Divine Relationships Based on Rising in Love and Union

New Earth relationships will be so different to the relationships you now have. They will be gentler and more playful and yet wise. There will be less intensity and drama, and more caring, nurturing and companionship.

You will come to realize that the purpose of relationship, all relationship, is to “relate” – to share and to support and to nurture from your own sense of abundance and completeness.

You will look for relationships that are spiritual and heart-based, rather than physical and emotional. In the Old Earth relationship paradigm, relationships were based on physical attraction and emotional bonding.

In the New earth, your relationships are based in the heart, in feelings, compassion, connection and mutual respect and support.

We foresee many relationships growing between people of different age groups and different cultures, relationships that will be deep and meaningful, and yet would not have seemed possible before because of the narrow limitations of what you considered a relationship to be in your Old Earth energy framework.

These relationships will be light and joyous, and yet capable of real depth and intimacy because the people concerned will be more interested in the connections of the soul rather than the connections of the external and the physical realms.

There will be sharing and caring, and yet both partners will be independent and self-reliant within themselves. There can be no co-dependency in the New Earth. Balance is so important.

These relationships will be balanced and loving, between two equally powerful and caring persons. There will be no dominance, no victims, no dramas and no abuse.

There will be commitment – commitment to the relationship and the mutual growth of each of the partners within the relationship. And this will be true for all relationships, not just love or romantic relationships.

Friendships will become deeper and more meaningful experiences, as you understand that you have soul families, and that your friends often are close soul relations who are here to love and support you in your work on the planet. And when your relationships exist in this loving and balanced state, then your sexuality will also be loving and balanced.

And, once again humans will learn to celebrate and enjoy their creative and sexual energies in ways that are life-enhancing and ecstatic. And we are here to work with you and love you and support you as you move into this loving and love-filled space.

~Love your Angels, Spirit Guides and Natural Essence

3 Comments on “Divine Relationships Based on Rising in Love and Union

  1. Dear Gabriella,

    I send you love and gratitude for all you do and for posting this wonderful article. This article describes very well a relationship I have with a soul mate in Spirit. His physical body died last year, but about a month before his death, I started having these strong feelings that he was a member of my soul family. I prayed and chanted for him while he was sick in hospital. I sent him light from my heart with the intention of assisting him spiritually. He could either use the light to get better or use it to help him transition to the spirit realm, which is what he did.

    Shortly after his physical death, his face appeared to me in a dream. His face felt very close to me. After his face appeared, it felt like he sent me a burst of energy. It woke me up and it felt like it knocked me out of my bed. I say that because I remember kind of halfway hanging off my bed. I remember the light in my room suddenly being on, but I don’t remember turning it on, even though I must have. I felt completely discombobulated, but in a good way. I just laid there and asked, “Did you send me a burst of energy? What was that?” It was beautiful and transformative and a bit shocking.

    At first, I thought he was sending back to me the light I sent him while he was in the physical realm, but in a much more powerful energy form. That was remarkable in and of itself, because it’s like he got my message, so to speak. I have been trying to understand this dream ever since. Was it a soul mate initiation, kundalini awakening, a shaktipat transmission? Perhaps he was letting me know he was ok and was now pure energy. For me, there have been many possible interpretations.

    Anyway, I love him very much and consider him a dear, precious soul mate and member of my soul family. I have been spiritually open to him since his passing and speak with him every day. The amazing thing is his death has been the catalyst for my spiritual awakening. I feel like I have been in an accelerated crash course on all things pertaining to the soul since his death. I have had more synchronicities since his death than I’ve had my entire life. I feel a deep heart soul connection and bond with him that brings me much joy.

    The reason why I associate my relationship with this article is because most people would have looked at us and never detected a bond, if you just look at us in earthly terms. He’s white and British. I’m black and American. He was wealthy, I’m not. He’s 15 years my senior and a grandfather and I have no kids. He was thin; I’m full-figured and a little taller than him. So, I just wanted to make my contribution by saying spiritual bonds can obliterate all the barriers that would normally keep us separate. This is the kind of relationship I’m interested in, one of the soul. I believe you can also have very fulfilling relationships with loved ones in Spirit.

    Thanks for listening. Love you; love your work and your website. I have learned so much.

  2. Dear Shreem,

    Thank you for your gratitude as I AM so happy to see you feeling comfortable and guided to share all that you did! I feel inspired to share with you an experience I had in December of 2011. My sister’s father, my previous stepfather, whom I shared an instance of sexual abuse with many years back, was ill and in the hospital…and at this time, before he went into the hospital, I was intuitively sensing to do a thorough cleansing of my physical body, emotional and mental bodies, felt that there was some healing that I needed to offer myself and him for any leftover layers to be released. I literally spoke to him and told him that I forgive him, that I understand the beautiful way (though many may not see it as such) that he offered me to move within myself throughout the years to find that self love within and allow it to grow, to discover that the deepest love I desired to embrace was truly within me…and to move that love within into my intimate relationships, with all types of lovers ~ romantic, friendship, family… ~ it was a gift and since my soul was so profoundly connected to the perception and knowing that our souls plan our experiences before incarnation, I knew that our meeting and what happened was planned…this helped to bring about the healing, the transformation of my emotions around the situation and shift my interacting with him into positive vibrations.

