Loving a Soul Mate and Your Twin Flame

Q. Has anyone else had the experience of dating while waiting for a twin to return? The universe has brought me a very kind and attractive companion, and I’m finding it challenging to be physically affectionate toward this man — even though I’m quite fond of him — as I know that my twin and I will soon be in reunion. I can feel that this is an unnatural resistance but at the same time I just don’t feel that same level of passion I have toward my twin and so it’s uncomfortable for me. Any advice, insights? Thank you to those of you who understand this incredibly beautiful-but-painful twin-flame experience!!!

A. Yes I have had such an experience of loving in the time between reunion in all ways with my twin flame…I encourage you to look at this as not “waiting” for your twin to return, but rather as deepening the love between the both of you and all that is. As you deepen this love by sharing also with another (if you are guided), you deepen it between you and your twin flame and for all that is. When you become aware of who your twin flame is and remember yourself into the experience of the intensity and depth of love that is always, all ways, flowing between you, it cannot be “easy” to open your heart and all of you to another person. Yet many twin flames have chosen this, to include a soul mate, to expand the perceptions, emotions, and experience of love…as it is all inclusive and not exclusive…love wants to love and to grow upon itself, including everyone with it as it goes. I can say that such an experience, of loving with a soul mate, while also having and holding this eternal deep love with your twin flame does have its ups and downs, like a roller coaster ride, of emotions…when all of your being desires to give and receive all of yourself with your one true counterpart, your twin flame…yet sharing with a soul mate offers you many opportunities to enjoy each moment as one merges with the next, joining together in sweet harmony…bringing you deeper and deeper into the limitless, neverending wellspring of love within you and surrounding you without. Note: Don’t get frustrated with yourself when you feel happy and then sad the next…just ride the waves, knowing that what you are doing is breaking down the limitations and illusions of love that you may have followed previously. There can be layers and layers…have trust and faith as you walk your journey, and do know that you have a support system here.

Q. This journey is beautiful, full of ups and downs and all the signs and places like yours keep us going with trust and faith. As you mentioned above, love deepens every day, even when we are with our soul mate. However, my only concern is , if we are hurting our soul mate by being like this?

A. It is a concern that many of us have or have had…and perhaps even if we’ve recognized and acknowledged it, it can come up within our psyche again, for as we move forward along this path of self love and love for all, we deeply care for others as ourselves, as we know we are all connected. However, the other thing to remember is that pain ~ to feel pain is a choice ~ and most often than not, it comes from a place of separation ~ in the instance of a soul mate feeling pain, it would be because he/she is not seeing the love that twin flames feel/have as including them. The pain comes from a misperception that the twin flame love/connection takes away from their love…and as I’ve mentioned before, true love is all inclusive…it is only the patterns of separation that would create the perception that it is not. Also, pain in a relationship can be created from the false belief and uncertainty that love can remain or that love can be lost…but the truth is that love is what we are, therefore we are never separate from love, even when we are not in a physical relationship with another (soul mate or twin flame). Yet, this is one of the very popular beliefs streaming through society…and it is one that needs to be released so that true love can be fully remembered and experienced. The important things I believe when sharing love with a soul mate and increasing the love between your twin flame and yourself (as well as for all of you at the same time) is: honesty, communication, moving through the illusions and limitations of what love is (riding the waves of the uncomfortable emotions) as you focus on love in each moment, to be present in each moment, knowing that all moments are connected to right now . Be the love that you are and allow yourself to receive the same love back upon yourself. Your soul mate can choose to feel pain, yet through all of the above, and following your own inner guidance in each moment, you can bring the love through and move you both past the “pain” into the comfort of unconditional, eternal, true love that embraces all. Love, love and more love, always.

