Stay Deeply Connected to Your Knowing

Continue to have faith. Stay deeply connected to what you know. In this space, you release anything that blocks you from feeling your own power. You are remembering yourself into the experience of union with and what you know…TRUST.

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,

    thank you very much for all your beautiful messages and also for this one. As always, it comes at the perfect time, on a day when the angels are speaking so clearly to me and it is ever so intense!

    Waves and waves of things have been happening for me … and I nearly didn’t have the time to catch up with all that is happening.

    And then comes today: a day of big big messages from the angels for me … brought to me by everyone I connected to today, all interweaving so beautifully to form into a beautiful song of the soul and heart, a song of love and trust and faith … and of course, my dear Gabriella, you are also in the happy circle of all who are bringing me messages today … confirming that it is time to stay deeply connected to my inner knowing, validating once more today’s message.

    I know ever so deeply the angels want me to keep my faith and trust.

    I am so blessed by the angels who keep sending me such clear messages.

    Waves of sweetest pure love are flowing from my ONE heart to your ONE heart
    and to all here and their twins,


  2. Dearest Delphina,

    I am not surprised that you are experiencing the receiving of many synchronistic messages, including this one, for this happens to be an every day occurrence when we awaken to the perfection of each moment, knowing that the divine flow is always moving within perfection. We always do receive what we need, even if we feel that it may not be so. YES, to staying deeply connected to your faith and trust, as it is one of the important aspects to this journey, it is the fuel that moves us along.

    Always, sending waves upon waves of love to your heart Delphina and within receiving the love you are sending me, I am sending it right back out to all here!

  3. Dear Gabriella and Dear Delphina, I just listened the song of Josh Groban: “Believe” lyric and video. So wonderful, it agree with what both of you wrote.
    Blessings to you and everybody

  4. Dearest Gabriella and Joana and all,

    yes, this is so true that it is becoming an every day experience. I’m now going to say something and giggling while thinking this ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, it’s so true … and when I started this twinflame journey I was sometimes overwhelmed by “only” one single message from the angels, and so excited and happy that it was at times too difficult to focus on on the things I had to do that day … and nowadays I think: I just can’t afford it to be completely overwhelmed by every single angel message any more, I just have to get used to them all interweaving even, like a story connecting over a whole day sometimes, beginning in the mornings with the angels who want to be with me for the day and connecting all through the day to form a special message later in the day.

    I now also know why this really big message came to me yesterday. I hadn’t realized it that clearly, but over night it became clear to me: I had just started thinking I would never ever see her again in this life time. I had started feeling really discouraged about us doing anything in the 3D together again. Well, obviously the angels don’t want me to believe that! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Smiling angels for everybody today,
    and beautiful light and love from my heart to all of yours

  5. The way I now go about the angel messages is: I consciously recognize all the little signs on the way, I am letting them interweave and connect ~ and they truly do if you let them ~ and I am listening constantly to what this inner light is telling me along the way ~ and I am feeling blessed and protected and also like having a companion who is whispering things into my ear and being that help me along the way. It is not only about my twinflame and me, but also about everyday things and all that I am doing. It so often makes my heart smile and just feel the big big cloud of love and light all around me guiding me all the time.
    And yes, it very obviously wants me to stay in faith and trust also concerning my twinflame love and the blessings it has brought, is bringing and will bring us all life long.

    sending all of you love and light,

  6. Dearest Gabriella,

    What perfect timing of your post. I have been feeling for the past week that I am moving into a deeper space of love, needing as much time as I can take for myself to feel all that I am being blessed with. As I was not always understanding all that I was feeling, I just felt the answer would come in time and as usual, it did. At the perfect time.

    With so much gratitude and love to you,


  7. Dearest Delphina,

    After reading your post about big messages from the angels, a picture popped in my mind of something I had experienced and I realized that it was a message that I almost missed the true meaning of due to outside distractions. It has shown me that even as I go through day to day living, I truly must be in the moment so I do not miss the deeper meaning of any signs along my journey. So I am grateful for the angels using you as a messenger for me as well as others. It all just brings a smile to my face amd a warm feeling of love to my heart.

    With love and gratitude to you,


  8. Dearest Durinda,

    you are bringing a smile to my face and heart … as I have just experienced exactly that as well some days ago and just written it to a friend how blessed I always feel when I find and see the messages as some might be hidden a little bit. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yes, we are in fact all messengers to each other as we are all so beautifully connected and this gives me the feeling of being really beautifully protected in the LOVE of God.

    Lots of love to you and all,

  9. Dear all,

    At the point of loosing my faith, I just listened to Josh Groban’s Believe. Thank you dear angels for bringing it under attention ;-).

    Lots of love from Holland to all of you,


  10. Hi! To everybody, I believe God and the angels have many ways to call for our attention to meaniningful things when we are distracted away from the faith and hope we are supposed to hold in our hearts. Since I’m here in my home suffering of a nagging pain in my knee and feeling terribly sick for it. I’m just resting as my doctor recommended and so I can not stop thinking even more on my TF. OMG, how humble I feel when the universe send me to take a rest even with an illness like this. I understood the message, I should slowdown…

    Blessings and waves of love to everybody

  11. Dearest Joana,

    I am sending you healing angels and much love and light and I also know the angels are already with you, dearest! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am sure the angels will give you their messages also when you have to rest now, you will surely hear their messages clearly. Maybe there is something special they want to tell you.

