Your Reunion is Right here, Right Now, as you Remember that it Always Is

Q. So many shocking things have been happening in and around my life and some miracles too. I am seeing my loved ones going through emotional and physical turmoil. It is so painful and I am trying to bring the balance outside of me to be with them and help them through. In fact yesterday, my siblings appealed to me to help them through their period of crisis, saying that I am spiritually connected and that I can help them. Though one them abused me badly on many occasions , I see them come back and apologize And seek my help. Here I am empathizing and doing my best to help. I have not had so many upheavels coming like this back to back. It is exhausting. I do not know where this figures in my twin flame journey. My twin flame is still the same. He stills keeps a huge distance. What do I make of it ? He is neither here nor there. Sometimes when I text deep intense emotions, he accepts them all. Sometimes he just shuts off and does not want to receive any messages from me. This is going on and on and on. Now I am so exhausted , so much so that I think all this is my wishful thinking. Every time I keep getting messages to hold on and not let go at this final leg of the journey.
What is it? Why is he still claiming that he wants me but never makes any effort to be with me ? What do you think he is expecting . All my expressions of love to him are received but verbally he says , he feels no emotion. Why is he projecting himself like this to me? A few months back when, I said that I cannot hurt him anymore and kept away, he called back and spoke to me. Then it was back to square A.
There is something here that I am missing . Maybe I am too emotional to see it. What is being expected of me ? All my soul searching has finally led to be more balanced in my relationships, but regarding my twin flame, I do not know where I stand. One day, you mentioned that you heard a whisper, “the outcome is assured ” and you guided me to go ahead with faith. I have. I hold on to faith, trust, love , stay in the divine flow, but at times like this, I start getting serious doubts , and feel lost. Can you see a pattern and discern what I am missing out on and where I should set things right? When do you feel this reunion will happen?

A. As you share with your own consciousness and with others, you are also sharing with your twin flame ~ feel that, feel that every open exchange is an exchange between you and your divine Beloved, as this Beloved energy continues to flow in and out, bringing us ALL into the arms of the sacred love that we are. Let go of expectations of self and twin…just be…flow…when you let go of expectations, then there isn’t any concern of “when” the outcome will show itself to you and you don’t need any signs outside of your self to confirm what you have received and what you are deeply connected to. You allow the outcome to take care of itself, to unfold as it will, yet you flow with your guidance and emotions in each moment ~ if you want to express yourself, you do it, but that expression no longer requires an outside sign or reassurance from your Beloved in order for you to stay connected to what you deeply feel ~ that “the outcome is assured.” This moves you into a space of surrendering into what is right now and therefore, the outcome is not only not focused upon, but merges into union with what IS right now… you experience yourself into it, and then the WHOLE picture of all of the steps that have unfolded and needed to happen before the “outcome” fully becomes realized and experienced in your life, make sense. It all fits together, the puzzle within your perception is made whole, brought into the oneness that it always has been.

Release the expectations on yourself, that you have to do something for your twin to “prove” his love for you, to move closer to you, to do anything really to show that he loves you. Know that beyond any tangible proof, he loves you, you love him, your love flows always within each moment…and let that truth sustain you while you focus on balancing the vibration of love within you as you bring that balanced expression of love into all of your relationships, your perceptions, your creations in all areas of your life. As you have shared, all of your relationships are becoming balanced as a result of you staying deeply connected and your commitment to balancing the love that you are within yourself as you extend this love forward…this will continue…and this balancing you are doing for you, you are also doing for and with your Beloved which in turn affects all as ONE…this is the path of experiencing yourself in union with the love that you are. This is transcending the illusions and limitations of love to continue to move into the expansion and truth of the infinite vibration of divine love that knows only love, perceives only love, chooses to express and be only love. Within this transcendence you flow into balance with love, dancing further into the experience of your oneness and love…no longer attached to anything “outside” of you, but loving, being, and feeling the sweetness within you at all times. Let yourself surrender, right here and now, to how you are, how your twin is, how things are, right now, knowing that it’s all about moving deeper within love and bringing that wellspring of love into expression with all that is, in every moment.

Consider transforming and even transcending your perception of the “huge” distance ~ I know that you know that there truly is no separation, yet the separation has been created so that we can remember ourselves into the experience of the oneness and love that we are…hence we are merging into the union that already is through the illusion of separation. The “huge” distance becomes lessened when not only do we see this, but we penetrate the layers, the surface of this illusion and move into the depths of the truth that lies within the experiencing of observing and remembering the illusion away. Reality takes on a whole other vision then…think of the vision of a tug of rope ~ the illusion is that you are far away from the other pushing and pulling on the rope ~ but then the more you surrender the struggle and the illusion of fighting against what is, you move closer and closer together, as you feel yourself moving closer ~ hence experiencing the oneness and love that you are!

Remember “reunion” is remembering union ~ remembering you and I (you and your twin with all that is) on a journey of experiencing the oneness and love that is…as you bring this consistently into expression within and without, you merge into union within the experiencing of that oneness, you become one in all ways with it, and walk into the love, deeper and deeper.