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  1. Here it is again, i just came here to find something about this topic and what do i find, an answer :). I am in the same situation right now and i wanted to share what happend. I met this guy 4 or 5 days ago, my best friend had a celebration party and we end up together, we talked a lot and he seems like a really nice guy and he likes me a lot also, he said he have a strange feeling about me that he never felt before. I don`t know in this moment right now, what am i feeling, yesterday we were texting each other and i decided to tell him that i have some feelings for someone in my past ( i had to put it somehow) and he said to me that he doesn`t like being involve in some unfinished business but i explaind him that this is something different and that i am not in relationship. He said that we can talk about this if i want to, he will listen and after that conversation i started to cry, i can`t remember when i cried so hard last time, i felt my TF so intensively and i could sense what he is thinking, i felt like something blend it inside of me, i felt love and such a big closeness to him. I am not thinking what tomorrow will bring, my TF is also in a relationship right now (again) and we are in status qou, we had to talk but that never happened so… i don`t now, we will see…the only thing that i do know that i have to do something in this life with my TF, i know this since my young age and that we will come together some day. I will just follow my intuition. We are on a soul journey and we are bringing something new that is not familira in this world and only thing that we can do is to trust ourselves,thi spirit in us and to fo step ba step.
    Much love to all from the bottom of my heart!!

  2. Dear Gabriella, could you explain in another way or a simple way what do you mean with: “As you deepen this love by sharing also with another (if you are guided), you deepen it between you and your twin flame and for all that is.” Especially the words: “for all that is” Sorry, maybe it is the language barrier, English is my second language.

    Dear Gabriella, I have another question, somebody here in your site wrote something that is happening to him; he is finding somebody else who looks like his TF. Also, I’m finding men around me that look like my TF. This is getting me so confuse. Does somebody else has this experiences?

    Dear Sunshine, I feel for you, I have been crying a lot these days, nothing I can do about it, my tears just flow from my eyes, then it comes a moment when I feel my TF so close.

    Blessings to everybody

  3. Beloved Joana!

    I have shared this before, but feel guided to do so again connecting to your question about deepening the love between beloved twin and all that is including soulmates, friends and everyone else.

    I was in a severe divorcesituation, trying to give my husband several chanses to reconnect with me and our children. He said he wanted these chanses but showed in every way his claimed wish wasn´t sincere! So I went for this last straw before giving up on him, as he stated I meant nothing to him and he would never miss me at all if I left. I did something my heart longed to do for many years but my courage always failed me, I went across the world, leaving my kids for a whole mounth.

    There I met beloved twin and the love in my heart for him, myselfe, everything and everyone exploded. Litterely my defences broke, compleatly vanished and my heart popped like a popcorn.

    When I got home with this infinite unconditional love, everything changed. I loved myselfe enough to not let my husband walk all over me anymore! I loved my husband enough to let him go if he wasn´t happy with me! I loved my children enough to control them less giving them space to grow and make more and bigger misstakes! I loved my twinflame enough to give him the time he asked for!

    Now it´s almost a year ago and this love for “all that is” expands ALL the time for me! Even if my husband still challenges me at times I´m very grateful for him doing so. This helpes me to heal my old wounds as he knows and uses all my oversensitive buttons. It increases the love and compassion I feel for myselfe, I get to know my inner being to the core, letting go of things I don´t need. AND it´s the greatest rehursal for being in beloved twins presence as I stand infront of him compleatly naked, vulnerable in my WHOLENESS. So I practise to be like this with everyone I encounter, in every meeting with others, in every moment.

    So to reconnect to the question again: How do I increase, deepen the love for ALL THAT IS? My way is to RECIEVE everything with this naked vulnability and LOVE without the wish to change things I experience as unconfortable or even painful! In the very moment I surrender to what is the pain shifts to something else. It might be sorrow, the wish that things would be the same always, a wish to change things that are not mine to change. Almost always the pain is about me holding on to something that gives me false security, comfort with stagnation, my minds wish to control things that are not controlable.

    Puh, I´m almost in beloved Delphinas league with this for me very long post. Sending her all my love for showing me the way!

    Waves of love to everyone! Shakti

  4. Dearest Shakti,

    you are making me smile 😀

    Thank you so much for your beautiful and courageous answer ! WOW !