    For me this has often been the case when I had to unwillingly slow down. Very often a special message from the angels emerged at these calmer times that I maybe wouldn’t have been able to hear in all the rush of normal life.

    Waves of love and light to you and everyone,

  12. Hi Joanna,
    You are right . Sometimes when we are resting the messages are clear. Take care. Love to you all.

  13. I am reading all your comments of messages and Angels and I so wish I could come back to that space.

    It seems for me that yes I get the same signs but only when I am ‘happy’.. yet in the depths of despair where I beg and plead for an Angel there are none. I try very hard to come into that place of balance that Gabriella speaks of but I am starting to realize that perhaps it is not meant for me in this lifetime.

    I ask myself where I am I most happiest and that answer is that it is when I am sleeping. I have asked and pleaded daily for a miracle to help me see a way out of the miserable place I have been stuck in for so long and every day it is nothing. I am quite honestly tired of angelic messages that string me a long only to another state of disappointment. I have had faith and followed the signs I receive and it only leads me to a low that was lower than the last one.

    I have gone within so many times and I used to understand myself very well, but more often than not I am coming back empty handed. My TF has rejected me on every level.. he recently went on a journey where he was shown his ‘truth’.. and dissolved his ego and I don’t believe he saw me anywhere in that.

    I understand that we must move beyond separation.. but this is the human existence and while we may be together in that realm, that is not fulfilling me on all levels. If my own twin can not accept me in the physical and has no love for me there, I can’t say I do either. My own self rejecting my self.

    I hope that every one here continues on with the strength that they have.. for me, I don’t know that the pain of this lifetime is worth it for me and I don’t long to be here much anymore. The days I hope and pray it will pass.. I see and feel nothing, and my only wish is that maybe these ‘angels’ will see that I want to stay sleeping and go home. Every day is another day adds more pain to the next and it is affecting all areas of my life where I can not function in this world. Perhaps this journey happened to help me to realize that I do not want to be here.

    I wish everyone love and light (from somewhere) and I hope that your journey finds you where you need to be full of happiness.

  14. Dear Misty,

    I understand the feelings that you are expressing…as you know, this journey encourages us to continuously find the strength and love within in the midst of challenging outer experiences. I absolutely know that this can be easier to say than to move through! Yet you are a courageous and strong soul to choose the bumps along your journey, and just as you have chosen them, you can also choose to move out of them, yet truly no decision is ever, ever “wrong,” just a choice in any moment which then leads to an experience to follow. We are always moving through our experiences, learning, growing, remembering, the love that we are, which in truth is never affected by anything external. Yet being within the human journey, it absolutely can seem so!!! I have been where you are (though not exactly for we all have our own unique emotions through each individual situation, etc) in October after my father died and there were so many chaotic other happenings unfolding. I literally felt as you felt, that what is the point of living anymore and I’m just not sure that I want to continue…within these moments, I went within and had to find the strength there. Just like you, I went into a deep and powerful void of not knowing if I could trust my intuition AND the outer signs, or anything that I was or had been holding to as my truth. I went through an intense wiping out of all that I attached to, dwelled within the wellspring of my essence, and then brought the pieces back into and upon myself that resonated in that moment. This is a constant and continuous process, that we perfect with each new step along our journey. I profoundly want you to know that you are not alone…I have every ounce of faith that you can move through this “darkness” into the light. I am always here if you desire to share. You absolutely have a safe haven where you can express all of the nuances of your emotions, experiences, etc on your path. The happiness does need to come from within that you then bring without in what IS happening or not happening in any moment of your life. I have learned this myself throughout all of the “tragic” and intense experiences in my own life in 2012. I needed to go within and balance the vibration of love within, then bring that balanced vibration of love into expression without, like a seesaw, back IN, back OUT, and then again. This is the journey of life, so much about balance. Sending you so much love dear one, SO much love!

  15. I have been crying a lot lately in silent, while driving coming home bcause I suspect my TF in not in the university anymore. Ok, it is what I suspect no sure. I’m feeling pain in my body, my health is not good these days. I also have those moments where I think “what is the point of all these” then I see the number which is following every where: 101. Today, leaving the university with my eyes looking just the grown and being so sad, I saw again this number 101 in the plate of the car infront of me. So a little ray of hope came to me and made me feel happy again. Waves of love to you Misty and everybody.

    Dearest Delphina, hope you are ok.

  16. I so wish I shared your strength Gabriella and thank you for your beautiful words. I don’t have the same kind of strength and going within I find nothing. This journey has unraveled my life and it has caused too much pain. Anything that was made of ‘love’ would not be so painful. I can no longer trust the universe, it has been one disappointment after another. Signs and more signs, much like dangling a carrot in front of my face and watching me chase it. I feel like a fool. I can no longer set myself up for perpetual disappointment. I’ve never been in this kind of darkness and if I continue to have false hope it will sooner or later kill me. I already feel like I belong in an institution and the one thing this journey has helped me to see is that I truly am nothing. There is not one part of my life I have succeeded at and it really is one failure after another. I suppose that is what I was meant to discover, is to get over myself and accept the nothing that I am so I can stop disappointing myself. As far as my twin, he does not recognize me physically or spiritually and when your twin rejects you, it is also me rejecting me and it feels the equivalent to death. Nothing ever comes to fruition if it is one sided. I also have no reason to believe in unconditional love of angels.. they are only there when the going is good. When it’s dark, it just gets darker. When you actually need them, they are not there, at least not in my experience.

