up set.
    C tells me it’s ok that I with him it’s what I need to do right now. But don’t ever let him take your happiness. I tell I want to be with him. He says it’s not our time. I need to work on finding my self and I can only do that alone. He says only then will we be together. He says I love you to me and I say it back. And we part ways. I see him later again in a grocery store and say hi.
    I tell j if c and I were to ever be in our lives again that he needed to let it happen or I was going to leave. He asked why. I said because c was special. He made me happy.
    I go to college. And for some reason c comes for a party. He comes looking for me. But I was in class. I go down to look for him but he had left. I am heart broken. I tell my friends that he is the love of my life. I eventually get over it and move on. I don’t think of c for years. I marry j and have two children.
    Until just recently. I haven’t even remembered any thing that happened with c. I saw his friend a few weeks ago and things started coming back to me. All the pieces are coming together. And I’m remembering every detail. I’m also figuring out that my real dad has come back into my life a few years ago possibly for a reason. So I’m getting closer to him and farther from j. My son for about two years now talks about an imaginary friend, a little brother. This summer he named him Wyatt. I have been looking for c on fb for a week now. I have found out that c has a little boy named …… Wyatt.
    I’m coming out of my just be mommy slump and am getting back into my art and photography. I also contacted a relative of c. I said I didn’t want to disrupt his life, I wasn’t sure if he was married. But that I was thinking of him and missed him.
    Things were so intense with him and I in high school 15 years ago. He is the only I have ever been able to look directly in to his eyes. And stay focused. I was so protective of him. Every day was such a huge obstacle just to be together. It was so quick!
    I have just started to realize what it was. I am missing him terribly. I even became very depressed that he is not with me. I do go on because I have children to take care of. But I can’t help but feel like I need to be in contact with him. Even if it is just as friends.
    His friend d knew it first, then I think c realized it the last day we talked. It took my 15 years to figure it out.
    Is he my true twin soul? What about my husband who I have also been with for 20 years. What part is he playing in my life. I have never felt the love for j as I did for c.

  13. I think the hardest part of a TF awakening is the separation anxiety from him. I’ve accepted that I need to progress and devote myself to improving myself spiritually AND loving myself but I miss him ALOT! I just want to hang out and kick it, like we did before. We didn’t even have to have sex, it was innocent. That is what I miss the most – the feeling of being “at home” with my partner. The comfort. The laughs. The synchronicities, which we delighted in. 🙂 It’s heart wrenching to be separated, but I know I’m not ready. I often wonder if he’s going through the same thing I am, which is ups and downs. There were many parallels in our lives. I dunno…I guess I just have to keep the faith that we will be reunited and that I need to get myself together. Still…it is the worst feeling…the conflicting feelings! I still question (cuz I’m always doubtful) if he is my TF but I know he’s at least my soulmate because of the good energy we created when we were together (I believe) which in turn created synchronicity and magic wherever we turned…

  14. Dear Myra,

    You are absolutely understanding that the journey to meeting and becoming deeply aware of your TF is about remembering who you are, and rather than “get yourself together,” it is about allowing yourself to become in full expression, your true divine self. And the beauty of this, is that you can take the love that has been ignited within you into your creations, your expression, every moment of the journey from now forward, and as you do this, you send this sweetness of your completeness to your Beloved, therefore setting the vibrations and energies ready for your arrival and flow together, as you grow. The human experience of this cannot always be easy, as I know, but we are always walking forward in deeper love, together. Sending you waves of love from my heart to yours <3

  15. Jessica,

    No doubt that the reoccurences in your life are for a reason, more likely more than one. The universe is weaved together so intimately, and reminds us of this from time to time 🙂 There is MUCH that is happening within and around you right now, and I truly feel that delving into all of these details in a session together would be a great thing, or even a reading and love session combo. We can talk about your father, your husband, the man who has resurfaced and take a look at it all. Send me an email and we’ll share in more depth. Lots of love from my heart to yours <3