    You are saying:

    “When I got home with this infinite unconditional love, everything changed. I loved myselfe enough to not let my husband walk all over me anymore! I loved my husband enough to let him go if he wasn´t happy with me! I loved my children enough to control them less giving them space to grow and make more and bigger misstakes! I loved my twinflame enough to give him the time he asked for!”

    I can only say: YES YES YES !

    This is exactly what twinflame love does for me, too. This purest divine love touches my heart and my very being so deeply that nothing stayed the same after connecting to my twin. On the outside a lot of things stayed the same, but on the inside EVERYTHING had changed … and this brings about all those beautiful miracles that would otherwise have not been possible. I have experienced and am experiencing the same !

    And I LOVE your thought: “AND it´s the greatest rehursal for being in beloved twins presence as I stand infront of him compleatly naked, vulnerable in my WHOLENESS.”

    Wow, this is so true, I believe. It is a rehearsal, yes, this is a wonderful way of putting it. I also believe we have to learn so many things and we are learning them, each day, in each action we are doing or not doing, ever since we have been touched by twinflame love. And all of them are steps we have to take in order to be able to be in our beloved’s presence and to be capable of receiving this love that goes beyond any limitation. It might well be that we would otherwise not be able to live this love at all.

    I also believe that the good news is that once we have been touched by twinflame love, the inner twinflame wisdom has been activated and each and every action we take brings us nearer to our twinflame, whatever it may look like on the outside.

    Sometimes it may look like a diversion, but maybe it’s the fastest way to get where you want to go. Just imagine you knew that the normal way to go to a specific destination would be blocked by roadworks somewhere in the middle of the journey and you were the driver of the car and took another route … the person driving with you might be very startled and saying you are taking the wrong path and you have to go this way, and not that … and you are in fact moving away from the destination. It is right, and not left at this turn. Well, if you are the driver who knows where the roadworks are, you will stay calm and just take the route you know it’s best, knowing this is the fastest route. No matter how much your passenger would doubt your decision and maybe not believe you.
    In our lives we are the one on the passenger seat, and God is in the driver seat of our lives.

    Sending you, beloved Shakti, and all of you, and especially also you, dear Joana, and you, dear Sunshine, beams of love and light from my heart,

  5. I don’t know what’s more frustrating, the fact that folks are meeting soulmate partners AFTER their TS enters their lives and struggling with the changes along with intimacy, closeness, etc. or meeting their TS WHILE we are already married to a soulmate partner. Tell me, what does one say to those of us who were in happy, healthy soulmate relationships/marriages (in my case, 15.5 years) with ZERO desire of ever divorcing until SURPRISE your TS enters your life and life as you knew it has completely changed. I had NEVER even heard the term TS until my life was turned upside down and I ventured out seeking answers to things that were happening to me. I will, however, like to say THANK YOU to whomever it matters that this TS acknowlegment all came to the forefront for me AFTER I was divorced b/c I was just so CLUELESS as to why all these life changes were happening to me and I feel this allowed all the changes to happen very naturally for me. I have so much compassion for those folks who are learning about this connection while they are still married or dealing with their TS’s whom are married and also for those who are trying to connect with someone new after meeting their TS. Hang in there!

    Now, granted my relationship with the man I was married to is still very close, the romatic element is gone and also there is no closeness b/c that part of me belongs to my TS. I have struggled in the past with trying to reconnect with the man I was married to b/c I love and adore this man so much, but boy it was like a force field just shoved me back whenever I tried to push forward. The tears that would roll out of my eyes due to the unnaturalness of it all not to mention the confusion was just unbearable. The difficult part for me, even today, is that the man I was married to is very much in love with me and would love to have us together again. I however just can’t go back. If I forced it, I know in my heart and soul that it would just be a physically empty and detatched relationship and he deserves to have true love in his life. We are friends, that’s what it is and I’ve since accepted that very fact. I am truly in love with the man who is my TS.

    There is no doubt that my TS holds ALL of me, heart, soul, you name it and as humans we do want that closeness, intimacy, hand holding and opportunity to be able to express love in depth, but my TS is not in my life physically at the moment (although we did talk recently after 5 months of no contact), but good lord I’m going on almost 2 years of no love making and I have the man, my TS, whom I would love to share EVERYTHING with and another man whom I had all that with and just can’t bring myself close to, not in a romantic way anyway. It’s hard to hug him let alone make love to him ever again. Talk about a double-standard.