    Thanks for the lovely posts and sharing provided here.. and the connections I’ve been able to make because of this site.. it’s been nice to know that there are others and it has provided a glimmer of hope to so many.

    Sorry for the crappy mood comment.. there was a time in my life I was happy, I swear! Maybe it was in my ego.. but I don’t think I will find happiness on this journey.

  17. Dearest Misty,

    I feel you underestimate your strength. You have made it so far already on your journey. I remeber when I began my spiritual journey, it was in fact due to a “dark night of the soul” that I was experiencing. There was no joy, happiness and very little hope. In fact at my loweste is when I cried out to God and as I look back now I know He so lovingly held me in his arms and said welcome Home. Ever since that time, even when I begin to doubt, I know in my heart, that when I am at my lowest that is when He is holding me the closest, even if we may not at the time feel it. As you move through this space in your journey please know that you are loved beyond measure and you are never alone.

    Sending so much love to you,


  18. I can assure you there is nothing holding me close. Each day is darker and the reasons as to why I do not want to be here are growing. My family, my friends, my own twin has turned away, there really is nothing for me here. My soul is about as empty as my surroundings and while it is a nice thought that it might change one day, you can not turn nothing into something.

  19. Misty…Just sending you a hug and some hope. Hang in there…sometimes it’s the darkest before dawn. I know that sounds silly…but it’s true.

    Also, this idea of failure or not succeeding is where our society has failed us. Please look at it from another angle and do not compare to others. There was a time in my life where I was surrounded by people who were supposedly successful, and in fact they were very sad. It just goes to show that our society’s definition of success doesn’t touch all areas. Also, maybe this is a time in your life where you might need to re-evaluate what it is that you want. I know when I was striving for something that was not really authentic to me, I would feel so off and like I was bumping into walls everywhere. When I finally woke up and decided to choose my life, the way I see it…things started flowing a little better. I’ll never be rich or successful in that department…because that is not what I want and it is not what I will strive for. So maybe is the time to find what you do want and strive for that.

    The older I get the more I see that the best people are the ones who are the hardest on themselves and have a hard time seeing the success of just being themselves.

    This journey with my TF has been mind boggling for me too!! I feel like you do…like I belong ‘somewhere’. But, I do hold onto that it will pass. It’s been over a year and I’m a little better than before. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I would have rather experienced this journey of love than not…despite the outcome. Not that you have to feel that way…I’m just sharing what I’ve learned and hopefully giving you a little hope.

    Hang in there!!!

  20. Dearest Durinda,

    your words are so wonderful and so true:

    “In fact at my loweste is when I cried out to God and as I look back now I know He so lovingly held me in his arms and said welcome Home.”

    I am so happy for you that you were able to make this beautiful experience that has been a resource of strength for you ever after.

    I also believe this to be the truth that lies behind this veil we can not often view through.

    Dearest Misty, my heart is reaching out to you as the heart of so many here does, and we are all hearing your words and are touched and are wishing you well and that you may experience this LOVE of God, which is behind all things. If nothing works, let yourself fall into the arms of our loving God, dearest, you cannot fall deeper than in God’s arms. It is o.k. to feel sad, it is o.k. to be disappointed and frustrated. I am truly wishing you that you may make the experience of God being with you and being a truly loving being and that he is there even of nothing else works. If nothing else works, there is still the hope for grace and a miracle. And miracles do happen. We can’t count on them or call them, but we can be willing to accept God’s love and grace.

    Be assured: he is with you, whether you can feel it or not, and he is the most loving being you can ever imagine. Imagine what he may say to you now and know his answer is at least as loving, understanding and beautiful as you imagine, and probably even more.

    I know you are safe in his LOVE, dearest Misty, whatever you do or don’t do! I just know!

    I am sending you warm hugs with all my love,

    Love and light to all of you,

  21. Dearest Joana,

    thank you so much for asking how I am. This makes my heart smile. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have only just come here after a long week of inner turmoil, angel messages, trying to make sense of it all, good things happening again, and some more waves of difficult sad things coming up, some waves going up again ….. I guess all of us know this ride :-). I have been riding the waves and was just so absorbed in all of it that I was not even able to read here and may have missed some comments as I can only see the 10 last comments and those were all unknown to me ;-).

    It was a challenging week for sure, but also a week with good outcomes, if you look at it the right way. I am happy that I have dear friends and very wise and loving soulsisters who help me look at things through those glasses of pure divine love and when I have again done this myself, the world looks different and friendly again. I think a lot of it all lies in the way we are viewing things. Nobody can prevent things from happening to him/her or change the events by willpower. We have to surrender to what is happening and be open to seeing the LOVE in ALL that IS. In ALL. NO matter what. And the more we are pursuing this path, the more we will be able to see the love also in “bad” things happening. LOVE is what gives a sense to so many things.

    I am not sure whether we can at all call angels to change things for us, I rather believe we can ask the angels to look at things in a different way, and at least I can say: this is my source of happiness. Not that things change, but that I can change my perspective of how I am looking at things. If I am willing to open my mind to what LOVE would do in a situation like this and what LOVE would say about this, I will get some inner nudges of how else one might as well look at things, and if I am willing to accept these, truly accept them and NOT doubt them any more, than I can slowly see things in a different light and then I am beginning to feel happy again. These are the moments when I feel blessed.