  16. Well i havent met mine yet in the physical world but in the spiritual we are totally connected, we talk , sing together, we dance, he is really intense and playful, we make love, we cant resist each other, he shows me places, this man travels a lot, I have seen lately the flag of the country he is at right now. He sings in a different language but somehow I know what he is saying. He have shown him self to me, I know the way he looks, he is handsome as…! Many times he wont let me go and grabs me really tight and I wake up feeling the grip, feeling his hands, even his hair, like from arms, chest and face. Lately we cant keep our hands of our selves, we cant resist, we wont stop kissing and…
    But I tell you more, couple years ago I used dream about him, but I didnt know anything about twin flames, so it is only now that I’m connecting the dots. I have seen a violet net of light on top of me while sleeping, a white light to my right side , like a guardian. In some dreams I see him like doing his job, I see the place he works in, I read the news paper , I see files with work info and numbers, I see the house he probably grew up and maybe his parents are still living there. I have seen how his mother looks like, he loves her to death and have wonderful relationship. I have seen his father too but he already died , I believe, I have seen him when he was teenager and a child, like i was checking a family album. He takes me to places , he like to lift me and play with me , he is very energetic ,strong, sweet , intense and caring. He is the one who woke me up to all this, he was the first one to make contact, he is spiritually super ahead of me.
    We are so ready for each other. Recently I have been meditating and getting my life straight, closing all old chapters, asking my guides to help me find my twin flame or to bring him to me.
    Honestly I think we are not far from meeting. I think I even know his name, I have been shown things, paper work with foreign writing which I googled and discovered and confirmed my suspicions about where he is from. He has such a talent for singing as I do, we make wonderful duos. This man have been molding my life from distance , I know he cant live without tea and working out, I cant live without those things as well now.He loves the ocean, he always takes me there in dreams.
    We want to be with each other badly, sometimes out of the blue I get freaking anxious and violent and masculine and those things definitively come from him. I guess he goes thru the same with me and my emotions.
    Back in october I was meditating and sending him love and I received it right back and very intense and since then my solar plexus is home for butterflies or giant bats , because it gets really crazy when I think of him, and sometimes it spins clockwise. I’m very excited about it, I just want him in my arms.

  17. Hello Gabriela, and to everyone!

    I have to say that all the comments that I have read has been very helpful. When I get stress, angry and weak; I get in to your website to read your articles and the peoples comments….to feel better.

    First of all I would like to apolegize for my writing!! (I do have a really bad grammar).

    I think I found my TF. I’m not sure I’m ready to tell my story. I’m a little embarrassed
    All I can say right now that Im so confuse and frustrated with everthing is been going on with me and my TF. I have times that I’m so sure he’s my TF, but then I have my douts and is just me going crazy and obsses..
    I can’t get him out of my head! is so hard to stop thinking about him. I feel I can’t do anything right….I cry so much because it hurts so much.

  18. Dear Annubis, thanks for shearing you spiritual experience. I found some information on TFs

    with Lisa Renee – Alchemical Unions – youtube.
    Blessings to everybody

  19. Dear Amor,

    I am so glad that you found this website/blog and that reading the articles and comments have been bringing you peace. This connection and profound love opens your heart and your mind by assisting you, inviting you to let go of anything that blocks you from being the love you are and letting that love flow within and without of you. Crying is a good thing, as it cleanses and wipes away what needs to be released so that this love can flow freely, unhindered and uninhibited. Continue to stay connected to your heart, and trust the journey. What seems like not knowing brings you to a place to allow for the receiving of intuition and insight which will come through moment to moment. You are not alone. Thanks for coming here and expressing yourself. If you ever desire to share more intimately, I am available.

    Lots of love,

  20. Hi all

    I don’t even know where to start with my situation. It has been a crazy ride for me. I feel that I feel that I have meet my twin flame. This feeling has been going on since I meet him. We meet at college and have both been out for more than two year now. The way I dream about him is the craziest thing. Its like I actually feel him. I always feel happy when I wake up and almost like I have really actually been with him. Most of dreams with him I remember like they are memories. One dream was so scary. I laid my face on his chest and he put his check on my forehead. I literally woke up out of my sleep immediately touching my forehead. I literally felt his cheek on my forehead as if this was actually happening. It scared me out of my sleep. I always have dreams about him. Us enjoying each other and really having a great time. We are always in a relationship in my dream. Last night I had the strangest dream. I seen him in my dream and we were about to pass each other but he called me his name and rubbed my stomach and I called him my name and rubbed his stomach. Afterwards we stared at each other for a moment and began to hub. He then picked me up and started holding me tighter. Afterwards we were around his friends laughing and talking and he grabbed my hands as said okay were out of here. We both waved good bye to everybody smiling while still holdings hands. He lives in Atlanta and I live in California. I haven’t really spoken to him now for about two years. But whenever we see each other he acts as if nothing has happened and starts where we left off at. But texting him or trying to talk to him on the phone he seems a little distant sometimes. I feel like he is my twine flame through all the separation, and running and chasing we both have done. I feel like in the beginning i was the runner and he was the chaser and now I feel like that has changed and now I am the chaser. I do want to reunite with him, but I have mix feelings about it. The last time I was with him he gave me a key to his place but I gave it back. Not because I didn’t want it but I didn’t know on what grounds he was giving it to me. I feel that that really hurt him. Also i feel like he gets his hopes up very quickly with us being together but something always happens to make us separate. Is it because this is not the time for us to be together. I would love if someone can give me some answers so I know I’m not going crazy or imaging these things.

