Merging the Twin Flame Dream into Every Day Reality

In order to merge the twin flame dream of the highest, divine, pure love that IS into your every day reality, there must be a profound willingness to release the attachment to the outside dream. Rather, you are encouraged to create your dream from the inside out. This entails a surrendering into what IS, a deep moving within to connect with your intuition, your inner guidance, and to trust enough to follow the visions you find there. Trusting that what you receive is meant for you to create it, to build it, to share it with all in each blessed moment as you are inspired.

To bring the dream which seems so beautiful, so sacred, into the experience of your day to day reality, there is an essential letting go of how you feel the relationship should be, how it should play out, when it should happen, what it looks like, etc, etc. We are so used to seeing what the fairytale dream should be and trying, unsuccessfully to bring that into reality. Yet it’s knowing that true, divine love is always flowing, and the fact that you are love bursting within and without in limitless capacity, brings the fairytale into reality, yet how this is done is by letting things take shape within each moment, as it unfolds, choosing to bring that love in deeper within yourself and flowing it into expression. Your unique fairytale is within you…and it is up to you to discover just what that feels and looks like for you, and allowing it to come out in creation through you. You are the creator with a blank canvas in front of you ~ you are invited to paint your own creation from your heart as it bleeds upon it with each sweet moment that unfolds. Don’t concern yourself with how others will feel about what your truth is, or how they will perceive you. Your happiness within and experienced without is up to YOU!

Sending you waves upon waves of love from my heart to yours,
~ Gabriella Hartwell

4 Comments on “Merging the Twin Flame Dream into Every Day Reality

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    That was a lovely video, so natural… I am trying to paint my canvas… !!! I have been suddenly going through some trials, just when I thought I was finally getting some breathing space. My children have been getting into accidents and hurtinG themselves and this is so upsetting for me. I received messages that everything we dreamt of is unfolding…… But here I am, faced with more upsets… Today I completed another round of earth healing projects and feel satisfied but I feel I have to be working with my TF jointly in the physical from now onwards for anymore service to humanity. I am now surrendered to the flow and hoping things will unfold, though I am not compelled to do anything. In fact it is the opposite, I feel I only want to receive. I picture a beautifully united life with my TF , sharing everything . I picture joy, abundance and harmony and LOVE everywhere …..!!!!! Love to you and all here.

  2. Dear Gabriella, what a beautiful video, I enjoyed it, and the especial background sounds are divine, like everything was planned the way it is. I’m begining to see the nature in an especial way, my studio and room has a big window and I can hear the singing of the birds too, we don’t have rusters around 🙂 Today I feel the urge to start taking care of my orchids, I forget about them for so long, I just was putting water to them. Also, my days look more brighter, and don’t know if everything has to do with a vision-dream I had with my TF: we were huging and suspendend in the air, this dream was so weird.
    Blessings to everybody

  3. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    You ALWAYS bring a smile to my face, for my essence feels your excitement so profoundly and your visions reflect my own so intimately and sweetly. You somehow know exactly where I AM in each moment! I feel so deeply that my next steps on my journey INCLUDE the physical co-creation in all directions for ALL everywhere with my twin flame. And because I feel this, because YOU feel this, it IS so. When we move into this space of knowing from our core that it is so, we allow ourselves to be in the peaceful, expansive, love allowing the love to come IN as it will for it IS. We receive, we truly and completely receive! I have the same picture of the united life with my twin flame as our love extends to everyONE everywHERE…as it already is NOW and shall continue to be increased, shared and flowed inward and outward. As for your children…just as God loves each one of us, yet has given us the free will to choose our own experiences, and holds us when we fall down and get hurt, we are to do the same with our children. Rather than see their accidents as hurting themselves, see if you can shift the perception into seeing that there are NO accidents…and that within experiencing such happenings, your children are given the opportunities to move through the “pain” into the expansion of love that they are. Yet you as a loving, nurturing, true being of love, you are there to hold them when they cry, offer a bandaid for their bleeding, listen to their expressions of pain, etc, etc. Continue to let the love flow IN and OUT in all directions…and allow your service to expand as each step brings you into the manifestation and realization of the visions you have seen from within. You are not trying to paint your canvas, you ARE painting it with each breath you take!! I love you and I love everyone here! Waves and waves of love for us all!!!

  4. Dearest Gabriella,
    Thanks for your kind words regarding my children. It does give me a different perception, making me feel better. You always do that Angel Gabriella, make me feel much better !!! Yes !!! We do seem to connect in some way and it is divine , these coincidences !! I resonate so much with your views. Today your words show so much conviction and this further deepens my inner knowing too. We are all so interconnected and true love will always find a way !!! Waves of love to you all !
    As you say our next step has to be physical manifestation.. Co creating together in always with our TFs. Love you Gabriella !! Happiness to all !!