BE Love and Receive Love Every Day

The holidays we celebrate ~ Valentine’s Day as one of them ~ are meant to remind us to bring what it is we are celebrating through each day of the year. They have become distractions to take us away from the deeper messages within. There has been a widespread commericialism and consumerism energy around Valentine’s Day, causing many of us to feel the loneliness which can be created if we aren’t celebrating this day with a significant other. However, you ARE love, therefore you are not experiencing the lack of love, for you cannot have the lack of what you so inherently and naturally already are. You are meant to be the love that you are within every relationship, every moment, every situation, every experience, and all the love in resonance, in equal vibration to come back in waves upon and within you. This is YOU, being the LOVE that you are and allowing yourself to BELOVED in return. Bring this love into every day, every moment, every year…remember that the deeper message of Valentine’s Day is to BE the love that you are…and allow the love that you are to be RECEIVED. Treat this day as any other…which is another glorious opportunity to be the love vibration that is YOU and to receive the limitless, infinite abundance of this LOVE to come to you.

I love you all, today and EVERY day!
~Gabriella Hartwell

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,

    That was so BEAUTIFUL !!!! It made me feel so loved and peaceful. I went thro some deep emotional outbursts the past two days. Tears have been flowing and I feel emptied out. Today your beautiful message brings peace and love. Thank you and waves of love to you. You look good in the video!!! I spoke to my soulmate yesterday about our physical relationship, which is platonic. He was holding against me and I begged him to see it from a different perspective and seek companionship. I poured my heart out about, how there can be a relationship without physical intimacy between us and I even asked him if he wants to be separated from me , so that he can have a satisfactory relationship with someone else. He was quite upset and feels he is denied his physical needs but still annot leave the relationship because of children and society and responsibilities ,etc

  2. Dearest Gabriella,
    Somehow I feel that his soul will know that he has a contract with me and my TF to helpnusbin this reunion. I keep feeling that he has to bring us together and his soul knows to too . It is par TF our soul contract. I do not know how or when but my, TF, and I and our respective soulmates have workedthisbout and I feel our soulmates are supposed to bring us together . I do not know if all thesis wishful thinking, but I feel some connection to this thought process. A few days back,I had a sudden awakening that it was I who had chosen the soulmate of my TF for him for this lifetime. After this , I feel lighter and am able to talk with her more freely and happily. Such striking changes are taking place now. She is also more open with me now.
    A lot is unfolding yet so subtly… As usual I am going with the flow and am totally surrendered to the whole journey . As you mentioned in facebook, a Masters in surrendering and a Ph.D in receiving …lol !!!!

  3. Hi Sleeping Beauty,

    Sending you good thoughts…this is such an emotional journey, isn’t it? I never thought that at middle age…I would be so surprised by life or anything like I am now.

    I feel the same as you, that my soulmate of a decade was guiding me towards my TF (back to him) and preparing me for him. I mentioned this in another post…but I’m repeating it because it freaks me out to think about how clear our soul contracts can be. I never brought up my Tf to my soulmate….but somehow my TF was always brought up in weird ways. Whenever my soulmate would get mad at me he would say, (not so nicely:)”why don’t you just move to “….”? (insert name of my TF’s country) then would add, “that’s where you want to be.” He said it so many times and it was word for word each time. This freaks me out because I didn’t even know that’s where I wanted to be consiously. If that makes sense. I was really trying to move on and have a life with my soulmate. It was like, my soulmate had to remind me. It’s so beautiful now because my soulmate and I are very good friends and love each other like family…so I can see the beauty. When we broke up it didn’t feel that way. But, over the course of two years we both have worked very hard to have this kind of relaitonship. Now I tell him that when he is ready for his real love to let me know so I can start praying for him. lol. Never thought I would be saying that:)

    I think it’s beautiful that you can see this contract so clearly while you are still with your soulmate. Hopefully this will help raise you both up while going through this.

    Good thoughts to everyone today!!:)))

  4. Dear Sleeping Beuty, I think we are in the same situation with respect to our soulmates, mine also does not want to let me go yet. I think is for our son, can you believe it, my son is open to our separation, he even told me that I should go to another state with a gentle climate for me. I’m really sufffering the extreme changes of weather in this area, AND my soulmate will go to leave in another state even with worst weather than here. So…I’m like you going with the flow.

    Dear Gabriella, could you write something about telephaty between TWs, and how can be different from a just imagination talking with oneself and real telephatic communication with our TF.? I already read something about it, but I would like more information on this topic.

    Love to everybody.

