Keep Feeling, Strengthening and Being that Divine Love

Q. I am so happy how things are transpiring for me at the moment, I feel so much love for my twin flame, and I have told him how I feel. I feel so comfortable with him, like I never felt with anyone! We were recently together and it was just so easy never would I be this comfy. I guess the question is when I tell him how I feel, he does not say it back is the way a lot of times is he scared, I feel like maybe he has been hurt in other relationships or deep down doesn’t have the confidence he lets on too I don’t know.

A. Regardless of how he responds, know that his heart, his soul is receiving your love…and allow your own heart to be healed through this, with him not responding gives you the opportunity or many, to know that you are loved and your love is being received as well as being given back to you (even if he isn’t making it known ~ for in giving, you are receiving your own love back by feeling the love you are giving, as they are one and the same). This is what we are meant to do and to learn through this journey…we can love even if we feel we aren’t receiving love…and it encourages us to do just that, for as we do, we break both our hearts and our twins hearts open again and again to remember that love is eternal, limitless and truly unconditional.

2 Comments on “Keep Feeling, Strengthening and Being that Divine Love

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    Again you have given exactly what I wanted to hear. Today I went thro the same dilemma . But I convinced myself that I wanted to show him love no matter whether he expresses by words or not. True to that, he accepted my love, his heart received it and I am overjoyed. I spoke to him today very briefly but when I asked him what I want he said it is DONE. I am feeling such deep love and so contented. I do not know when it will manifest but , the unfolding is so beautiful and my gratitude is boundless. Your posts sure so timely and help me get thro all the trials. Thank you. Love to you. My love for my TF deepens and I am still totally surrendered to the flow. I am sure my TF will take care of things. His soul knows what to do.

  2. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    This is the way of love ~ to love, love, love, regardless of any resistance to being and receiving this love ~ whether or not there is a certain response or a response to our expression of love, the heart of divine love desires to give of itself, continuously and infinitely. “It is DONE,” and So it IS!!! Glad to witness you feeling the flow and abundance of deep love!! The unfolding is so beautiful…and every moment as you embrace it with gratitude and love, you increase this energy for all that is, as it naturally comes back again upon your sweet self. All is already taken care of as you remain in the flow…and allow, and move along with each moment as you are guided. Trust yourself, trust your twin flame, and trust the Oneness that is…all of them mixed together into the ONE knows what to do and when to do it. Lots of love to you always!