Merging from Separation Mentality into Unity Consciousness Continued

You may want to read this post before this one since it is the first entry into this discussion: First part of Merging from Separation Mentality into Union Consciousness

The path of reunion of twin flames is one of unconditional love, for yourself (knowing that your twin is within you and there isn’t any separation, even if you are physically not beside each other) and for your twin, hence the mirror effect. When you become enamored with the beauty and essence of you, it is enhanced when you meet up with your twin, increasing the love for both you and your twin. Vice versa: when you meet up with your twin, as you love your twin more, the love for yourself increases. It is important to be on the journey of connecting with that love inside you and developing the joy for being on your own in your life before physical reunion.

Soul mates are an essential part of the journey leading up to twin flame reunion. I use the analogy of the ladder of love and that each rung on the ladder is a soul mate relationship, with the top being the twin flame. I believe you may have taken what I said here in the context of the “old” way of relationships and loving, which is YES, absolutely one of lust and being with another for whatever reason: sex, loneliness. So, we have soul mate relationships to prepare us for the twin flame, to help us to release egoic patterns of behavior, emotions, thoughts, and to grow deeper in the vibration of unconditional love. The higher we get up the ladder of love, the more intense our soul mate relationships become, and therefore the love shared has moved way beyond the ego, sharing love and intimacy on a higher level.

Why would someone be with a soul mate and not with a twin flame? In order for twin flames to come together to serve the world in whatever specific mission the souls have intended, they need to choose each other on the soul level as well as the conscious level. There can be reasons why this would not happen…like I said above, the twin flame is the clearest mirror for you as who you are, so if you are not happy with what you consider your “weaknesses” and your “strengths,” then you can easily 1. run in fear from the relationship with your twin flame. 2. You or your twin flame may be consciously aware of your connection and your mission but the other may not. 3. It may not be the right time yet for your reunion.

The twin flame blessing is “If I cannot be with you physically, for whatever reason, then I bless the love that you can share in during the time that we are apart from one another.” The truth is that twin flames are NEVER separated from each other, SO when you are loving another (and I mean loving, not lusting with) then you are sending that love to your twin flame, and your twin flame, whether he/she is in a relationship or not, is still growing from that love being shared. This is all in preparation for the full merging with the twin flame.

Unconditional twin flame love knows that deep soul mate love and all relationships leading up to the union with the twin only enhance the capacity of love for both of the twins and everyone else. Seeing each body as separate from the love shared between twin flames does not exist…there is no separation. That is why you may have read elsewhere that the suggestion for everyone right now is to love your partner AS IF he/she was your twin flame. The reason being is because this love is being sent to your twin and helping you both to evolve unconditionally…loving unconditionally means loving your twin no matter what your twin chooses. If your twin does choose another relationship, and you are conscious of this, there is no judgment, no expectations placed upon your twin, only love sent, shared and expressed. In order to do this, it is important to merge from separation mentality into unity consciousness…as your twin shares love with someone else (another body) in relationship, you are NOT separate from that love, before or even after you become consciously aware of who your twin is ( in name and body) in this lifetime.

Yes, we are walking the Earth back to unconditional love and union, which means knowing that we are deeply connected to each other and most especially our twin flames. Unconditional love does not exclude, nor does it put limitations, restrictions, expectations, or conditions on love…love just is love, freely given and received. Twin flame love knows that not only are we reuniting with our twin flames but also our soul family (which includes our soul mates) and when we reunite with our twin, it only enhances the love that we all share in together. If there are transitions in relationships (such as you encounter your twin while you are sharing love with a soul mate) they will be handled with unconditional love, allowing for the process to occur without total separation: the old way would be abruptly ending the relationship whereas now we will be transitioning with love, allowing for the growth and the healing for all involved. Twin flame love is the highest vibration of love that can ever be shared and expressed…as more and more of us reunite in the physical, we will be bringing down all perceptions of “separation:” race, age, sex, geographic location, death, status, religious differences, and so much more. Keep watching…this is a powerful time we are living in and it is by no accident that your soul chose to be here now.

Here is a video that I feel describes the twin flame blessing in some detail. I however don’t agree with the statement that twin flames rarely meet and are incarnated together at the same time. Yes we do meet our twins in more than one lifetime and yes we do incarnate together.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this newest post! It really captures what is becoming to be known through our (own)connections with our Souls and remembering our truths.

    I think what tends to happen, as each one of us is coming along our journey to find a place of understanding is that we are each at different points in our Spiritual path. What may be true for me to know and accept may not be true for another cause they are not ready to “hear and accept that” yet. But the great thing is…. that once you read something and it becomes a part of what you have been exposed to when it is TRUE for you…you will then “get it.” For now, just take what resonates with you and go with that. In being able to stand tall for what is true for you, allows you to be led into further self-exploration and healing which pushes you further along your spiritual path. Bringing about coming onto newer ideas and learnings once again.

