What if I am Aware of Our Intentions Before my Twin Flame?

Q What do I do when I am aware of who my twin flame is before he is aware of it on a conscious level? What do I do if I remember what our souls have intended to experience and create together in detail and he does not fully know this? Do I hold space for him or do I continue along my life? Can I do both? Will he realize our mutual intentions and know that I am the one he is waiting for?

A In answer to your question, it is both. If you are aware of what you and your twin flame have intended on a soul level to experience and create together here on Earth before he/she is consciously aware of those details, then you can hold space for him/her to get to the point of remembering and then consciously choosing to move forward but you can also continue along your path. This is the balance of holding the intentions and the love for your twin flame within your heart but allowing yourself to enjoy the moment right here that is in front of you as well as all those who are directly in your life experience right now. What can you do in the meantime, the in between time before physical reunion with your twin? Connect with the inner essence of you. As you remember these details and recall your agreement with your twin as to your mutual life purpose/mission, then you can individually take the steps towards creating that mission, your part in the mission knowing that as you do so, you allow your twin to further awaken to that purpose. Therefore, as you hold the positive intentions for reunion and your purpose together, it will be created stronger and stronger in the physical direct reality as you come nearer and nearer to entering into each other’s lives. It is important to have the balance of being in the moment because it is this moment right now that guides you to the next moment. There are people that may guide you to the next person or the next situation/experience that brings you more understanding of who you are and what you are creating, just as when you walk, you put one foot in front of the other to get to the next part on your path, your journey. This is the same process, the balance of being here right now, with all of your awareness of the connection, the love, the mutual purpose in giving to the world that you hold with your twin in your heart, and allowing each moment to bring you to the reunion you know to be, which is already here within your heart, within the presence of now.

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  1. I really ressonated with this I know who my flame is , we have met and had a falling out and he is not speaking to me and seeing someone else, My heart is grieving but I love him so much, I cant understand how He doesnt realise this, heartbreaking. This was amazing to read.

    Thank you

  2. I have been thinking about this topic lately, as well. I think many of us would like to have validation from our TF’s that they are experiencing the same “knowing” that we are. And I absolutely think that at the soul/higher self level they are aware. Here is the thought that I would like to throw out there to everyone who is aware, on a conscious level, of who their TF is, without having the knowing reciprocated: Maybe you are the spiritually awakening half for a reason. I figure it is part of my agreement with my TF to clear any blockages or stuck beliefs at the soul level that we have acquired. It is my job. I do it every day, knowing it helps move us both forward. My TF is very practical and grounded in 3D. Why would we have the same strengths or even conscious awareness? He does his thing and I do mine. We are perfect complements…so I am not worrying so much any more about whether or not my TF is consciously aware of our soul’s connection and purpose.

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