About to Embark on my Move to LA…

Since I wrote to you last, I knew that I was being guided to go to LA, well, not just go, but literally to move there, because every fiber in my being feels and knows that it is time to join, in all ways, with my twin flame, to continue forward on our mission of serving love creatively to the world, while also sharing in our deep connection and love with one another, as they both go hand in hand. So the details: I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon, Hawaii time, and will arrive at 10:25pm (my birthday) in Los Angeles. I will be flying Hawaiian Air to take in the vibe of Hawaii right into LA, what an amazing vibe it is.

(Here’s the link to listen to my radio show where I talk about how the twin flame mission and love go hand in hand) Twin Flame Union is About the Eternal Love and Mission

In the last blog post, I talked about the divine flow and living within it…what this means is being aware of the guidance of the universe around you in every moment, merged with your intuitive feelings as you notice the signs, for it is both of these combined that then guide you into action…which is why I bought my ticket so soon after I wrote last week, as I felt the continuous, non stop, every day occurrences of pushing me to LA, and the knowing that it is *now*. Believe me, when you know it is truly time for something, there won’t be any hesitation in your heart to take the next step…because then that knowing moves so easily into faith of what you know…and then trust steps in, as you begin to trust that you don’t need to know consciously all of the details. The more you live like this, the more intuitive you will become, and the more visions/gut feelings you will have as you go along. I have seen amazing things happen when I arrive in LA…right from my exit from the plane…and I hold the deepest, unconditional loving space for *ANYTHING* and *EVERYTHING* to happen. I don’t want to give any details here for I feel that surprise is such a powerful and exciting thing along the journey of life and love…for sure, as I know my twin agrees with me on this. It truly is the journey that matters AND I don’t put anything down in words that I have not experienced myself or that has been directly given to me from Source so, I need to experience all emotions, all of the steps on this journey of reunion in all ways with my amazing twin flame, leading up to standing literally in front of his physical form. I am excited to feel that it is not much longer until this occurs, excited beyond words to ever express…

So, I still don’t have concrete details of this move, other than when I arrive…well, I do have a hotel room paid for, just for tomorrow night (which I am TOTALLY and MORE than willing to just let it go in the moment if this union occurs before the morning hours)…there is nothing more in this entire world, I can honestly say, that I would desire more than to completely, with my spirit and my body, lay in the comfort and loving embrace of my twins’ arms. It doesn’t just *feel* like home to me, it IS home.

On that note, I encourage you to follow your heart, know that this universe loves you and desires for you all that you desire, that everything that you have ever wished for is yours if you believe in it, if you notice the guidance around you, if you let go of any fears that can block you from fully receiving it all, even if it calls you to walk away from what you may have “known,” because what you have known is only that way because you allowed it in at one point. If you feel something so deeply within you, then it is already known…and it is a matter of walking into each step as it brings you closer to what you feel that strengthens the truth that you already know. It is all within you…as you know this, feel this, believe this, act from this space, what you know will surround you in the most profound and sweetest ways…gosh, that feels *GOOD*.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
Joseph Campbell

Ah, but I guess if our souls have planned ahead of time what we already know and feel within us, we can say that the life that is waiting for us has also been planned 😉

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2 comments on “About to Embark on my Move to LA…
  1. Christopher says:

    Very powerful, Gabriella, thank you for writing this! I wish you the best of luck with your journey.

  2. Anna Barlowe says:

    Good luck from me too, and can’t wait to hear how everything turns out! I’m very excited for you! 🙂

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