    I will say though that he and I continue to share love, with boundaries of course, and so many people in our lives appreciate our dynamic as a divorced couple b/c it’s not often you see divorced couples respecting eachother. Ironically, I feel I was the one who hurt him, yet I’m the one helping him to heal and really we are helping eachother so it’s quite interesting.

    On that note, I’m certain my TS will be back in my life, intuitively I just know this as I have learned to trust my inner voice plus he’s always said “I will be back” but in the meantime, there have been no opportunitites for relations with any man as I continue to feel like I’m just suppose to remain ready for my TS. Like the person asking the question in this post, I also don’t want to hurt anyone in a new relationship b/c if I am put in a place to choose my TS or the man I would currently be in a relationship with, guess what, I know my choice and how is that fair to anyone who becomes a part of my life. Ahhh, it’s not. This isn’t to say, however, that I wouldn’t accept any opportunity that I saw fit for me, I just won’t initiate.

    On so many levels, this truly is a pretty crazy connection to have enter our lives, but it’s also the greatest love story and as we open up to it all, you truly do realize how amazing it all is despite all the confusion it triggers.

  6. I feel so much for all who are going through this. Reading your stories brought tears to my eyes. Normally I just read through the forums without posting but right now I´m guided to share my story here. Six years ago, (to my Mom´s disagreement) I´ve moved to the other side of the planet to be with a soulmate whom I thought to be my TS. He´s practically my first boyfriend at age 25 as I´m incredibly picky about boys and my parents were strict about me dating. Anyway we got along really well, I´m the first woman with whom he´s been longest in a relationship. After 5 years of a fairly smooth marriage and a two year old daughter later, I accepted the fact that my husband is just a soulmate that I have a great connection with because I feel something deeply soulful missing from our relationship. I´m also aware that our connection is to fulfill something unrealized from our past lives. Shortly after I reaffirmed my commitment to our marriage, I was invited by my sister-in-law who is a nun to go on a short trip with her. She came by from another state with an Italian priest and two novices, and a few other passengers. But for the trip, there will only be the priest, novices, sister-in-law, me and my daughter. Well, there was none of the “time standing still” or dramatics that happened with the first meeting. But his telepathy to my thoughts surprised me, like, in the first hour I wanted to take a look at the map he was looking at and within minutes he handed it to the back where I was sitting. And there were also other instances like this. I´m pretty telepathic myself so I guess he´s one of those who could do the same too. We also have very similar tastes in music, but seem to be opposites in almost everything else. Even then, we always find ways to be close to each other, like standing close together. I love his presence yet feel nervous and calm at the same time, it´s so confusing. To me, he´s like the epitome of masculine energy, he´s like a king and he made me feel like a queen just by his presence and the way he treat me. By the way he´s 22 years older than me yet I can talk to him as if he´s my peer. He hasn´t always been a priest, he was ordained when he´s young then went out of that on a sabbatical serving in the police force as a trainer. Then he went back to being a priest in his forties. I´m a Buddhist and he respects that. In fact he defended me when my sister-in-law was hinting that I should convert to a Catholic and he said that since I´ve a sensitive soul I can equally reach God in my religion. I was totally awed because he talked about my soul during our first lunch. There were moments that when we were in a conversation during dinner with many others, the rest of the people seemed to disappear and there were only the two of us. Anyway, we haven´t talked about anything personal with each other, for me it´s setting boundaries due to our commitments, I guess it´s the same for him. On the day that my daughter and I were supposed to go back on our own instead of continuing with the trip with the rest of them, he seemed very sad and trying to cover that up with his words. We were only “together” for 5 days. On that last day, because the seats of the CRV are quite cramped on our way to lunch, I sat on the edge of the seat and rested my head on the front passenger headrest trying to catch a wink. He was on that front passenger seat. Moments later in my mind´s eye I saw a pink cord which is linking both of our hearts, or more precisely at the center of our chests. When I opened my eyes and raised my head I see that he was also napping and his head was tilted to the side where I am. It was one of the sweetest moments in my life. I didn´t get his email nor him mine because we can´t find a reason to contact again, but he did invite me and family to visit him whenever I go to the city where he is, which is 18 hours away from where I am. Then the strangest thing happened at the exact hour when I´m supposed to board the bus back home, there was a strong wind that blew up the sand in the plains in front of us, I was with my daughter and a nun who is sending me off. Then there was heavy downpour. At that instance it felt like the force of our sadness of departing from each other has caused that weather anomaly. When I got back home, my vision has changed, things seemed different about the town, I can´t put my finger to it. Hubby got away for a few weeks, as if for me to assimilate the new energy or rather the soul shock. In the following months, I lost 4 kgs. I also cried a lot, even in the office, luckily I have my own space. Ever since the meeting with the one I consider my TS, I´ve never stopped thinking of him every day, or holding conversations in my mind with him. In the little time we´ve met again in this life, I´ve seen the worst of him and he has all the qualities and habits that I love and loathe yet I feel a love for him so deeply and completely unlike with anyone I´ve met before. The good news is, three months later I had to travel to his city for some paperwork. When he received my call after three months of no contact, he sounded overjoyed beyond measure whereas my heart was beating out of rhythm just trying to make the call. When we met we just talked about music and books, I somehow feel restrained as I feel that I cannot totally be myself with him due to his priesthood. Nevertheless, those hours that I could spend with him once every few months are really precious. Meeting him has made me be a kinder person and less possessive. My husband gets along well with my TS, in fact, they knew each other 2 years before I met TS. As to my relationship with my husband, we had a heart-to-heart talk about my inability to be sexual with him and that he´s free to find another “wife”, and two days later after that conversation, he met a girl through his brother of whom I think could be ideal. He showed me a photo of three girls and I pointed out who she is correctly. What synchronicity. Well, I can sincerely say that meeting my TS has woken me up and put me on an accelerated course on opening my heart because all these while I´ve been more intellectually-centered. It doesn´t really matter to me that we ever get together like a couple although sometimes I miss him so much and wanting to hold his hand while walking a park or give him a really big hug from the heart.

