Standing at the edge of the ocean,
on a moon illuminated night.
Feeling so much emotion,
reminding me tonight,
that you and I, WE, are so aligned
and perfect for each other.
Not that I need reminding,
for I am always finding,
the reflection of this truth surrounding me,
abounding in me,

third-eye-communicationEverything that came before this moment,
has been experiences meant,
to clear away the debris,
so our souls can remember vividly,
Our destined path of awakening ourselves and this blessed Universe,
to the power of divine love,
as these morsels of cosmic fuel we disperse,
and eagerly, tenderly into, immerse.

This is where we are home, it is our intention,
the smiles and open hearts of others, we thrive,
and knowing that our expression, our creation,
has brought such warmth, love and expansion,
in the lives of those we reach is what makes every step of the journey rewarding,
EVERY STEP of the journey,
whether it has been frustrating, lonely, painful,
Or ecstatic, all encompassing bliss, playful,
All of it has been exactly perfect in its unfolding,
to bring us to the day when we can be holding,
the “all of it,” not only in our hearts,
but in each other’s embrace.
Knowing this, feeling this,
will aid us in the steps we have left to take,
for us to finally AWAKE
beside each other.
Thank our souls and the Heavens for this journey,
Remembering it is you I am walking with,
makes each day a blessing
As I continue my love, confessing
in everything I create.