Within, It IS

The basis of strength lies within, and when everything external that seemed legit, trustworthy, and solid slips away, that’s where you can rest, and digest all that is unraveling around you.

Lest you forget, remember your natural essence resides in a place that is untouched and untainted by that which has been painted as reality.

Merely, what you are being asked to do at this time is stay true to those places inside that know what is happening, that recognize what is real. Allow your soul to heal, from all the illusions masquerading as truth. Take the mask away, literally, and see. Tis that vision that ultimately sets you free.

Quite simply, my friends, I invite you to understand, that you are not alone. We are all walking this path towards ultimate knowing. What you see falling away is showing you this to be, as it is. What will be continuously flowing is our hearts love, the compassion we have for one another, and our passion to become such beacons of light that our true sight keeps getting brighter.