An Intimate Live Chat: The Journey of Love with a Soul Mate and Twin Flame Part 2

~~An Intimate Live Chat: The Journey of Love with a Soul Mate and Twin Flame Part 2~~

Dearest Beloveds,

I invite you to join me in a powerful live 90 min chat (which will be extended if participation is a high level) with Gabriella Hartwell and Joel Dell. Many of you who are consciously aware of your twin flame find yourselves sharing along this journey with a dear soul mate, who at this point, may have become a close friend of yours, and yet this is an intensified journey of expanding your consciousness to remember that all love shared is love shared with all, that you are a divine being receiving many opportunities to bring the highest vibration of love that you are into its purest expression within all of your relationships and areas of your life.

One piece that is missing from this whole dynamic is hearing from a soul mate that has gone through the journey, aware of the twin flame while still choosing to be love and be loved in the ever flowing moments. If you are in a soul mate relationship, and have questions…if you are not in a relationship, yet having the connection/love with your twin flame beyond form, if you are in a twin flame relationship, I welcome you, I invite you, I encourage you to submit questions that you have had, have, or anything that you feel may benefit others that are along this journey to know.

The style that Joel and I will be conducting this chat, of course is open to the inspiration in each moment, but we will be doing it like an interview ~ I interview him, he interviews me, and we’ll answer your questions as we share our personal journey of love with one another, with my twin flame both beyond and in form, bringing wholeness to this beautiful path filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, as we move deeper in love vibration with each other as ONE.

You are able to submit your question to us or an aspect/area you want us to talk about right now, leading up to and during the live chat on Thursday, January 31st, at 5pm PST, 8pm EST. The same link on “Submit Your Question” is the same link to listen back to the replay afterwards.

Very much looking forward to sharing intimately with you in this way ~ waves of love flowing from my heart to yours,
~Gabriella Hartwell

9 Comments on “An Intimate Live Chat: The Journey of Love with a Soul Mate and Twin Flame Part 2

  1. Gabriella,

    Thanks for the live chat…again it was really interesting. I learned a lot from it. And you and Joel seem like you have so much fun together. Thanks for sharing the relationship…I think I understand what you both were trying to convey…about love being inclusive.

    Also, please thank Joel!! He’s really sweet and fun…and wise!!

  2. Kay :),

    You are VERY welcome and Thank You as well!!! I feel the connection with ALL of US as we are EVERYTHING that is BEING a part of this great experience. I am thankful of YOUR recognition of ME…LOVE sharing the LOVE that is…FUN stuff and sweet like honey…BIG HUG! Feel free to share/express ANYTHING…as YOU have a HOME here 😀



  3. Dear Gabriella,
    i wanted to ask you, i remember you once wrote how you felt guided to be with your soulmate after you met your TF. What was that feeling like? Did you had doubts about your soulmate, thinking that you could hurt him beacuse you already know from the start that it is not a relationship for a life time? I ask you beacuse i am so confused with my current situation, maybe i get some insight. I met this guy and he is so grounded, we have some similarities and we connected on some level, he is not spiritual at all, he just love life, he has goals that he love and want to accomplish and he had a lot of “bad” luck in love and beacuse of that he is so amazed with me…he can talk to me, act normal, pretty much every guy in my life is amazed with this…sometimes i have a feeling like i am breaking their illusions, so i ask myself where this is leading, same pattern every time?! I understand why this is happening, the world is up side down, everything is misunderstood,specially with women/man things. I always knew what real love should feel like, i felt this inside and i was looking for that feeling my whole life and it matched when i met my TF. And i am getting so many signs all over right now, thorugh dreams with my TF that things are settling down…and numbers. i decided just to go with the flow, but i think i can`t be with someone just in half, with someone who doesn`t see life with this wider look. I am thinking too much right know, i know i already know the answer but it is hard to see it right know.
    Much, much love and blessings to you and everyone!

