Serendipity – There are no Accidents

Watched the movie Serendipity yesterday, one of my favorite movies…pay attention to all of the signs around you as EVERYTHING is there to support you and guide you along your journey to the deepest love you can imagine. AND when you get nearer to reunion with your true love, the signs increase, the energy builds up…and then…synchronicities will bring you into each other’s presence.

“To live in harmony with the universe one must possess a powerful faith in what the ancients call ‘fatum,’ otherwise known as destiny.”

3 Comments on “Serendipity – There are no Accidents

  1. Hey Gabriella,

    I emailed you recently, but I thought it would be better to follow up on your website – to share my experiences and hopefully comfort anyone else who might be facing similar struggles.

    I’ve known my twin for about 10 years and only accepted him as my twin last night (in general, I have a lot of trouble with titles and in the past I used to think of myself as someone incapable of unconditional love, so this was a big step for me). Our relationship over the years has ranged from very turbulent to better than I could of imagined – mostly as a best friend but sometimes as a romantic partner.

    We would shift in and out of cycles of being in and out of contact and presently, he and I are out of contact. This was very difficult for me for a few months, as I was having a series of health problems and had lost his amazing support. Sometimes, it felt like a piece of me was missing and I felt so angry at myself for not being able to force the love that I felt for him out. I was overwhelmed by the uncertainty of not knowing if/when we’d ever speak again.

    But at some point I accepted that I can’t stop loving him and attempting to replace that love with self-resentment or anger at his “abandonment” was only going to hurt me further. Once I accepted this, I felt liberated and slowly, things began to get easier.

    Recently, I’ve started to use spiritual means to heal my health issues and this has lead to some amazing things happening my life. I’ve become more adept at picking up energies (within myself and others), seeing the signs in the universe and being more empathetic towards others.

    In my quest to further this progress, I came across this blog and the one thing that has really resonated with me is the idea that separation is a lie. I began to apply this theory to my life in all kinds of ways; that other negative concepts that I fear such as failure, loneliness and sorrow are all lies. Since doing this, a lot of my symptoms have alleviated.

    A little over a week ago, I started receiving a lot of signs involving my twin. This mostly comprised of seeing his name repeatedly in unexpected places and having numerous vivid dreams involving him. I may of even had a brief telepathic connection with him, but I can’t really confirm if this was something I experienced individually or if it was shared.

    At first I was bemused, but also puzzled – not knowing what any of this was supposed to mean. After a few days of this, I received a call from my sister telling me that there he was having a family crisis. I immediately felt compelled to reach out to him, but decided to go for a walk to think about how to go about that. I was deep in thought, not really paying attention to the music that was playing on my iPod when suddenly I caught the lyrics “Surprise you sometime, I’ll come around when you’re down.” With that, I knew what to do.

    I wrote him a succinct note, telling him that I was praying for his family, to which he thanked me and replied that he knows I’m “always there”.

    Even though there is still a high degree of physical separation to our relationship, I believe that this was the universe’s way of assuring me that we are always connected and taking small steps to reaching another, more loving union. I often forget that we are both still so, so young (we’re both under the age of 22) and have a lot of time on our hands to recover. He may not think he’s worth it now, but I know better and I am praying that one day, he sees the infinite beauty in himself that I see in him.

    Gabriella, I really want to thank you for creating a safe place for people in search of a higher spiritual understanding. I’ve wrestled a lot with the skepticism of the people I love and I’ve know reached a point where I trust what I know over what others think. Thank you very much and be assured that you are doing well on your mission. (:

  2. Oh geez, I didn’t realize I wrote this much. I swear, I only meant to write about 5 paragraphs. Sorry about that!

  3. Michelle,

    What a light you are and an old soul I might add! You absolutely do have a higher spiritual understanding on the twin flame love/journey/connection. It is such a pleasure to read your journey leading you up to acknowledging that this man is your twin as well as knowing that you are not separated even when the mind’s eye can perceive the physical separation as complete separation. I also want to acknowledge how you are aware of how the universe guides you and gives you signs to reassure you that you are always connected no matter how you are interacting or defining your relationship in any given moment. Continue to have faith that everything that you are experiencing and all that he is experiencing is perfect to bring you into further alignment and growth in unconditional love to bring you closer and closer to complete merging in all ways. If you ever desired to have a reading or coaching session, please feel free to contact me!

    Lots of love sweetheart.