Let Your Reality Be Shaped Around Your Energy

heart into creationWhen you let go of things that are no longer a clear reflection of who you are and as a result, change perceptions, patterns, behaviors, how you show up within yourself and how you bring those vibrations out into the world, it can seem scary. What that fear truly is is just not knowing what will feel right in any moment, not knowing where you may be placing your foot next. Your experiences and feelings, even your environment (both internal and external) may be unfamiliar. Yet remember, that all moments before now, there was an unfamiliarity that became comfortable as you shaped your reality around your energy… and your energy is always changing, expanding, growing. You are where you need to be, experiencing what your soul has called forth so that you can create yourself into expression anew. This journey of life is to strengthen as you deepen the connection to the divine love you are, therefore uncovering all pieces of your uniqueness, discovering anything that is lingering and hindering your natural flow to grow and glow within the world. Ah, so you can shine like only you can!

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