Bring the Balance of your Divine Nature into Your Human Dance

have funWhat did we do before social media and the instant exchange that technology provides? We connected within ourselves. We found what brought us enjoyment and basked within that. We allowed divine synchronicities that surrounded us to move us into interaction, connection, inspiration, connection. We moved with the flow of the journey unfolding. While this instant access to communication with each other brings us connection no matter where we reside physically, it is important to balance our connection to what helps us to connect intimately with and within our own essence. Do not only allow the weaving of our oneness to happen online, but also while we are offline, yet still online 😉 the truth is that we are never offline. Our spirits are always on line to the web of life, the intergalactic grid that connects us all as ONE.

Today, ask yourself ~ what helps you to align with your divine nature? What excites you? What brings you joy? Take some time to update your status of availability to reside inside of YOU, and allow yourselves the immersion into your inherent playful, peaceful, creative nature. Notice the synchronicities and alignment that can transpire and inspire as a result.

I remember, that before the popularity and ability to connect through the internet, I would love to write, to read, to watch movies, to sleep, to ride a bike, to play with my friends, to connect with family,  to laugh, to have deep conversations with others, organize get togethers, to share and connect with people that would come along my path. I still do enjoy all of these things and my intention is to continue to do all of these things while my body and Spirit dance in creation. How can you bring this balance into your dance within this incarnation?

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