Riding the Waves of 2012 Part 1

In this video, two beautiful souls share their personal journeys and what they’ve received from 2012. As you share your personal experience, you allow others to know that they are not alone. You each have the opportunity to stand in your light, in your beautiful sweet power by expressing yourself openly, honestly, and bravely.

I welcome you to submit your personal journey to share with everyone as we are truly all one, and part of ONE family.

This is an ongoing video series that I plan to continue throughout this year. For more information and to submit your personal journey of 2012 ~ click here.
Lots of love to all of you!
~Gabriella Hartwell

1 Comment on “Riding the Waves of 2012 Part 1

  1. Christina and Cyndee,

    (Sorry if I missed another story … I was only able to hear Christina’s and Cyndee’s stories)

    Your stories made me cry and I pray for you today…that you keep strong and continue growing!!!