    Waves of pure divine love to everybody and your beloved twins,

  22. You are all so positive. I have re-evaluated what I want.. and there is nothing. All I have wanted for the last several years is to wake up in the morning with the feeling of excitement.. to like what I am doing and to feel inspired by it.. that has never happened. I have joined groups, sports, tried to expand my interests and there is nothing that motivates me. Today I watched a movie of someone who was very inspiring and thought, “that’s so lovely”.. and then reality hit me and I realized that will never be me for so many reasons and it left me feeling lower.

    I have ‘fallen into the arms of God’ as you say and I do not feel or see or hear anything.. I am still in the same place, it’s only darker and I feel less joy.

    I have prayed and begged for an opportunity to see me in a happier place.. away from the job that demoralizes me and brings me to tears each day, away from the sad environment I live in, just away.. I have created my own opportunities just to have them fall apart… every day hoping for a miracle is another day disappointed and I need to stop relying on this ‘trust and faith’ thing because for me it is nothing more than a perpetual let down. There are only so many times the same lie can be told before one turns their back.. that is where I am with this loving angelic universe.

    It is true that it is a journey of love regarding the twin… I never knew I could ever feel this way, but it is far more a journey of pain and rejection.. and from what I can understand and to me that is not love.. at least not for me.

    Appreciate all the kind words.. but I am starting to realize my purpose.. that is I may not have one.. and if there is one somewhere, I don’t have the motivation for it.

  23. Dear Misty,

    I am not attempting to move you out of the space you are in for it is in this space that you can move past it if you choose. But I do want you to know, that you are so very loved and accepted here on this blog. I encourage you, if you desire to, at any point, to express how you are feeling and moving through. I and anyone else, will respond as we feel guided. This journey is so much about receiving strength from others but balancing that with receiving it from within ourselves as well. I am sending you so much love, always, in every moment, every step. Not thinking that you will find happiness along this journey will bring about you not experiencing it, because truly it is the happiness within that we bring into our perceptions, emotions, and interactions with each situation. It is through nothing that something is created because you are building piecing each part together as you will, but we do need to empty out before we can fill up and fill up with what we choose. Sending you love and hugs!

  24. Beloved Misty!

    Your courage and your strenght are astonishing in every way! Youยดre the most beautiful fighter and even if you canยดt see it yourselfe the most strong believer in love!

    I have some questions both for myselfe (as I like to question myselfe and my thoughts), you beloved Misty and ALL beloveds here.

    Why is the darkness a “bad” space to be in? — Isnยดt it easier to see even the smallest light in the darkest pitch black nothingness?

    Why is “happiness” so important? — Is it not the ultimate “letting go” to let go of “positive projections”?

    What is “exitement”? — Could it actually be exitement and not “fear” we feel when we get challanged?

    Do we really wish to be “safe” in our comfortzone or do we wish to grow and expand? — Is actually profound change going on as weยดre experience unconfortableness AND isnยดt that really good?

    Well I better stop writing before you all get sick and tired of me!I just wish to give myselfe something to juggel with this beautiful sunday. Sharing with you where I am! Trying to be as courageous as the rest of you are!

    Lots of love Shakti

  25. Dearest Misty,

    I do hope you can feel that we are hearing you and receiving you right as you are this moment.

    It seems to me that you are in the process of emptying out like Gabriella has said, the big emptying out before you will fill up again. I know, dearest, and please BELIEVE this: I TRULY know what this means and that it means you might not be able at all to see right now that there will be a filling up for you again. You DO know from me and my story that I know exactly what I am writing about. Trust this process, dearest, trust it! I just want to assure you that it is o.k., dearest, it is o.k.. I feel Shakti also wants to imply: it is o.k. The darkness is o.k. as well. You will maybe lose and maybe have already lost the safety of the comfortzone of life that many people nowadays just live in. But you will never lose the safety of God’s love. Simply because you cannot lose it.

    I am saying very lovingly and with a very tender voice to you: no, dear Misty, you have not fallen into God’s arms in the meaning I was implying. I did not mean crying for help, and asking God to change things …. I meant: accept the way it is right now, I meant: let go. Stop this inner fight that makes you so unhappy.

    It is o.k. to stop to fight, dearest. There is nothing to fear. Yes, we will be here for you when and if you need us, as each of us feels guided. You know there will always be someone here. You also know I will hear you. You know you are welcome here, just the way you are, whatever is happening to you, whatever you are going through.

    Only you can choose the path that you want to take, dearest, and be assured: whatever you do, it is o.k.. You are loved, so very loved … to be precise: you are LOVED so much more than any human being has loved you before and I do know this is so difficult to understand because we may not have an example of this love in our life. But maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰ if you think of your own twinflame love, this unconditional pure love, you will get a glimpse of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You are loved, dearest, just as all of us are loved, on this beautiful journey of life, on this journey that is at times so hard … but there are always hearts and souls with you on this way, you are not alone, dearest, and we are all loved beyond understanding.

    Much love and light to all of us here,

  26. WOW, dearest Shakti,

    you are truly courageous in all you’re expressing here!

    Please know I will never get sick of you, beloved soulsister :-D. On the contrary, I am always impressed by your wisdom you are showing. Wow, the darkness is also o.k., and the big letting go …

    I am trying to embrace this myself, as I truly believe you are correct. There is no right or wrong and of course darkness and light belong together.