  21. Hi, I met who I think is my twin flame about 3 yrs. ago. We became friends and I was just instantly drawn to him like I had an instant connection and gut wrenching feeling that I can not fully explain. We talked on and off through text and social media. We hung out with our kids (both of us are single parents) Both of us had eerily similar situations with our ex’s. I moved about 2 hrs away for school and we still kept in touch and visited every now and then and did some fun stuff together. We talked about dating but he did not want to do a long distance thing and worried about hurting me if our lives took us different directions because of school etc. Weirdly enough we both got back with our exes at the same time. This has caused us to not communicate nearly as much, but we still do every now and then. I am no longer with anyone and am single again. For him it seems to be working out well and he is dad to not only their child together but her other kids from other men as well. So they seem so happy I only wish them the best! The weird thing that happened with me is I suddenly woke up one morning almost grieving the loss of him. I see that he is happy and do not want to feel this way. I put it out of my mind and then am fine. Lately within the last few weeks I have had two dreams. Both similar where we are hanging out as if we are a couple but his current girlfriend is in the distance. We are trying to respect her and choose to not make our feelings obvious in the dream. Both ends with him leaving with her. The last one was very emotional and he was all teary with sparkly eyes saying he had to trust and have faith. Now either that was just, in general, a message for me spiritually just regarding my life in general or it had a dual meaning about us? I just thought it was interesting and I assume that we will not be together, but I can’t help but wonder, or wonder if he had the same dream since it felt so intense! On a side note do I get notified if someone responds to this post? Thanks!

  22. Dearest Gabriella, I found my TF on facebook, and I’m so shy to ask him to be my friend. It has been a year without knowing anything about him…and one day I typed his first name on and then he is there. Please let know your opinion. There is a way I can talk to you?

    Blessings to everybody

  23. Dearest Joanna,

    It has been a while since we connected through this means, my friend, and it is good to receive you! This journey absolutely encourages you to follow your intuition, and to allow who you are to naturally come through and out in expression. If you feel that you want to be friends with him on FB, then follow what feels right. If you wanted to connect more intimately, I would welcome sharing through a session where we can delve into how your journey has been thus far, and moving forward.

    Many blessings to your sweet heart,

  24. Dearest Gabriella, I tried to connect with my TF, I clicked the “add a friend” on his page…when I did it, it felt as a lighting bolt hit me, I was on my bed almost all day feeling weak. He did not answer so I sign out my FB account. I realized that my relationship with him is not a 3D relation…I can not take it, probably we reach a very high frequency when we tried to be together, he runs away in the past, and I feel weak just being close to him. But when we met in dreams or in the astral world we are so in peace. I have many experiences like this. I can feel him, and hear in my head his thoughts…so I will leave things like they are, I will not look him again in the 3D..I don’t feel sad because I know he is with me all the time.
    Blessings to you and everybody

  25. Thank you for your insight and writing on this topic! Very insightful and even comforting. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the topic of Twin Flames lately to try and gain understanding into my own situation. I met my TF a little over 2 years ago. While I felt an immediate connection to him, I didn’t look deep into it as a TF connection as my ego wouldn’t let me. He was living with his girlfriend at the time and I didn’t see him wanting me when he had her. But things still progressed with us, even just as friends and sexually, until he broke up with her and moved out. After that happened, our bond deepened, even if we were both scared due to the intensity and past bad experiences with other people. Every time we did get emotionally closer, he pushed me away and we would have no contact for about a month. This happened a couple of times, until we admitted our feelings to each other (although he never came out and said he loved me…he was too shy and felt too vulnerable). After that he ended up moving for a job over 3000 miles away from me with the idea of me joining him after he got settled. But after that discussion he dropped contact with me again, which is where we stand now. He has only reached out to me twice in the last 7 months. But, during this separation time, I have had many “meeting dreams.” I call them that because they actually are like we are meeting up in our dreams…either astrally or telepathically. Every dream is simply about us and not about the location or other aspects of the dream. They are us simply together, hugging, holding each other, kissing, talking, and him actually expressing his love for me (which he couldn’t seem to do in the physical). There is a need for him in the dreams to make me know and be aware of the fact he really does love me, as in the physical I have a hard time believing he does because of his current actions. These dreams have me physically feeling his presence and energy in my heart. I feel comfort and love for days after. We have even had sexual encounters in some of these dreams. Unfortunately it has been a few months now since having one of those meetings with him. I’m starting to wonder if the lack of these dreams now is us moving away from our union or re-connection vs. moving towards it. Ego and doubt sure can be hard. I start to doubt and then wonder if maybe I’m just a little crazy and making it all up. Do other Twins feel that way too? Is that normal?

  26. Forgot to mention, I do reach out to him once in awhile, like every 2 months to just say hi or tell him I miss him. At times he blows my contact off or ignores me and it really hurts. It can send me into a depression for a week or more. I guess that’s part of the runner’s MO.