Expressions of Love Part 9

Ah, it’s strong today, so strong that a whirlwind of movement has pushed through my physical dwelling and now my breath is echoing as I look at this wooden floor, in sweet anticipation, excitement and calmness mixed together in the perfect combination for also being in this present moment. It’s happening, it’s really happening…the wind dancing between the leaves of the trees outside my window reminds me that there is always energy in motion, constantly surrounding us, and guiding us…as the beautiful black Hawaiian ladybug so intimately reminded me as she flew towards my mouth when I talked about moving forward in love together…every experience, every awesome synchronicity has strengthened the truth of the interconnectedness of all, for me, directly…I am in such gratitude for my journey, and as I look back, I am surprised at the steps I have taken in such deep faith intertwined with the deep love I hold inside, the knowing of my individual and joint mission in service to the world, and always going back to that, always…then again, I’m not surprised because if I haven’t taken all of the steps to bring me to right here, right now, I would be asleep, living as though living were something I truly did only at a certain age…what I have experienced in these past 5 years is more than some allow themselves in a lifetime.

To my twin flame, thank you for following also…as you know, I couldn’t be here if you didn’t follow your heart as the universe guided you in each amazing opportunity…as our steps have naturally led us to each other. Here I stand, ready…gosh, this is where words fail to be able to encompass ALL of what I deeply feel inside of me…I am more than ready…I am more…I am…now.

1 Comment on “Expressions of Love Part 9

  1. Dearest Gabriella, hang on to the words you have written-they reflect a space to which you can always return. In truth, it is where You always are. You have strength and grace and wisdom to follow your heart and a generous spirit willing to share your journey. Thank you.