    I have found with the work I do that when someone is not resonating with something it is still the healing with that very topic/situation/self-involvement of what they need to learn for themselves to be ready and open to take another step further. It’s not about being right or wrong but instead about learning everything for yourself as you are ready to embody it.

    When I was “in ego” there were moments when I used to think that way too, that if I said I loved my twin then why was I sleeping with others? I felt sooooo guilty yet did I stop? no… cause we weren’t “officially together” but I kept “thinking” that ..that I needed to prove to myself that I could do it. I could prove that I wanted him and only him and it would lead me to how to come together. For me, it DID work cause I needed to prove it to MYSELF not anyone else. It was ME who was having an issue with trust and having faith in following my heart. So this was a personal issue with myself that I was going to be coming unto to heal fully and in that, I “woke up” somewhere along the way and realized he knows I love him both in human form and Spiritual form and by me really living in this present moment IN LOVE then I am BEING the very Love I am welcoming into my life. My twin and I are not together in the physical (yet! I say yet cause for a minute or two we were…..but) way at this time but I look forward to the day when we shall be as I also am noticing that a soulmate has returned again in the physical so that we can heal together and forgive and let go of the final remmants of the past while also taking another step or two together in Love. Knowing this,for myself, helps me to feel grateful that I am not only doing this for myself, but for my twin in our Oneness as well as with my soulmate so that we too can really move towards the Love we both deserve. And I believe that’s what it’s all about….. our own relationship with ourselves and how it is carried forward in Life in all that we are a part of. Learning how to be our own Divine expression of God Within.

    Sure it’s wonderful when you are physically with your twin but I am really noticing just how fun the journey is while working my way towards him. I too believe that we have many lifetimes together, might not all be romantic but still together, I have seen many in dreams, visions, and past life regressions and I love!! feeling our essences together as soon as I recognize US. That’s one for the smile camera!!

    Love reading your blogs, they get me thinking sometimes when I find something within them that I too may be finding myself questioning, realizing, accepting. Got to learn embodying the next steps that bring you more empowerment! ;} Thank you!

  2. typo correction: got to LOVE embodying the next steps that bring you more empowerment…. laughing**

    but maybe for someone it needed to be LEARN? hmmmm either way…..

    it’s all worth it

  3. If you would like to know more about Twin Souls and Soul Mates, you could check out my book, “Grant Me a Higher Love: How to Go from the Relationship from Hell to One that’s Heaven Sent by Scaling The Ladder of Love.”. Cindi Sansone-Braff

  4. Hi
    Speaking as someone who has suffered
    The beauty and hell of the twin experience
    It is not possible to love another as your
    Twin because they will not give off the level
    Of unconditional love the twin gives off
    We are reacting to each other as we go deeper
    Into the love…it happened to me..befor meeting
    My twin I could not have concieved of the love I
    Feel towards my twin to ask me to generate it towards
    Another is lofty but asking a bit much. My soul lights
    Up at the sight of him, no one eles has that effect.
    I understand we are all just trying to get through this
    And on that note- OX to you all

  5. Kat,

    As you know and have expressed, there are many emotions that go along with the twin flame journey. I have found myself in the past going through similar thoughts and feelings as you have shared, in that I was feeling very drawn to a soul mate that had come along my path, yet my heart was totally connected so deeply to my twin flame, especially since now I was aware consciously of his name and body, which previously I only knew his energy that I knew one day I would encounter and recognize. I resisted for some time the pull to connect on all levels with this amazing and beautiful soul mate that truly loved me, until the angels told me that I had to connect and be with him. At that time, I couldn’t have known all of the growth, all that he would help me through, transitioning out of old behavior patterns, growing, loving deeper and so much more. I have also received from spirit through this journey, how important it is to love in the present moment as if we are with our twin flame because it is that deep love that brings us closer and draws our twin flame to us. (It is important to note here that I don’t mean loving freely with our bodies just anyone – what I mean is the deepest soul mate love that helps you to unconditionally love yourself (all of who you are) and all of another (your soul mate) and how your twin flame will absolutely come through your soul mate.) The Love that you share with your soul mate is felt and experienced by your twin flame also. This is a universal truth of unconditional love and twin flame connection that goes way beyond the capacity for the mind to comprehend. Twin flame love is absolutely inclusive and does not exclude anyone. Sending you such love!

  6. well i dont think that a regular soul mate can ignite the kundalini in me i am certain only my twin could have done that..i took her sins on as my own and still that doesnt seem to be enough..when the kundalini fire ignites i will tell all twin flames right now that when that happens god is testing both of you and trust me you dont want to choose wrong like me and my twin did..i know because i have had christ conciousness and the garden of eden is the earth..the trial by fire is just that and lucifer will test you just like adam and eve..i am not trying to alarm anyone and i appreciate you trying to help people but these relationships are a test and exactly that and the choices you and your twin have great consequences…Love that is all there is..i understand we need to heal but only love can bring down the great deciever..its time to get our affairs in order between women and men..we are different but we carry each other..the test is simply what you choose love or the world and all its fake illusions..we are running out of time that is why more and more twins are reuniting these days…at first i choose my twin over god(kinda sounds like adam and eve story huh)i am paying the price for that now but now i choose god over my twin and i will never make that mistake again…once again i appreciate what you are trying to do..twin flames are the only ones who can save this planet

  7. The beauty and hell of the twin experience.It is not possible to love another as your Twin because they will not give off the level Of unconditional love the twin gives off. We are reacting to each other as we go deeper Into the love.