    Maybe we have to go through the darkness at times, and really let ourselves fall into it, so that we can at the end come out stronger.
    For me it is always important to have an idea of the light at the end of the tunnel. But I know that this is not the path of everyone and also not the path we can choose at all times in our lives.

    It is like the paradox of the woman who wants to get pregnant and only after she has lost each and every glimpse of hope that she might ever get pregnant and after she has tried every available treatment and has struggled with this for 20 years, and then, after letting go of all hopes, she finally gets pregnant in no time at all. We all know this paradox, but somehow it does not work as long as you believe right this. It only works if you truly lose all hope and let go.

    Dearest Shakti, you are so courageous in saying this, and everyone who chooses this road at crossroads in their lives is truly courageous and has immense inner power. I am truly grateful and blessed to know someone who can do this: my beloved twin. And I love her beyond any measure and I admire her strength and power. Although it is the most difficult thing for me to live with.

    Well, maybe this inner strength to do so comes from the deepest inner knowing that we are all safe, no matter what we do or don’t do.

    So much love and light to you, dearest Shakti and to all of us here,
    and a beautiful Sunday to all,


  27. Dearest Misty,

    I am writing to apologize. I don’t want to encourage you to anything except follow your path of life as you are guided.

    I am truly sorry, I just got swept away, because also for me there are such deep emotions in all of this.

    My true answer is this: there is only one expert on your life, and this is YOU.

    Source will make it available to you what you need to know and you will be nudged to do it. Whatever it is. You will feel it, even if you maybe won’t say it was your inner guidance or it was God. But somehow you will do things, of course you will, as you are doing every day. There is some kind of inner power in you leading you through each day and in fact this inner power has been with you from the day you were born until now and will be with you throughout your life.

    YOU and you alone will choose how to proceed, whether to give up hope in angels and twinflame love or whether to stick with it, whether to stop fighting or not, and this may also change again in your life, all will be given to YOU, exactly that which YOU will need.

    I am sending you the blessings of the heavens
    and all my soft love and light,

    Your Delphina

  28. Thank you all for your words. Something interesting happened yesterday after reading some of them.

    Yesterday I did not get out of bed.. I have been sleeping a lot and blocking out anything and everyone. But yesterday I did watch a few movies (I never watch TV or movies).. I watched 3 movies.. All of them were an EXACT mirror of my struggles.

    The first one was about a girl that had a dream and she had lost her arm.. she struggled with everything she knew and asked why it had happened.. but in the way she found a way to still do what she loved and she became an inspiration to all (it is funny, one of the problems I have IS my arm and that it keeps me from doing a lot of the things I want).

    The second was about a struggling author that was writing a book but he could never find the words.. he had a constant writers block. He needed to open his mind in a different way to find them. This is also me, because I have been wanting to do more writing but I also have this problem. In the end, his book was published and he went on to be more successful (it was a thriller movie though.. so I won’t talk about that part – but this was the message I took away from it)

    And then I was going to go back to bed. My mother had come over and asked me to eat dinner with her so I did. She put a dvd of a movie in.. she must have bought it or something because she rarely watches DVDs. So I laid on the couch… I was tired from the movies but something made me watch it. It was about Twin Flames (although not mentioned that way in the movie – but I could tell).. the love these two had was amazing.. and even each had their own personal journey to go on first but found each other despite the obstacles. It ended in tragedy.. but again, the message I took away was different.

    So then I got up from the couch after the movie.. and sitting on the coffee table was a big book.. it was called “Angels Among Us”.. blue with sky and white clouds on the cover. My mother must have bought it and set it on the table when I wasn’t looking because I didn’t see it before.

    And then I went to go to bed. I checked my phone one last time and opened up Facebook.. the very first thing that came up was this message: “Certain things belong just to you, and the love of a Twin Flame, a true Twin Flame is one of them”.

    Last night when I went to sleep.. I felt peaceful for the first time in a while.

    I am grateful for these signs.. but I do hope that something actually manifests itself.. because a human needs more than just the signs. My fear is trusting them and then feeling let down and falling into the space of hopelessness again and feeling like it is a joke.

    But for now I will be grateful for these and for all of you and your words.

    Love to all <3

  29. WOW !

    just WOW, dearest, I am sending you so much sweet love and I am happy that for now you will be grateful for all that has been happening. So I will be grateful, too, for this beautiful shift. We will enjoy it together ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Love to you and all <3

  30. Dear Misty, thanks for sharing your heavenly sings, how wonderful they are. I have the writers’ block too, I have a whole story in my mind, but I can not put it on paper, it is so frustrating. I want to be a teacher, but I have been unable to find a job as a teacher. So I decided to go back to school and look for a job. My job is below my knowledge and expectations, but it was the only job I could find so far; you mentionend something about your job. So, I keep my mind open and do this job the best I can. I feel so happy with the people, I’m working, we are like a family and I have been learned a lot from all of them, I feel humble to be around this people.

    Blessings to you and everybody

  31. Wow, Misty… So glad to hear that:)) What beautiful messages! It’s just so amazing. God/the Universe is on your side…showing you the way..and that you are loved:)

    Delphina, Gabriella, Durinda, Shakti, and Joanna’s words also touched me…there is an abundance of love and wisdom on this board and I feel so blessed to receive from it too. I hope to share more too, but I’ve been so tired from this TF journey and have had blocks too…but just wanted everyone to know that their words and stories are inspirational…and valued:))

  32. Dearest Misty,

    Your words brought tears to my eyes, but in such a beautiful way. All your beautiful signs. Thank you for sharing and touching all of our hearts. The spark of hope is forever alive in all of us, even when we cannot always feel it as strongly as perhaps we would like.

