An Intimate Live Chat: The Journey of Love with a Soul Mate and Twin Flame Part 1

~~An Intimate Live Chat: The Journey of Love with a Soul Mate and Twin Flame~~

Dearest Beloveds,

I invite you to join me in a powerful live 90 min chat (which will be extended if participation is a high level) with Gabriella Hartwell and Joel Dell. Many of you who are consciously aware of your twin flame find yourselves sharing along this journey with a dear soul mate, who at this point, may have become a close friend of yours, and yet this is an intensified journey of expanding your consciousness to remember that all love shared is love shared with all, that you are a divine being receiving many opportunities to bring the highest vibration of love that you are into its purest expression within all of your relationships and areas of your life.

One piece that is missing from this whole dynamic is hearing from a soul mate that has gone through the journey, aware of the twin flame while still choosing to be love and be loved in the ever flowing moments. If you are in a soul mate relationship, and have questions…if you are not in a relationship, yet having the connection/love with your twin flame beyond form, if you are in a twin flame relationship, I welcome you, I invite you, I encourage you to submit questions that you have had, have, or anything that you feel may benefit others that are along this journey to know.

The style that Joel and I will be conducting this chat, of course is open to the inspiration in each moment, but we will be doing it like an interview ~ I interview him, he interviews me, and we’ll answer your questions as we share our personal journey of love with one another, with my twin flame both beyond and in form, bringing wholeness to this beautiful path filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, as we move deeper in love vibration with each other as ONE.

You are able to submit your question to us or an aspect/area you want us to talk about right now, leading up to and during the live chat on Thursday, January 24th, at 5pm PST, 8pm EST. The same link on “Submit Your Question” is the same link to listen back to the replay. The first 45 mins was successfully recorded but the second half isn’t ~ working on getting that up, but if it is lost to only those who listened live, I apologize. But do enjoy!

Very much looking forward to sharing intimately with you in this way ~ waves of love flowing from my heart to yours,
~Gabriella Hartwell

7 Comments on “An Intimate Live Chat: The Journey of Love with a Soul Mate and Twin Flame Part 1

  1. Gabriella, I’m really looking forward to the live chat tonight..

    Could you please give instructions on how to listen to it live?

  2. Kay,

    The link to submit questions is the same link to listen live ~ just click on submit your question in the above post, but here is the link again Submit your question and listen live Looking forward to sharing with all of you ~ do feel free to submit any questions or specific areas that you desire for us to discuss and share.

  3. Hey Gabriella,
    I have come full circle, and feel my life is in the same place. Its seems, I don’t have a plan for the future. I know living in the “now” is important, but I also feel there should be a different place in my life. It feels like I am going no where. Love your blog, and enjoy your post. Thanks for the time you share. 🙂 <3
    Love and Light

  4. I just listened to the recording and it raised more questions. It seems that Joel has come around to a level of peace and acceptance of your TF situation, which is awesome. Honestly, if I reflect on what I am putting my soulmate through, I feel a certain amount of guilt. I don’t want to be the cause of anyone’s pain, least of all, someone I do care about. So what’s the take-home message? It is ok to hurt people if you are being true to yourself and honest with them? How loving is that? It’s all fine at the soul level? Justify it however you like, I suppose. I just can’t feel happy about reuniting with my TF if it means knowingly allowing others to suffer.

  5. Gabriella, I really enjoyed the live chat…it was very interesting…and looking forward to next week.

    Sidney, there may be another way of looking at a situation such as yours. I am coming from a place of experience, so I’m not just throwing out some ideas. My fiance (long term) and I broke up a few years ago. He was a soul mate. I met my twin flame 20 years ago but had not seen him in 17 years. When my soul mate left me I thought it was the end of the world…until 1 year later when I was reunited with my TF. Now, I can’t imagine being with my soul mate again and thank God every day that it has turned out the way it has. Not that I didn’t love my soul mate, but we were not meant to be together any longer than we were. My soul mate did me a favor of leaving me. But it didn’t feel like it at the time…there was so much pain. But, I would not trade that pain for anything. I’m so glad I went through that pain in order to get where I am now…with my true love. So, if you look at it from another angle, if you have found your true love with your TF, that might mean your soul mate’s true love/TF might be looking for him ?? Just another perspective that may help….it may not either…but wanting to try:)

    But, only you know what’s true for you. Everyone’s path and journey is different.

