Emerging into the Divine Awareness and Remembrance of Your Infinite Expansion of Consciousness

Q. I experienced aspects of “the shift” without even understanding much about all of it! I was amazed, inspired, encouraged by it. It was completely out of my realm and thankfully I have a friend who talked me through so I wouldn’t feel like I was crazy. It is not something that I sought after but feel it is something I attracted or has been gifted to me. Where do I go from here? What should I do with it?

seeing the Goddess in youA. How many layers to “the shift” there is, we’re always shifting and creating…moving ever deeper into the infinite layers of our divinity and along the way releasing aspects that truly were not of our authentic self, our true essence. Isn’t it beautiful that you have allowed yourself to be emptied out and then filled up again? Tis almost like a shot of a drug, a little bit at a time, the natural highness of awareness in form, feeling the aliveness of being. Oh, and “crazy” is just moving away from what has been known… I believe it may have been in the movie Serendipity where there was a line that says, “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” I’d say that you have both attracted and been gifted this sweetness in waves that has come and will continue to come to you. What should you do with it? BE it and SHARE it, and let IT come back upon you, again and again.