Twin Flame Love Urges you to Release Separation

Q. Do you believe Religion is an obstacle that can be overcome in a TF relationship= (the different beliefs of religion and the new spiritual beliefs that come with the awakening and connection)? Also that the religious belief makes your relationship wrong?

A. Anything can be overcome in a twin flame relationship for this connection/love is all about releasing separation to move into union. Union = you and I as one, yet this does not only include the twin flame, there is union in every moment with everything and everyone on this planet Earth as well as beyond. Separation mentality takes something, such as religion (beliefs) and puts it into a space that creates distance/separation from others, especially the ones we love. Separation mentality clings onto *anything* that can create distance, placing expectations and conditions onto your partner, such as needing to believe a certain way about life, before agreeing to extend love. Twin flame love is unconditional and therefore allows the other twin to believe, feel or be anyway they choose…and this deep unconditional love knows that love is the most important thing, that when the heart feels this love, *nothing* can stop it from being fully embraced except fear (which is separation).

When you encounter your twin, everything you thought you believed, you felt, who you thought you were begins to blur and shift, and if you truly desire to embrace this love, then you open, and you open again, then you open more. This love creates continuous openings within your heart, your mind, your body, your soul, your entire essence, *if you allow it to.* You are always given free will even though your soul chose this love before physical incarnation, and if you wanted to push it away, run away out of fear, then you can. No choice is EVER wrong, but your experience will be different and not as all encompassing and growth accelerating as completely opening to this twin flame love. From the perspective of union, since *true love* is absolutely unconditional and wants to be experienced, shared, embraced, sharing and opening to deeper love can never be wrong. Just take the example of Jesus…he accepted and shared with *everyone,* even those that others said were not worthy, for whatever reason they attached, to receive love. What I’m trying to say here is that the creation of separation within religion is manmade. I’m not saying that it is *wrong* for you to believe in any particular religion and follow accordingly…just bringing the perspective of true love to you…in that it is completely unconditional (not placing conditions on what to believe or labeling it as *wrong*).

So, to recap, yes, religion (beliefs) can be overcome in a twin flame relationship *IF* both twins are willing to move into the space of the heart to release separation, to move into union, knowing that what matters is the love that can’t be denied between them. This twin flame eternal love is so intense in such a beautiful way, that it wants you to surrender to its gentle force, to ride the wave of the depth of experiencing what unconditional, deep, true love really is from the perspective of Spirit while also immersed in the physical, human body. THAT is the pleasure here…to merge the spirit and the body…wow, not sure I have any words to completely describe how amazing and rewarding that is, but when you experience it, you’ll know.

I want to bring something to your attention…some beliefs can come from the mind and some come from the heart…some are followed because they have been given and some are followed because they have been experienced, felt, and moved into the truth. I’d recommend just feeling where you are with your beliefs…and if you notice that some you’ve agreed to because others have told you rather than experienced deeply yourself, feel within you if they resonate now. This twin flame path can create a different turn(s) along your journey, and this turn may bring you in a different direction(s) than you are used to, yet remember, everything that is *unknown* becomes familiar when you start walking it. The important thing is to make sure that what you feel and are following is truly for you at this point, because what may have been true for you may not still be true for you, and that is more than ok. That just shows you that you are constantly growing, evolving, shifting, which is of course, part of the life journey and continuous opening, deepening, surrendering, as you flow with the waves of unconditional love, is part of the twin flame journey. Again, I don’t think I have any words to completely describe how amazing and rewarding EVERY step of the journey to reunion with your twin flame is, but when you experience it, you’ll know.

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One comment on “Twin Flame Love Urges you to Release Separation
  1. Janine says:

    Fear, freewill great article, as when you encounter your Twin Flame one person may quote “such as needing to believe a certain way about life, before agreeing to extend love” very true as I’m sure people are under the impression the love & connection so divine you wouldn’t part from one another,what I’m experiencing is the other has certain goals he needs to achieve before he can embrace this love, fear of completely opening his heart in case of it being hurt again, frustrating for me as I’m thinking THIS IS A TWIN FLAME CONNECTION no doubt you just know and he is aware of this love. Aside from that issue for us to assend higher together we are pain stakingly clearing out our old wounds,baggage, unresolved issues . We do grow as each issue we heal,reflection of ourselves is difficult , the vibration energy we have with each other is the glue that bonds us, those waves of ecstasy and pure bliss that pous through us.

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