  7. Dear Joana,
    just let your tears flow, there are some pretty “strange” energies right now, a lot of things coming out again. Today i had flew symptoms, i didn`t have them for a very long time, so definitely something is going on.
    i just wanted to say that TF experience is about OUR soul journey, we have met our TFs to get that gift of remembrance that we always had, that TF energy inside of us, it is how we are created. Our TFs energies were the triggers to reminde us on that. Being in balance means balanced TF energy and often when we do that we attract people with the same vibration, that doesn`t have to be our TF but that doesn`t mean that we can`t share the love we have inside of us and that we got from our TF, with that someone, just contrary. When we embody our TF essence we are free to love and to explore our lives, we don`t need validations anymore from others or have feer that if we do something what come to us in certain moment that we will move away from are TF. We can only move away from the person that are TFs are, their physical form, we can`t move away from their essences, we have it inside, they reminded us of that, we are that essence and are TFs are that essence, we both carry it around. I feel when i truly live my life step by step and accept anything that comes to me i feel more closer to my TF then ever, when i feel life i feel him, when i feel me i feel him, i am him and he is me and we both make this beautiful force of life. You just can`t be separate from them.
    Love you all so much! Nice to hear you Delphina :)!

  8. So I have been still hearing spirits. that seem ordinary like humans. but also a negative entity that offered to take me and let me be in spirit and die. I refused because I am in love with all my friends. but I am always having conflicts and issues and now I am talking to a old love named Lee and he was my first kiss and he loves me in a weird way and only me despite being straight.he kisses me and says he’d marry me if he was gay. and we’ve been sexually close but I’m gay and he’s straight so it’s not real. he just used to be so close to me and it feels like maybe he’s in love with my soul and just is asleep spiritually. help please.

  9. Beloved Celeste!

    THANKYOU so much for your wonderful, beautiful sharing! It touched my heart very deep!