    I too am so grateful for all the beautiful souls who visit this safe haven. Knowing there is a place I can go and be totally excepted for who I am is a balm to the soul. There is so much wisdom and love here.

    With Love and gratitude for all of you,


  33. Dearest all,

    I am so touched by all of your words and by this connecting of this like soul family here and how beautifully we have all been praying for one of us and how much we can be happy for her … for you, dearest Misty. It is beautiful beyond any expectation I might have had from writing here on this blog and I am so happy to be part of this beautiful family in this blessed safe haven.

    Dearest Misty, you have found how to do it yesterday. You haven’t changed your circumstances, but you have changed you the way you are looking at them. You have put your focus on the messages you can receive from the films for example rather on the overall topic of it. You have looked for what it tells YOU and what YOU resonate with in them.

    This is how I do it as well. I can’t change my situation nor the people around it. Not the job situation I am also not happy with, although on another level than you (but then again, everybody’s journey is different), not can I change my twinflame situation, nor any other outer situation. Also the angels don’t change them for me.

    But I can find the hidden messages for ME, for ME alone, and whenever I find them, I feel blessed and it all feels easier, just like you are describing here. I am truly grateful that you are experiencing this. You can experience it again, more and more often and more and more easily, if you like. And even if you lose it once more and dark clouds come up another day, you can find this way of looking at things, of experiencing things easier every time you have visited this inner room. With every time it is getting easier and is feeling more natural.

    You wrote: “I am grateful for these signs.. but I do hope that something actually manifests itself.. because a human needs more than just the signs.”

    I agree, and I also would love to add something: what a human being needs much much more than manifested results is this what you have found yesterday. This way of looking at things. This is the real miracle that is waiting to be found. Not the change of the outside situation, but the change of how you react to it all. The blessings of this change outweigh a thousandfold any change that might come around on the outside.

    And …. ๐Ÿ™‚ ….. the good news is: the outside world WILL of course follow the inside world …. in time and in steps.

    I am now saying with a soft voice and all my love: I am happy and so relieved, dearest Misty, that you indeed have fallen into God’s arms and have started to RECEIVE what is HERE and what is YOURS. You have shifted your focus on what is HERE rather than on what you long for. This is the secret of happiness.

    So much LOVE to you and all of us here,


  34. Beloved Shakti,

    THANK YOU for the questions that you have not only presented to yourself but also to ALL of us, for in the questions that move us beyond the created boundaries, we can allow ourselves to expand our vision and perception of the WHOLEness that always IS, therefore expand our emotions and actions within each moment of our lives. With all of the questions you brought forth, you have offered a WHOLE perspective to make us all question our own beliefs and perceptions, attachments and creations within and without…it is moving past all of these walls that we let go of the walls and be within it all. There is no “bad” or “good” but yet what we attach to it to make it so…letting go of happiness to surrender into what IS right now brings us the remembrance that happiness is never NOT in our experience. Moving within and through the uncomfortable feelings brought on by the box of our comfort zones brings us into deeper remembrance of the limitless capacity for our beings to experience the depth of love that we are in all ways. I do encourage you to trust your own powerful and beautiful voice…there is never a need to apologize for expressing divinity moving through you. You ARE courageous and I am so much in gratitude for your sharings! Love to you always dear Beloved.


    I had felt a pull to ask how you were…for I felt intuitively some stirrings within you, and opening. It is a delight to feel your presence here again. I am always, all ways, in the deepest gratitude for your expressions to all here, as I feel the love within me reflected within you. Thank you dearest Beloved Delphina, thank you! It is such a pleasure for me to witness your continuous expansiveness and blossoming of being and receiving the love that you are! I am smiling dear one, smiling to feel the depths of the love that you are IN expression!!! *soft warm hugs* and a glowing heart beaming with love’s balanced vibration upon you!

    Dear Misty,

    Your willingness to express your emotions, your process, the WHOLEness of your experience here on my blog has me in such gratitude for my creation of this space where we can all meet. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of watching you move through each moment of the depths of uncomfortableness within the “dark” spaces, yet observing and witnessing the signs, the love, and support around. This is not always easy, as you know, I know and we all know, yet it is possible, impossible ~ “I’m possible!!!!” It brought tears to my eyes to not only read your words but to FEEL them very deeply within the core of my being, and feel the love within you coming through!!! I thank you for being brave enough to share your vulnerability, your open wounds as they are in the process of healing, and yet within it all, expressing the love that you are by offering each one of us happiness, and thanking us for our love. You are truly such a beam of light that it is a pleasure to see it. I absolutely feel and see the brightest and sweetest light of love flowing within you, through you, that IS you! I know that in the places that you allow it, you can feel the love from each one of us that is reflecting the love that you ARE back upon and within you. I am always here for you dearest, and am always receiving what you feel guided in each moment to express. I encourage you, if you feel so guided, perhaps to keep a copy in a Microsoft Word document of all of your comments here so that you can then later look back upon your journey of remembering the love that you are…and all of the nuances of experiencing the union of this spiritual and human journey. Loving you all the time sweet one, ALL the time, in EACH moment!!! Oh and dear Misty, I had a conversation this morning with some friends about finding and connecting with the passion within your core, that when you do this, your passion, your excitement for being alive, your happiness comes through for you know what your passion is, and you know where and how you can bring this forward…I do feel that as you keep walking your path and allowing yourself to bring forth from within you the awareness of your own wellspring of power and love within, you WILL discover what your own unique passion is that your soul has chosen to bring forth in this lifetime, AND you will then be able to shift your perceptions, emotions, experiences within each area of your life. I am excited to continue to share this with you girl! *cheering you IN and ON* <3


    Again my dear, thank you for sharing your sweet essence! I have EVERY faith that you can move through the blocks that you have perceived within just by acknowledging them and recognizing them, you are already in the process of moving through them and letting go of what is no longer serving you. I am open to share more intimately with you when the time feels right. It is a delight to feel your presence here, always!