    So back to December 2011…on Xmas eve, he passed away. As soon as I heard the news, I immediately went to lay down in my room because I had a strong knowing that he was going to visit me, and I decided to be open, truly open to receive. Within minutes of laying my head upon my pillow, I felt him come to me and ask, “Do you forgive me?” and I immediately expressed out loud, “there is nothing to forgive. I know that what happened we have planned and I am thankful for the experience and for your assistance with bringing me deeper into the love that I AM.” Almost immediately after these words were spoken and the energy sent, I felt an overwhelming embrace of the most profound peace and love that to this day, no words can encompass how deep, how beautiful (as you say) this exchange was…right after the receiving of this complete peace and love, I felt as though I was being given a glimpse into the eyes of how Spirit envisions this human experience merged with the spiritual side ~ that truly underlying EVERY relationship, EVERY experience, EVERY connection, etc, etc, is LOVE. I felt this on the deepest levels of my essence, that I had an irresistible and intense urge to cry, which I did, this releasing/crying happened from way deep within the recesses of my soul, for it was the release of any human aspects of not seeing that only LOVE is important, and that it IS always everywhere. Wow, there is no way that I can accurately describe or explain or get anyone to understand how much love is felt and known from the Spirit…and this is the case isn’t it with this twin flame journey, with the journey of life, that as much as we try to get another to understand what we feel, what we deeply feel, it is through the experience where someone can truly KNOW it, not listen to it, but really KNOW it…after I opened up to ask him if he had any messages to give me in dream, that I would remain open…and he did come in a dream…little did I know that in addition to giving me messages for his daughter (my sister), he was also giving ME a message for my father was to pass in October 2012 (though I didn’t remember this plan then). I have had SO many dreams with my Beloved twin flame, with others that have passed (my father) and almost passed (my uncle), that I have strengthened my already strong knowing that we communicate, connect, love and share beyond form while in form and after form. I have had such a beautiful relationship with my father since he passed…that has increased the love that I AM inside…to extend it to him, to myself, to my Beloved, and to all.

    How beautiful your experience with this dear and precious soul mate. Trust what you feel in what happened…and what your heart/soul knows to be with your connection. Even with the things that I express, I do hope that each and every one takes what I say and places it up to their own soul to see if it is in resonance, and if something doesn’t feel right in any moment, to let it go. Always flow and follow what feels true for you. I absolutely am vibrating in love by reading your line, “So, I just wanted to make my contribution by saying spiritual bonds can obliterate all the barriers that would normally keep us separate.”YES!!!! Completely, this is the way our souls have chosen it, to experience the creations of separation to remember the union that always is, and to consciously choose to let all of the aspects of separation go so we can truly live and be in the union between us all as ONE. The fact that you have declared that this is the relationship that you choose, it must come to you…as you stay connected always to this inner wellspring of divine love within you and bring it ever so sweetly forth…and of course, I agree, that we can and DO have such fulfilling relationships with loved ones in Spirit. I love you dear Shreem! Sending you waves upon waves of that unconditional, pure, divine, sacred love that is always weaving us ever so closer in oneness.

    AND if you desire to read about my personal journey and many dreams that I’ve had, feel free to take a stroll over to my personal blog: The Presence in the Essence of Gabriella

  3. Dear Gabriella,

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story. It touches my heart to hear about your healing process and opening to love. If it is your path, I think you would be able to assist other people who have gone through sexual abuse in ways others cannot, which is truly a gift. It is important for people to know that healing and wholeness is possible even after something as soul-shattering as sexual abuse.

    The other great message from your spiritual journey is that death is in no way a barrier to ongoing communication and healing with those we have unfinished business with. Different levels of healing can still occur even after someone has died physically as long as we are open to it. That is the key: walking the path of spiritual openness, so the ones who want to love us and help us heal can do so. If the door is closed, I guess they can’t do too much! But, all in good time I suppose. No one should be rushed in this process either. Healing from sexual abuse is known to be one of the most challenging processes one could ever go through.

    I honor you for your response to my post. Before I close, I wanted to tell you about a synchronicity that has to do with your writing. Several months ago before I came across your website, I created a symbol of my relationship with my soulmate in spirit. It is concentric hearts, one heart enclosing the other which encloses the other. I keep a journal in which I communicate to him and wrote about this symbol in these terms:

    …Undying love reverberating throughout eternity…concentric hearts representing the ripple-effect of love…like waves of eternal love reaching those of us in the physical realm and waves of love going to our loved ones in spirit…waves and ripples of heart-love reaching each other through eternity.

    So, when I came across your writings and saw how often you spoke of waves of love, I felt very much in alignment with you. It also confirmed I had the perfect symbol of loving communication with my stunning soulmate. My heart knows and I trust that.