    Lovebeams in bunches from my heart to yours!

  10. Thank you dearest Shakti! Your message means so much to me. The effects that both our TS have on us are so similar, just by meeting him has also eliminated some phobias that I had and now able to stand up for myself more.

    I would like to share something interesting that just happened. Yesterday evening I was looking out of the window and connecting with the energy of my TS. I feel deeply that I´m hugging him and closed my eyes, happily telling him aloud that I adore him very much. And this morning, the last dream that I had blew me away. We were in a crisis situation trying to save people from something. I don´t know how I look like but he looks different and I know it´s TS himself. There were also people being executed and before we could save them, I heard a very loud sound and a huge black statue the size of a 20 storey building came crashing down among the buildings as a huge wave of water come over. It´s something like a tsunami effect in those catastrophic movies. I held TS and looked him in the eyes and quickly told him with tears and a trembling voice that I love him and I adore him very much. Then we hugged as tightly as we can and I felt a force then everything went black. God, I spent my breakfast in tears after that, the word Atlantis came to mind. I´m still in tears even though I´m at the office now thinking of it again.

    Much love to you and all who are posting here 🙂

  11. Sunshine, I let my tears flow, but what can I do if my soulmante is at home when I come from the school crying? I stay in my car until I calm down, it is what I’m doing. He will never understand what is the meaning of a TF…
    Love and Blessings to you and everybody

  12. I just wanted to draw attention to my previous post. o hate living so confused so I really need assistance with this.

  13. Dearest Joana, you can let the tears flow as they are very healing when it comes from deep of your heart. I´ve found out that it´s the heart chakra expanding and releasing all the pains guarded there since the beginning of our incarnations. It can be pretty inconvenient of course when your soulmate suddenly comes in on you seeing you crying and you are at a loss for words. I was in that situation too, but I told him why as it is even though I don´t know if he understands the full significance of it. Otherwise I always cry in private when I can help it.

    Dearest Delphina, a loving hug back and thank you for your appreciation! I´m so happy to have found this community. It´s like family and it truly opens my heart more to share in this way and learning that we can support each other in this way. Love to you who are reading or writing!

  14. Dearest Celeste, I used to have repetitive dreams like yours, I saw my soulmante with me, and a son, running to a safest place, but nothing was safe there, huge building were falling like pieces of dominos, I saw the grown cracking too it seemed like a earthquake, I was terrified. I told to my husband (soulmate) about my dream and he rented the movie Atlantis. Also, I have many dreams like these, I’m in the middle of water like an acean and not land around, these dreams stopped, until I start reading about past lives, and I accepted the fact that maybe I had a past live in that place, I guess. Today, I have a past life memory, probably I took my life by cutting my hand veins, and it was for the pain of loosing him (my TF). From this past life, now I understand why I feel that take ones life is a terrible mistake…There is alway a hope that things will change.
    Blessings to everybody

  15. Wow Joana, this is really powerful dream. I also had dreams about disasters but they were connected to present time. I will share one with you. Few months before ( maybe 4 or 5) that big storm in New York that happened recently i had a dream…i was in skyscraper with my good friend (back then we weren`t so close like we are now) and we were looking for my soulmate friend, she was lost somewhere and when we got to the top of the building there wasn`t a roof and their was tornados all around us and it was all cloudy, i was scared pretty much…when i saw the pictures on the tv about the storm something hit me, that was my dream, i was in New York, i saw all that skyscrapers (in my country only the capitol city has three or four of them) but in my dream, it was much worse…i had i few more dreams like this one. Sometimes i think, like i got insight in some kind of parallel reality, because the situation is always much worse in my dreams. That`s a good thing i think 🙂

  16. I feel and have experienced personally that a soul mate came into my life after my initial twin union, and he was meant to teach me aspects of earth life that I wouldn’t have been able to learn with my twin. He was meant to teach me about myself, help me mature. So all relationships are equally important in learning about the self. I don’t we are ready for the twin until we are whole and self aware, and have learned through soul mate relationships as well.