As You are Being, All is Created

I am fulling immersing myself within the sweet vibes of my receptive feminine energy. Before I used to place deadlines upon myself for what I needed to get done during a day. I would even write lists of what I felt I needed to do each day for a week straight or more. Now, I am embracing each day with what comes to me and feels right when I open my eyes and awake to embrace the gifts within each sunrise. Before, I would feel this nagging, pulling impulse to help everyone that would come my way instantly, and often this would result in feeling a limitation upon the energy essential to give myself, to refuel and refresh my Spirit. It is in this reception of self, simultaneously beyond and within self, that I AM able to give of the love that I AM in such abundant and limitless ways, always vibrating in the pure, sweet, unconditional, ONEness core of my divinity. 

I have turned my cell phone off and found that having the cell phone on at all times takes me away from the balance of being in the flow from within connected to my inner guidance while also being IN this world of structure, planning, and expansive means of communicating and connecting. What I found is that when I had my cell phone on and received a new notification of an incoming request for service, for connection, it would pull upon my open giving, loving nature, bringing about an intensified sense of desiring to help immediately. I then found myself unwinding my energy cords from another to bring the energy back upon and into me.

I now feel such waves of peace within and surrounding me, as I am truly flowing with each divine moment, knowing that as I am being, I am doing. I am doing what I AM being. In being, all IS done. May my sharing inspire you to unwind your energy from that which takes you away from immersing yourself inside of the beauty that is within you…let yourself be swept away by the ever flowing, never ending, always expanding moments of creation and recreation that IS life.

Sending you all such bright beams of light from inside of my burning heart and soul,
~Gabriella Hartwell

1 Comment on “As You are Being, All is Created

  1. Hi there,

    It is really nice to read your thoughts and articles. I have met my TF and have known him for six years or so, but did not realise until we had a physical union. That union was weird and wonderful and from the moment he kissed me I have endured the most incredible pain. I am deeply on a spiritual path and was consiously seeking a perfect physical love, knowing that being on my own was the only way, to not compromise. But this union blew me away. I have never known anything like it. It is bitter sweet, but the good news is that it has created a space to understand what you are saying at a very deep level. I am channeling information about twin flames, creation and mechanics of our being. I know with absolute certainty, that this TF experience has bought to the fore, my mission, to really know myself and share in service.

    May the grace of the one heart be with you in your endeavours…xx