    Thank you for expressing your gratitude for this safe haven I've is such a deep peace within my soul to know that you feel comfortable to BE here in all your awesomeness! Love to you girl!

    Everyone ~ I was in such a VERY deep space of receiving this morning, from EACH one of you (whether you were actually commenting here or even just receiving by reading), the love that you were bringing forward into this blog that I've created. However, I have created this "safe haven," YOU, ALL of you, have made it what it is. You have allowed your intuition connected to the sweet flow of this universe to bring you here...then you have followed your nudging to stay here, to read, to respond, to share, to be as you have felt guided...and as a result, we have created, we are creating and will continue to create an extension of the love that we are, as ONE individuals, into the ONEness we are as ONE all together. It brings such a soaring of energy to my soul to witness the exchanges between all of you this beautiful SUN day...that I felt in waves upon my heart of love, and I do hope that you all feel the waves from my heart over to your own, in such gratitude for your gratitude, and also for you sharing the light that you are within each exchange. Know that no matter what is expressed herein within your words in each moment, I feel the love and I see the love that you are. I feel and see the love that we ALL are as ONE, and it just brings such smiles to my face, such happiness within my being, and such peace within my soul. I am indebted and always, all ways, in such gratitude for ALL of our souls that have chose to have this human experience, AND this twin flame experience, to expand our consciousness into the remembrance of love that we are, and how we are so willingly walking each step, hand in hand, sharing our experiences, our "challenges," our insights, our lights as we move deeper into the depth of love that is always, all ways, truly and profoundly limitless!!! I love you all, and I thank you all for being. I AM love, you are love, we are love!!!! *kisses and hugs all around*

  35. Dearest beloved Gabriella,

    you are touching my heart so deeply with your love expressed here *warm warm hugs full of love*. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, dearest! You are family, you truly are :-D.

    You had also felt the pull to ask … smile … Well, yes, some amazing things are enfolding for me right now and have been enfolding since the beginning of this year. I have known for a very very long time that this January was about to bring miracles to me and indeed it has. They were different from what I had expected, but no less beautiful. In fact even more beautiful than I had expected :-).

    I sometimes just didn’t have the physical energy to read here, because I was so absorbed by all the things enfolding and developing, but I have been here and with you, sweet Gabriella, all the time in my heart, sending all of you love and light and angels, every day. I have connected to closest friends only and to my inner guides. I don’t know how long this shift will go on for and on the physical level long for a rest ๐Ÿ™‚ … but my heart and spirit and all my being is jumping up and down in joy and happiness for all the good things that are happening.

    (side remark: as always this is my PERCEPTION of things happening, I would like to say this to all who might think: “well, on the outside it does not look good for me, Delphina must be very lucky, I could be happy as well if I had her life” ~ well, for me things on the outside are also not very different from what they were before, but I can feel the shift happening (as I guess are many of us, probably even all of us here), and when focussing on feeling this and allowing it to happen, not fighting against any of it, be it unwanted things happening or beautiful things,
    riding the waves, seeing the signs from heaven, trusting them, and flowing with what is happening …. this makes me happy …. this makes me feel so excited … it makes me look at the world in a new way … and feelings like these ALWAYS find their way into reality at some point ….. when we notice the small things, even the tiniest things and begin being happy about them, focus on good things again and again … this WILL in the end change us and also our outside lives, it is moving us where we are supposed to be …. )

    So, back to my thoughts: I am so happy right now … the angels are so busy with me …. and I am, too …

    and I am sending all of you my sweetest love from my ONE heart,

  36. Beloved Gabriella!

    Thankyou so much for your beautiful respons! Thankyou so much for encouraging me to write here, in YOUR wonderful space of love! It means a lot for me to be recieved in all my crazy weirdness, as I AM!

    Sincerely Shakti

  37. Thank you for everyone’s amazing responses and encouragement. Gabriella you are a true gem and gift to this world for the insight you share and for connecting not just all of this – but everyone that has yet to come.

    I have been journalling much of my journey.. I will need to add the comments I’ve left here as well.

    I had a profound realization of part of my ‘truth’.. I was excited and overwhelmed… and eager to begin following it… I actually realized what it is I am supposed to do… it lasted for one whole day. I am not really sure what to think anymore.. because the moments of happiness are quite fleeting.. it seems they leave faster than they come.

    I’m not sure anything will really ever change.. while the insights are great.. they don’t come to fruition without action.. but there is no action when my motivation doesn’t exist.. I just can’t find a way to stay in that space no matter how many angelic messages come my way.

    Just another day of the same old for me.

    Maybe I really do need to get my head checked!

    Hope everyone has a great week.

