Divine Manifestations Abound

Divine unfoldings and manifestations abound…please know that as you move through the things that challenge you, as you release the emotions that keep you in the vibration of separation, willingly allowing yourself to feel and to surrender that which and who is not serving you, as you keep connected to the truth that the Universe IS supporting you, you will be pleasantly surprised at the rapid increase in synchronicities and miracles in your experience. It’s happening for me, may you keep your eyes open to see it happening for you as well!

1 Comment on “Divine Manifestations Abound

  1. hello, does synchronicities means i`m close to something, i interpret it like i`m on a right path, but what when it stops, does it ever really stop, or becoming more subtle? does it mean that i figured something and there`s no need for it anymore, i don`t quite get this…i especially mean on the numbers?