  5. Hi Joana,

    Just wanted to send good thoughts to you:) Still getting the know the board and all the situations. But have seen your posts the last few days…and can feel your struggle. This journey (for me) has been one of the most painful (and beautiful) I’ve ever experienced. So, I can relate to how you are feeling and I hope you are feeling better.

  6. Thanks, Kay I think like you this journey is painful and at the same time beautiful. I could not change for anything the spiritual connection I have with my TF.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  7. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Thank you for your compliments of my beauty in the video!!!! I am so happy that it made you feel loved and peaceful through the waves of emotion that you’ve been riding. Within emptying out, you are able to be filled up, which is the beauty of allowing the feelings to come up and move out…your experience echoes the experiences I’ve had with my soul mate (many layers of what you’ve expressed) ~ how it is not easy by any means to be physically expressive in your love with a soul mate as your love for your twin flame increases…I have had SO many times where I have expressed to my soul mate that I couldn’t be physically intimate with him because I was moving deeper within myself and the love with my twin flame. This was hard for him and for me…and every time I’ve expressed this (which has been more than once!), he’s had to move through what I was sharing, moving into the vibration of divine love where he could respect my words and feelings, knowing that it was not because I didn’t love him, but because I did, while also myself and my twin flame, that brought me to speaking my truth…and here’s the important thing I’ve learned throughout the journey ~ what you feel in this moment does not mean it is what you will feel tomorrow…for I have felt in moments that I couldn’t be openly intimate with my soul mate…yet then when I expanded my heart to deeply understand that my love with my twin flame is not separate from the love with my soul mate and vice versa, in the next moment where I was feeling the love from within me, for my twin flame and my soul mate, I allowed the intimacy to be…this has been my experience…which does not mean that it will be the same for you or for anyone…for this journey encourages you to feel within yourself IN each moment…following your guidance as it continues to flow through every changing moment. Follow your heart, always follow your heart.

    It is beautiful to hear your openness with the soul mate of your twin flame…and deeply understanding that all love is truly love shared with all of you…and it’s great to see that you aren’t choosing to create separation between you but rather the union of it all, the wholeness of it. You are seeing the result of this, with experiencing the deeper closeness as things continue to unfold…here is where your intuitive feelings echo my own again. I have always felt that my twin flame has chosen my soul mate to move through the unfolding days in the past years leading up to our reunion…and in addition, I feel that one day I will be introducing my soul mate to his soul mate or twin flame…yet it sounds like the difference that you are feeling is that this is all occurring while you are still with your soul mate…but my intuition has given me that I will be exclusively sharing intimately with my twin flame…as my soul mate is our friend…and within our circle, there will be someone that will come along to share in love with my soul mate. Always follow what you feel…but continue to keep open to each unfolding moment, for what I thought was to happen and how it was to happen a year ago, is different from what has transpired, but I see the amazing beauty of all of the pieces aligning and moving into place, just beautiful ~ how everything truly is always in perfection. And YES!!! Glad you liked what I posted on facebook… lol … I love it… was talking to a friend about surrendering and she mentioned that I have a Masters in Surrendering…and I thought, yup!!! Now onto the receiving baby!!! More so than has been…I AM receiving the love that I AM…sending this love to you dearest and to everyone here!!!

  8. Dearest Gabriella,
    It is a pleasure connecting with you. I get so much guidance. Right now I am guided to just be and I do not text my TF. I deeply feel that he will take care and will move us forward together in all ways. My communication is only thro telepathy and strong feelings of love.
    I only hope that my soulmate will understand and not Blame me for denying him his needs. It is all a process and I am sure it will work out for the highest good of all. Love to you !!!????

  9. So I’m on the verge of leaving for my boarding school. recently a few weeks ago I met a guy who goes to my current school. his name is Marc. it started from him advertising and then seeing my sad facebook posts. and he offered to take me to a youth group. he then took me every Wednesday to youth group. and he always makes me smile and laugh in his car. he payed for me to get foods and always forces me to come out of my shell. He honestly is all I need in my life. and he brought me back to a relationship with God. and now I just want to love him and only him. and I wanna be with him forever
    and I am asexual but he is straight. and still I just love him. he can’t get off my mind. And he makes me so happy. I want to keep my distance in physical but in spirit I want to love him like he’s never been loved before. he is so amazing to me. I just pray we can grow old together. even as friends. he isn’t into spiritual stuff like this.he’s just average Christian. and I just hope one day he can connect to me in spirit because I never want to leave him. he’s helped me with eating issues and he accepts me for who I am and wants me to be the best I can. I love him.

  10. Teo, thanks for sharing your beautiful story. I always believe that God send us a friend, a neighbor, a coworker, an angel disguise as a stranger, etc. when we really need his help.