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    Thank you so much for your loving guidance. I am right now in the flow, the divine flow. There Is a sense of feeling suspended, not knowing what to do except feel the love for my TF . Something has changed inside me. I am not able to pinpoint it but I feel more calm and totally surrendered to my destiny. Another amazing thing is everyday I see a car with the no. Plate 1111 or some sign with 1111 . It makes me feel as if all the spiritual guides are constantly with me. Today your message comes as a balm to me. I understand that separation is an illusion and we are all connected. I try not to be judgemental and accept each one as they are

  2. Dearest Gabriella, contd from above,
    I try to see the underlying love in each situation and this helps me to be more calm. It is more than a month since my TF and I contacted each other , but the love we feel is in no way diminished and I do not feel that desperation anymore. Thefeeling of oneness is too strong. As you say the union is here. Love to you . I always check out your blog regularly. Am grateful for this forum you created . Waves of love to all here.

  3. I have not seen my TF for almost four months and I don’t know if I will see him again. The times I saw him, I also feel the confirmation of his love for me, I can not explain how and why, but there was a communication between one another without any words. Now, I feel calm too, no desperate like before. I feel him with me all the time.
    Blessings to everybody

  4. I see those series of numbers too, and especially the one that follow me all the time, 101 it is so funy my weight is alway around 100 lb, this time when I went to my doctor It was 101 lbs 🙂
    Blessings and waves of love to everyboy.

  5. Gabriella, I have been feelling sick, and I have been dream with my family members who passed away. Does this has some meaning? In my dream we talk, and sometimes I remember clearly what we talked about it.

  6. Dear Joana,

    From the various and many dreams that I’ve had with family that has passed, I can say that any dream you remember has messages and guidance within it for you. It is truly, first and foremost, up to you to connect with the details you’ve been given, to feel the emotions and insights that come as a result, then to flow with what you feel you are being guided to. If you can remember what you have talked about in the dream(s), write them down, and feel through them to see what comes in…can how and where you are feeling sick be a connection to your dreams and with your family? This may be so…and perhaps the “sickness” will disappear after you receive the message(s) that are here for you…but again, this is up to you to know. Trust your intuition and have the patience for I have found that dreams have many, many layers and often more than one insight to come. Lots of love to you!

  7. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    I am in gratitude of your gratitude for this space of sanctuary and peace created for all of you to feel comfortable sharing with one another as well as myself, to know that you are not alone on this journey, to ride the waves of the ever changing and flowing moments as we move through the illusions into the remembrance of the divine love that we are. It brings my spirit such peace to hear how deeply you are surrendered into what IS as it all moves you into the deeper interconnection with all that has been, is and will be. I love how you have been feeling the intensity and comfort within the strength of your oneness with your Beloved. I have been feeling this increasing love within, between and flowing out to all…so beautiful!

    No doubt that your spiritual guides ARE always, all ways, with you! So glad that you are allowing yourself the openness to see and feel this in the signs around you…the union is here as it has always, all ways, been. Completely trust within your surrendering, that the divine flow will continue to carry you along and if/when you are meant to do something, you will know…then trust that what you receive, you can move within and all things will become clear, each step, each moment, at a time. SO much love to you…which is always flowing into the hearts of all that are here with us.

    Not sure if you were able to listen live to the chat last Thursday however I did answer your questions though there was a technological error and it wasn’t recorded. I do plan on answering it again as the flow will create in the moment this Thursday. Love and love some more.

  8. Dearest Gabriella,
    I was not able to listen to that chat , but will wait for your reply here maybe. It is so good to get your validation for all my feelings. Makes me feels very comforted . As you say maybe I will be guided to take action sometime . As of now I feels as if I am floating along …. Love to you dearest Gabriella.

  9. Hi…I have been having a bit of a rough week…I haven’t seen or heard from my TF in a year, and I felt I was slowly started to really move forward. I prayed I would meet someone new and my friends had tried to set me up but nothing seemed to work…so I just continued to learn more about this connection and how to deal with it. I miss my TF everyday but have been very open to move on. So last week I met someone at a hAppy hour very unexpected….and he was very nice….and contacted me..and he was very complimentary…so not sure if that is what I fell for or what….he wanted to meet up again..but I had plans…but we would facebook msg throughout the day….now I did see him post smtgh on some girls post that I dont think was for everyone to see…and he deleted it later….it didnt either me bc we are not dating…but I just feel he has kinda disappeared….we chatted today but it was different….so why does this bother me so much….I bbarely know this guy….and he is probably saying the same lines to everybody….so I have all this love for my TF….and I know if he showed up on my doorstep I would choose him….so why does this guy I barely know bother me….is it just the attention I miss…or what,,,, im rather shocked at myself bc I haven’t felt much for anyone besides my TF….and somehow I am bothered that he has kinda ppulled away without even a date….lol….has anyone else gone through this….I didnt think I woukdmt be bothered by anyone else….bc of the deep feelings have for my TF…but somehow I have separated them….