  4. Sunshine, I’m reading and research a lot about TFs, I’m listening the Ascension Pioners videos, Mel and Nicole, etc. and I’m finding much about this TF journey… there are a lot of people in the planet going through what we are experiencing right now ( I mean we are not alone), it is amazing, WOW! I start seeing things from another perspective as a multidimentional being.
    Waves of love to you and everybody here in this site.

  5. Joana,
    yes, i know what you are talking about. There is a lot of things that we need to learn about ourselves as cosmic, multidimensional beaings and to know how we are created, that way it is easier to figur out all things in life. I wrote this beacuse at the moment i am pretty much in this physical realm of life, when you learing. i just had talk with my soulmate girfriend and like God put the words in her mouth (well he did :)). I hope you doing well and please share any insgiht you got. Love you!

  6. I just realized that we need to be physical and mentaly sane because many things we are experiencing on this TF journey are not just imagination. I have a very funny incident, sometimes I yell from my inside to my TF asking him so and so matters. I receive a message from him, not to do it…then he yell to me as well and I have a terrible pain on my ears for hours…just sharing it was weird.
    Blessings to everybody

  7. Yes, most of this “wierd” things can be explained by cosmic laws so to speak. People lost this possibility to communicate telepathically and with our TF we are discovering that beacuse of our strong connection, but i noticed this with other people that vibrate on the same frequency, they don`t even have to be my closest friends. I love quantum physics, beacuse it explains the “spiritual laws”, we can understand why we feel or experiance something in this dimension and beyond, it connects spirituality with science, which is the same :).

    I do that to with my TF and the last three days a got a lot of answers through dreams. WOW he really yelled ;). It is funny when you talk to your TF during this “conversation” it is like you switched your awarenes, i don`t know how to explain, but i feel that my mind is in some different state,it`s like you open a channel and you don`t imaginig your TF answer you just got this certain sentence in your mind or a feeling mostly.

  8. Dear Sunshine,

    It is a great question you ask and I’m sure one that many people have. As I’ve mentioned before, this journey is so much about following your own guidance within each unfolding moment in the divine flow, because you don’t know what you will be guided to do in the next moment, but being present to each unfolding, allows you the openness to listen, to notice the guidance and to trust what comes…I was resistant when I first met my soul mate in 2008 because previously I had met and become aware of my twin flame…I thought that the journey was leading me straight to him, and I wasn’t aware that a soul mate was part of that path towards union. Yet, after I loosened the resistance, I opened to loving with my soul mate…yet as I mentioned previously, I was guided to share right from the first time that we (my soul mate and I) shared, about my twin flame and what I knew to be in the perfect moment. I was leary at times to continue to share with him for concern of hurting him and not being able to fully commit in a long term sense with him…yet through each moment, both myself and my soul mate had to overcome such thoughts that move us into separation and away from being and receiving the love that we are…we moved into the deeper vibration of being the love that we are, as we are guided in each moment ~ being present and following the everchanging shifts of each moment is important, essential even! This also brings you deeper into self love…and then notice if ever there is a nudging to be in your own presence, your own energy to fully move into waves of love within your sweet core…this doesn’t have to be the way, but it can be for some…there is never separation even when we are physically away from each other. Keep connecting to your heart and following as you are guided to…there is no right way, there is “your” way by following your heart in each moment. Lots of love to you girl!

  9. Dearest Gabriella,
    thank you for your answer it helped me a lot, now i know what you mean. Since that post i told this boy that before him i met someone who is very special to me, i told him what i feel for him (my TF), he never felt this for someone but he understands. He asked me that tricky question would i go back to him (my TF) if i could? I just smiled, i didn`t really know what to say except that time will show us everything. Only thing that we can to is just like you said, being present and foolow each step as we are guided.
    I have that feeling that he just enjoys in the moments that we have together and i like this, because i enjoy too and neither of us not thinking about tomorrow…he is very simple person who just acts as he feels and that is something to appreciate.
    Thank you my dear and lots of love to you too :)!