  38. Dear Misty,

    Your words literally brought tears of happiness to my heart and soul for connecting with people and connecting people with people IS my soul’s passion. It is the underlying theme running through all that I do. It pleases me beyond words to hear you observe and express your receiving of this…and it just makes me happy to see you and everyone connecting while I also connect within the circle! Sometimes, the action dear Misty, the first step towards it is to receive what your “truth” is, and allow the pieces of that truth to come as they will. Let the flow and the next insight to come as it will to bring things together in a way where you can understand where your passion lies and then how to go about bringing that into fruition…but yet fruition doesn’t happen right when you receive an insight, it is an everflowing process, that I am happy to witness you within it. Inaction through receiving sometimes IS the action to take…have patience with each step. I am sending you such love girl, always!

  39. Okay this is the last comment I am leaving here, I swear! I’ve gone on a few rants, LOL. I just wanted to share something for everyone that I thought to be interesting.

    Despite some of my rants, I KNOW what the truth is with my TF.. and now also with the other thing that I discovered with who I AM.. I realized it was in front of me the whole time and I’ve been denying it. I just get easily frustrated and I react to a lot of things more so now then ever.. I really am trying to be more patient.. but I get so caught up in disliking my external environment that it can drive me nuts sometimes!

    Anyway, the other day I was leaving work and I am terrified of driving on the freeway after a car accident I had. I asked to please get me through this and immediately I saw so many signs and billboards and license plates all with the number 444 or 4444 (for me is the angel number)… and when I got over the freeway the time was 4:44

    Yesterday I was leaving work and I was thinking about my own truth I discovered as well as my Twin Flame.

    I was at the stop lights of a major intersection.. and a big truck crossed in front of me called “ALLIED – THE CAREFUL MOVERS”… and painted on it moving upwards is 3 arrows and in the middle is a big number 1 (I wish I had a picture).. but what I understood of this, and the imagery.. what it was saying was we are being carefully moved – ascending – into oneness.

    Then two more big trucks passed simultaneously right after that… one said “TWIN” and the other said “SOURCE” .. followed by another big trailer truck that said “WE DELIVER!”

    Then when the light was green I turned and the first car in front of me had the license plate reading “UNI CAN” …I thought that was interesting.

    It’s interesting because I always get these messages.. very detailed and laid out in front of me. Now I just want my TF to realize it dammit! LOL.

    Anyway, just wanted to share ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now I am done rambling!!!

  40. Oh Misty, you are not rambling! Last Feb (one year ago) my TF awakening started…even though I had know him for 20 years! After not seeing him for 18 years, I had an experience with remembering…after opening a box of pictures and letters from him. It was so amazing because at the same time he was having his own experience about me! My heart told me…well I could feel him thinking of me. I thought I lost my mind! Well, after we reunited, I found out he had been looking for me and seriously missing me at the exact same time I was opening the pictures and having this rememberance. I felt him right there next to me, even though he is across the world from me. There are so many more synchronicities and paralells that it was mind boggling. I could not wrap my head around it.

    But, boy did I go through a roller coaster ride feeling like I was losing it…this site helped me so much. I didn’t post much, but I read. Read that others were going through the same thing…which was such a refief. (not that I wish others to go on a roller coaster ride…but that it was normal) But the whole process of remembering our TF and then at the same time our true selves trying to emerge…it can be overwhelming. So, keep writing and posting. I’ve been wondering how you are doing…as I’m sure the same with the other caring souls on this site:)

    I so much agree with what Gabriella said about finding ourselves. It’s a process. One day, we might really get it…and the next…well, nothing. But that first ‘get it’ will lead us to the next and the next and so on.

  41. “We are being carefully moved โ€“ ascending โ€“ into oneness.”
    โ€œTWINโ€ – โ€œSOURCE” – โ€œWE DELIVER!โ€

    WOW, dearest Misty, these words are so beautiful and are touching me deeply. Thank you ever so much for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So much love and light to you, dearest,

    and to all beautiful souls here, reading and writing …

    and thank you so much, kay, for letting all of us know that you were also reading a lot (as I was, too, before I started to write as well) and giving us all a glimpse again of how many souls there truly are who are touched by all the things we are sharing here ๐Ÿ™‚

    and a big loving hug also to you, dearest Celeste. Your post has also deeply touched my soul and I thank you for this.

    I love this beautifully family here with the growing connections between each other and I love it when we are letting know each other when the others have touched our hearts! This is also growing here right now and I love this!


  42. Hi! Thanks to everybody for your sharing…Sometimes I wish to meet to all of you in persnon, and give a big hug to all of you. Especially these days, I feel my TF is not around. Probably he left to another university or decideded to stay in his state. He does not live here in town. For what I noticed, he only came to this town to study and he shares apartment with friends. I know, his program at this university is one of the most difficult, so I understand if he decided to go to another university to finish his degree. Yes! the days I found him at the library, I was giving my back to the door and the weird thing was that I saw him coming, I think my third eye could see him. I talk to him in my mind, no sure if it is telephaty or my imagination. The thing is that now I feel so sad, and reading your sharing give me hope. I have esperitual conection with my father and brother who passed away. My brother was an abuser, no sexual abuse took place, but he was an abuser with me and my sisters. OK, after his death he came to me in a dream to say sorry, I just let him know that everything was fine, and we hugged. He has been coming to me, after that vivid dream. We are friend now.
    Blessings to everybody