What is the True Divine Signature of Your Soul?

connecting lovelightsWhen I went on my first outing with Joel in 2008, he asked me, “what do you know about yourself?” And before my mind had a chance to think, what naturally emerged from my mouth in pure, authentic waves, vibrating with truth was, “I love to connect with people and connect people with people.” After I observed myself speaking this soaked-to-the-bone-with-my-soul statement, I realized the overwhelming, simplistic, TRUTH this was. Scene after scene of my creations in my life up to this point flashed before my eyes. This is my true divine signature of my soul. It is what fuels me and is a reason why I am alive in his human incarnation. When I witness people connecting, coming together, creating, sharing in their love lights because I have been a bridge to bring this fusion about, my heart beats in more harmonic rhythm than before. I smile because I feel that I am living my purpose. Please, if you have connected with anyone because of the connection with me, however this has happened, do let me know. I would be rich today knowing of such. 🙂  thank YOU for opening your hearts to connect with your soul family. Isn’t this bliss? … AND if you are inspired, feel into your core like never before, and answer these questions, “what do you know about yourself?” “what is the unique signature of your soul?”

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