Trapped Within Technology

Many of you may recall when I posted some links a while back on the disconnection that technology can create from true personal connection with each other. I feel that technology is amazing, powerful and an awesome tool to enhance connection between us beyond the miles, I also believe that it can take us away from interacting deeply with one another, that is if we allow it to.

I came across this video by Molly Bryant (Molly’s Website), which was directed, edited and visual effects added by Chris Groban (Chris’s website, which as you can see will bring this message home in a much more clear way.

Do you resonate with any of this while watching the video? Does this make you want to change any behaviors as a result of it? Is there anything you can do to enhance your relationships with others, with life, with yourself in a more profound way?

Sending you a lot of love as always,

I think this picture is also relevant to show how technology can be distracting us from true personal connection. Sometimes it takes extremes for us to see what is going on.

Can you go somewhere with your cell phone turned off? How about without your cell phone/computer at all?

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One comment on “Trapped Within Technology
  1. Anna Barlowe says:

    Hmm. Cool video! Ironically, though, my twin flame Daniel (who is on the other side) happens to use technology (specifically lights) to communicate with me, and his lights are the one thing I rarely go anywhere without. Ditto for my cell phone, since he has a way to call me on that too.

    Even more ironically, he looks quite a bit like Josh Groban, brother of Chris whom you mention above. Odd, huh? I write a blog about him myself (check out the category “Daniel’s Story” if you’re interested) and that is what led me to yours. I’ll have to scout around here a little more! 🙂

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