Enter Your Love Story to Win Your Love into the Form of a Film

I am excited to share with you information on a contest that just started yesterday, at 11:11pm on Valentine’s Day. I have partnered with Wo-Ho Productions on this great opportunity for those of you who have been sharing in this beautiful blessed and magical love of Beloveds. I am the go to magical connections coach for those who want to know more about this Beloved twin flame connection…and am one of the judges to pick the 6 stories that will win to have your love story become a short film!!!!  So, please don’t send me your entries…I don’t have anything to do with the initial entries…you would just need to follow the instructions on the website ~ Enter the Contest ~ If you want to read a post about someone who has already had their love story made into a film ~ Liquid Love Testimonial

Here is an enticing video to get you pumped up … and for information on the contest…


Here is a video where Pilli Cortese explains more details on how to submit your Love Story!!!!

Have fun and good luck! I’ll be posting a blog soon on their website…so stay tuned…for more information as we go along.

Lots of love,

~Gabriella Hartwell

2 Comments on “Enter Your Love Story to Win Your Love into the Form of a Film

  1. Dear Joana,
    we have produced 3 Films in line with “magical connections” topics. The first one is a Feature Film “Waves” which will Premiere in London this year. Watch the trailer here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMQLhFXqGW0

    The other two: Liquid Love and Shoot Your Beloved are short films which will be available through Vimeo soon. Probably around beginning of March.

    The other films which will be produced by film makers through our contest, based on the true stories of the public, will premiere in London with Waves (Date TBC) .