  6. Dear Sidney,

    I would also like to offer a new perspective on the whole thing, just like Kay did, and there are certainly even more ways of looking at this problem we all are very aware of and that probably no one here takes light-heartedly as we all love our soulmates, too, or have loved them and still care about them.

    When reading your post, dear Sidney, I feel you might be feeling like this difficult situation: “EITHER I am true to myself and this way I will hurt my beloved soulmate OR I will stay away from my twin and this way not hurt my soulmate, but this will make me also kind of unhappy because I would of course love to be with my twin”.

    I believe this difficult situation shows up for many of us, i.e. for all of us who are in a soulmate relationship.

    I can relate so very well to both ways of seeing things, Sidney. It seems that the truth about our twinflame love will hurt our soulmate and it is true that we will sometimes rather choose to be with our soulmate and not be with our twin in order to not hurt our soulmate.

    For me it is very straightforward and clear in my mind and heart as well that I would never want to build my happiness on someone’s suffering. Obviously not. I am not the kind of person who was able to do that at all, nor is my beloved twinflame. This is also one of the reasons why we are not together right now.

    I know I would never leave my husband, but this is just because I love him just the way I did before I met my twin. My twinflame love, although it is as deep and life-changing as twinflame love just is, it is no threat to my love for my husband.

    This twinflame love is so deep, so pure, so divine that it knows no “either or’s”. I do very much feel that the love encompasses all and that neither the love I have for my husband nor the love I have for my twinflame need to fear that one of them wants to replace the other.

    For me there is no “either-or” since there is twinflame love. This is valid in many respects. I can see so much the big picture that can embrace all that is.

    I do know on a very deep level how very stressful these feelings of being torn between two loves can be and I truly hope that all of us will come to see clearer and clearer that no love is made to fight inner fights and to make us abandon someone we still love for another one ~ it’s different of course when you don’t love your spouse/partner any more and when a divorce or splitting-up is the best option, this may of course also be the case as for you, dear Kay, it seems to have been like this ~ but there are as well the other cases when the love is still very much alive and intact and then I don’t believe that twinflame love has come into our lives to be the “killer” of soulmate love, neither has it come just to be “killed” at once by soulmate love.
    Both of these scenarios just CAN’T be true !!!

    Only when one love has come to an end, to a natural end for this love, which would have occured anyway, with or without twinflame and is released, can this soulmate love end, but not if it still is alive and vibrant with all the life it has ever had.

    I truly believe that twinflame love teaches us that there is LOVE WITHOUT OPPOSITES. Just LOVE. Nothing that wants to replace something else. Nothing that wants to fight against another love. Nothing to be afraid of for a soulmate. Just LOVE. Love without opposite.

    I believe that this is what Gabriella says when she says that all love shared is all love enhanced. When you love your soulmate, the twinflame love is also increased by this, and when you love your twinflame, your soulmate love will also benenfit for it.

    There is a bigger picture in which all of this has a place which seems to be opposites right now. Twinflame love teaches us to look beyond the opposites and to strive for union. Union of all that still seems to be opposites.

    Just imagine how many things seemed opposites or impossible years ago.

    Having a cataract meant going blind 100 years ago. Today it just requires a routine operation.

    Homosexual love was such a big issue decades ago and nowadays we have found the common thing behind it: it is just LOVE.

    All of you know there are thousands of examples of this ….. and I believe mankind will also solve the mystery of how to embrace twinflame love into our lives, and we may be the pioneers ;-).

    There is most certainly a way ~ I know that me and my twin have also not found it yet ~ but this does not discourage me in any way because I know deep down inside that this solution DOES exist. A solution all of us are dreaming of: a solution that will make living our twinflame love possible for everyone without having a bad conscience and without hurting our beloved soulmates.

    Twinflame love itself will show us the way. It is LOVE without opposites. Pure divine LOVE.

    Waves of this purest divine love to all of you and your twins,