  8. Thanks for these wonderful posts, I totally have reached this space now of loving unconditionally and am happy to love a soulmate (who is unavailable but feels towards me too) but also knowing I love my twin and I have conciously chosen to be with him if and when he chooses to do the same. I am happy to meet other people and love them too, but have made the choice not to be involved physically as for me at least I feel my body is only to be shared with my twin or someone who will honour me as i will them. I also agree about the video, I have recalled at least 12 lives with my Twin Flame so it blows that concept out of the window Lol! :o) x

  9. Merging from separation….this twin flame is driving me crazy , I know who my twin flame is, but she ran right into another relationship. I dont know what to do , everything I have red is so true. I feel nuts I dont know to give up or its getting close to reunite… ps a long story

  10. i call him my “other” or other half. i remember some past lives, and i even remember a place i call up above. his decisions are all that matters, not mine. he chooses to reject me and has even done the unthinkable to prevent us from being together. he basically cast me off and told me “next time”. there is a lot of sexual violation and abuse that occurs on the inside. these twin flame stories never talk about violence and abuse, or the fires of hell (fury) instead of the fire of “passion”. he thinks i am his “daughter” and i think he’s seriously delusional. to be honest, i’m not interested in “serving humanity”. my own needs are too great. for me, this has been a condemnation. all i ever think about is the ideal of being together. but that will never happen – and he has told me that (supposedly, it was pre-determined that we would NOT be together). i got screwed over. the SCAPEGOAT and “loser”, failure. and there’s something about it that makes people clap and cheer. and despite his violence, he’s “exalted” to the level of being nearly worshiped. not all twins are meant to be together.

  11. I know I have met my twin flame, and we have spent other lives together,we knew each other right away.

    I have nothing but unconditional love for him that goes on forever and ever. We have blended energies and merged together in all ways but physical and that is because we are both currently in other committed relationships. The hardest thing is to be married to someone when your in love with someone else. The loss of the twin is still felt and my heart will always be with my twin soul especially now I know who he is.

    I will never give up hope off re- uniting with my twin soul. The feelings go on forever and the pain of separation is felt with such grief. I also agree that it is not possible to love another as your twin. Not once you have experienced the unconditional true love they give off. Its the greatest feeling in the world.

  12. Hi I have met my twin flame too. He lights up my soul and I can’t wait to we can re unite, because we a both are currently in karma soul mate relationships. But I have hope it will happen at the end of the year..

  13. Hi I have met my twin flame, we knew each other right away. We must of spent other live times together, I just know I love him unconditionally forever and ever.

    We have blended energies and merged in every way except physically and that is because we are currently still in committed relationships. the hardest thing is to be married to someone when your in love with someone else. the loss of the twin is still felt and the feelings go on forever.

    The closer I get to my twin flame the further away I get from my married partner. It gets harder each day. The love and longing for the twin is just too strong. I agree you can’t love another as your twin especially once you know who they are the unconditional love they give off is the greatest feeling on earth.

  14. Hi I have found my twin soul and there is no greater love, with any other soul mate than the unconditional love you share with your twin. we are making our way back into love and unity consciousness. we are all really lucky to be here in this time now..

  15. Carly, I like your words: “I have nothing but unconditional love for him that goes on forever and ever. We have blended energies and merged together in all ways…” I feel the same way, I just close my eyes and feel my TF close to me.

  16. Physically merging with your true twin flame means to merge your conscious physical bodies, minds and souls, it is literally the coming together of two unseperable yet consciously seperated beings of love light and energy to become one. Typically when reunions occur the whole of our physical bodies will not be merged, this is because merging of our souls and minds requires the death of our conscious construct of physicality, hench the loss of our physical bodies during the event. There is however a way for us to achieve a fully conscious, physical, mind and soul merging but it is through an unstable state of consciousness known as “Sleep Paralysis”. Disclaimer notice: **WARNING DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMP TO ENDUCE SLEEP PARALYSIS. SLEEP PARALYSIS CAN LEAD TO SUDDEN AND UNEXPLAINED DEATHS** My sincerest apologies if these words upset or frighten anyone as my intention is only to raise awareness of how dangerous sleep paralysis can be. I have experienced more than two very close merges during sleep paralysis however my twin flame is not yet as ready as I am. We came very close last night, this time she was actually pulled in to my sleep paralysis and experienced it for only the second time, we know this due to our perfectly collated accounts of what happened. I must stress to you that at no point have I attempted to enduce sleep paralysis in fact it is something I consider to suffer from. If anyone reading this has experienced something similar I would be very interested to read thier story. Thank you for reading. Peace, love and light to you all 🙂