    I may sound like im raambling but I need advice. I think I first wanted to meet someone as a distraction….or maybe hoping the energy would shift and being my TF back. Reality is I want a relationship I want to share my life with someone…..but I dont want just anyone….I did feel a genuine connection with him…not to the level…of TF…but am just grasping….out of loneliness…have never considered myself lonely bc I have never settled for just anyone…ppl call me picky…lol….or is he a lesson for me. At first I felt bad when he was contacting me bc I thought I wouldnt…be able to commit bc of my TF….I fear getting involved with someone then TF coming back and me having to hurt someone…it’s weird it’s like just want to know what im suppose to be doing….lol…. now I feel for this guy…or at least I think I do….unless again it’s just the attention….

    I hope someone can shed some light on my rollercoaster feelings….and not to mention….the signs are coming more again….a lot of 11:11….1111….111….and the triple numbers…which I’ve always seen a lot of….but the 1’s are a lot now…..and of course his initials on license plates….YTJ…or YAJ…..YTB… the universe asking me why?…lol….

    Thank you for any input….it may not make any sense….I feel confused….

  10. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    And perhaps you will not feel to take any action…there doesn’t always have to be…and actually, many times the action is in the receiving…or floating along 😉 Always, love to you dearest Sleeping Beauty.

  11. Dear Gabriella, thanks for answer my question, my older brother passed two years ago. I never had a good relationship with him. I stop talking with him since I was 20. But I had many vivid dreams with him and he say sorry in one of them and we hugged, so now we are good friends. He came to me months before his wife passed, I think he wanted to me to be closed to his kids so It is what I’m doing. I reconected with his kids by facebook. Gabriella I could not listen your show either and I asked two questions. I wish some day you will be able to post your show here in this site. Love to you and everybody

  12. Dear Jessica, I’m married with my soulmate, but our relationship is like brother and sister. So I have not been touch by him and anymen for long time. TODAY I WAS so embarrassed with my doctor, because he told me to give my hands to him so I could walked with his help. I gave my hands to him and felt the proximity of him and I took my hands suddenly from him. I felt weird, my soulmate even does not hold my hand anymore. I understand how you feel, for some reason I attract young men, and there was a young man in my class and he used to stare on me, and one day he looked into my eyes, and I did not know what to do, I just smile to him. I guess is the attention too what make us feel this way. I really will not change my TF for anybody at this point of my life. I just wanted to share with you, I home somebody else give you their opinion.
    LOVE TO YOU AND everybody here in this site.

  13. I guess one really nagging question I have for single folks who have met there TF but are not with them in the physical world, is how do you move forward with soulmate relationships, when you are suppose to have the trust that your twin will return?? I hate the thought of hurting people, and I try to avoid that at all costs! It’s like I have had the trust…belief and faith that we will be together in the physical world for so long…that it is hard to think of being with anyone else. But I really want to date!! LOL…I want to share things with someone…hold someones hand..kiss someone…feel that physical bond….

    I feel very confused and the signs are bombarding me…its weird they subside sometimes and other times they are EVERYWHERE!!!


  14. Ok…..strange occurrence happened this evening..would love some insight or advice of any sort. As I mentioned the signs have been coming a lot lately and I acknowledge them, smile and keep going. Well tonight I went with some friends to a superbowl party and I was suppose to kinda meet this guy again…long story…..the strange part is everyone was downstairs and my ffriend went upstairs to check on food so I went with her. Imwas standing in the dining area when I saw these dogs in the next yard running around…..well I love dogs so I went over to the patio door and was watching them when this guy came outility to get them. I just stared at him bc he looked exactry like my TF….I mean exactly….haircut…body shape….everything…so much so that I had to have my friend come over and see…also bc I didnt have my glasses on…anyway she just kept staring and then said…he does t smoke…and I was said yes he does…or did..and she was for sure it wasn’t him…he had tattoo on his ankle….which my TF never had….but I suppose could have gotten since we have been apart. Anyway the other thing…when we pulled up in front of the houseIt wasn I a culdisac…and the house we were directly in front of was 231….part of his phone number…which is another long story..

    Anyway on the way homega there was an accident so my friend took a detour…and I was playing on my phone and not paying any attention….when I looked up we were driving past his street…which was out of the way of going home….

    The whole night was strange….why so many things in one night….makes me wonder if im going to hear from him…but I dont want false hope either…

    Has anyone had these experiences?

    Thank you…

  15. Yes!!!! I have these experiences, so far 3, I had seen Three guys who look like my TF. One in my driving class, he is only 16 I guess, but he could be the brother or cousin of my TF. I saw the other two guys in the university, only the hair of these two guys are different from my TF. They had kind of blondish hair, my TF has black hair like me. One of these guys is in my class, he dress like my TF, his hair style is the same as my TF, but he has been friendly with me, he smile to me, and today he offered me a piece of gum. My TF is shy, and we never could start simple conversation. We missed a lot opportunities to break the ices and now I don’t know if someday I am going to see him again.

    Thanks for sharing your experience