All Reflections Help to Perfect your Expression of Being

butterfly fly reflectionStarting in July 2012, into 2013, and trickling into 2014, I was invited into the depth of the “darkness” inside of me. Rather, the sparkess in me emerged through the perceptions of “dark”… sparking my true essence by illuminating that which needed to be seen … the patterns in which I was living, how the divine brought about circumstances in which I was to encounter the truth of who I AM in the midst of all that was happening… right now, in this moment, I can say to you that this soul’s journey on the human plane is one plastered with a variety of experiences to enable the “unstable” to be uncovered as it is discovered … and therefore, you eliminate the false aspects of who you are so that you can create in the vibration of the truth of your uniqueness, in your sublime divineness.

You are not defined by anything external yet you are refined by the perfection of everything internal. All things external are meant to offer you reflection whereas you can find those pieces to release that cease to be a clear representation of your wholeness. After all, this journey is about bringing your soulness (your soul essence) into expression, and with each step, experience, encounter, you clarify and unify your soul with your human form.

I have been basking within the silence as my presence permeates and satiates in the purity of being, and the light of insight creates through me. I have been writing notes and parts of my next book, Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness, and have received that much of my personal life journey will be included within it.

I feel as though I have merged with my trueness and am emerging as a butterfly imbued with a myriad of hues, and I am in the process of getting used to each color, each aspect, of the wholeness that I am. One thing that I have remembered along the way is that through each experience, I am discovering as I am uncovering the many pieces of me, for each person, each experience, is to reflect myself to me, so that I can perfect my expression of my being as I immerse into the confession of my seeing. Let your reflections bring about the confessions within to clarify and clear your expression of the blessing that you are. Then choose the dressing that fits you and let it come through in its brilliance, in the sheen of radiance that is YOU.

Hold an attitude of gratitude within the solitude for all of the moments, relationships, experiences that have brought you to where you are, who you are, right now. Then exude this energy out into the Universe so that U N I can rehearse our verse(s) into the unity we are.

I am excited to be walking this journey with you… on the horizon is the pages of my heart to be displayed for you, and the advantages of the merging of this human spiritual dance we are balancing.

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