The Lorax – The Light is Always Shining

I remember reading the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax, not too far before the movie came out and enjoyed it, thoroughly agreeing with the message of preserving nature and not immersing oneself in the power of greed. When I saw the preview of the movie, I wasn’t sure how it was going to be since I noticed things that were not in the book, yet this is true for many movies. Anyway, I went to see it with an open mind and saw the deeper messages that were so beautifully and at times, blatantly weaved within it. I found that even though the messages were serious, I had to chuckle sometimes because of the absurdity of it (especially since I saw the actual creations in “reality”) and the way in which the cartoon like characters were formed increased the role they played and of course, increased the humor. By no means is this movie subtle in its implications that there is, has been and will continue to be enlightenment of what has been going on in the masses with the attempts of control with fear and ignorance on a massive scale.

If you are enlightened to the perception of what I mention above, and you watch this movie, it may be equally uncomfortable and exciting. In order for something to shift, there needs to be awareness to bring light to what is so that steps could be taken to move away from it and one of the major messages is that once illumination has come to the many, and those who know understand and unite, the fear falls away as everything becomes clear, the lies and weak attempts at control fade away. Relate this to a robot that is programmed (like in Bicentennial Man) and then when the veil is lifted, the recognition that he is a robot and part of a program, the emotions and understanding, the resistance to the programming comes in. If we all did this as individuals, the clouds would clear and no darkness would be visible nor would it be able to have any power to control as we would not allow it. Power truly is to the people.

This movie has a variety of elements within it: love, fear, hope, humor, drastic examples to display undesired “reality,” friendship, emphasis on nature…and it leaves you with a feeling of union, victory, warmth and peace. I recommend watching it…and if you want to share, please feel free to do so. There may be emotions that come up, and I encourage you not to focus on the fear and darkness, but see that the light is always present, even within the darkness. Enlightenment transforms whatever can be seen as “dark.” Let the love grow…let the light grow…let your awareness to the beauty in each moment grow… let your awareness of your power to create what you desire grow, for as *one* grows, as *one* flows, *we* grow into the love and flow into the love deeper and deeper, *together*, in union.

Here’s a link to one of the songs in the movie, “Let it Grow!” Let it Grow with Lyrics