Your Unique Vibration is Your Natural Essence

heartlight mirrorWhat is the unique vibration of your ray of essence? There is an energetic frequency that you, and only you, hold. This is what makes you who you are, as it is how you approach relationships, situations, creations… I have found that I have a soft, gentle resonance. I will be in my silent space while others share with me… and intuitively respond as I’m guided. I won’t try to change anyone but fully accept them as they are, but in this also, I will speak what I need to in any moment for my own well-being (this is something I’ve learned and am still completely mastering). I won’t push my perceptions, emotions, and way of being upon another, however I will express what I am guided to with another. We all have our own paths to walk, sometimes beside each other, sometimes in front or behind each other (but none of these are higher or better than the other) and we encounter each other to add to our experiences along this glorious journey.

I recall years back, a friend of mine was dating someone and his mother said to him, “have her meet Gabriella. If she gets along with her, then she is good.” What I have come to truly understand with what she meant is that I authentically and genuinely care within my connection with people…whereas I allow others to feel comfortable and unconditionally loved being who they are. For who I AM is not affected by who you are. We can only enhance each other as we learn from each other, receive (in the giving of) each other, and love ourselves through each other.

May you allow each relationship, each encounter, each situation to help you to observe your true self, and to honor this essence that you are. I love you.

One comment on “Your Unique Vibration is Your Natural Essence
  1. Emanuela says:

    how nice it is said ,but it hurts also at the same time,as I am still learning trough the process.learn to dicipline one self and tackle one issues to make space for the uncoming of events.I never believed that one has to pass his soul from the fire of love

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