Rising the Vibrations of Love and Oneness

Q. I am too feeling that something really good is coming, and almost feeling like nothing will bother me lately really happy. Hoping that is what will be, or maybe just connecting with love and the universe more? And you were talking about the vibes of love that everyone is feeling I too so much all the time am feeling this, Is it when you physically connect with your twin flame that you actually bind yourself together somehow through the energy? Or could these be ascension signs? Always so many questions and again thank you… you are awesome.

A. You bring up such beautiful and relevant, true points with all that we have been feeling, as one (on our own) and as ONE together. We have absolutely been connecting with the love/the universe/the oneness more because the illusions have been falling away and the truth of the interconnectedness of it all has been coming through within us and around us. As a result, nothing can bother us…for the happiness we feel is so intimately interweaved within the fabric of our being, as we are continuously strengthened with the truth of and in this knowing flowing through us, and when there seems to be chaos around us (from witnessing the break downs of foundations for others around us or even in our own experience), we know that it is all happening as it should. For us to build things the way that is connected to the core of our essence of this pure, divine love, other foundations that were not built upon such need to and are falling away.

Ya know, it doesn’t have to be physically connecting with your twin flame that you connect through the energy of this LOVE…but recently I’ve been writing about spiritual marriage (and how this occurs regardless of the close proximity of the physical bodies) and how all of the pieces of your energetic blueprint become aligned, therefore enhancing the truth and experience of your connection to all that is, to the oneness, which results in feeling the love more profoundly within and around…is this also ascension signs? YES, because ascension is the rising of the vibrations of love and oneness…the complete and total knowing that this IS as it has always been, as we have all, always, in all ways been a part of it, for we have never been separate from it. What then happens, naturally, is that we feel the love, see the love, be the love, receive the love, and become this love more pronounced in every moment, every relationship, every experience, every creation. The feeling that something is coming…is the increasing of this love…and for us all, this does include connecting in all ways, including the physical, with our soul family. We are building onto this love, as we bring us all into community within our unity together. Such glorious and sweet unfoldings everywhere, in process. You are welcome…and you are just as awesome!

5 Comments on “Rising the Vibrations of Love and Oneness

  1. Beloveds!

    This is so beautiful and for me very real!
    Right now I´m drowning in love, trying to recieve the infinite love coming to me from my beloved twinflame and every one else! I´m so drunk I can hardly walk straight! I´m so grateful, full of bliss, happiness, joy, love and embracing the glory of being alive!

    Everything is moving forward in warpspeed and I´m breathless!

    My beloved twinflame is the most corageus lion, the most beautiful fighter and his heart is made of the purest gold!

    He´s doing the work with himselfe that took me over ten years to do. At the same time I´m trying to do the work he has done this last ten years, myselfe in so short time! I´m so grateful! So full of bliss! My heart sings of joy and my soul melts in gratitude!

    Waves and wave of love to all of YOU! Shakti

  2. Dear Shakti,

    my heart sings of joy as well and I am full of bliss and the blessings of a wonderful day, and I am so filled with gratefulness!
    Yesterday night was a special night for me and another dream come true. It is so curious, I seem to have dreams and part of them do really come true, and I am always so surprised when I see elements of my dreams in the 3D afterwards. WOW!

    Waves of sweetest love and light to you and everybody

  3. Beloved Delphina!

    How beautiful you describe this journey!

    For me it´s the same! Living two different lives, the “dreamlife” with my beloved twinflame by my side, feeling his breath, his heartbeat, his thoughts and emotions all the time. And my “real” life with my husband, my children and all my friends, present with them in each moment enjoying what life brings to me.

    The thing that´s happens now is that the boundarys between those lifes vanishes and everything blends, melts and merges into eachother. I just feel like the lucky passanger experiencing all this so beautifully in this very moment. Nothing seams important but making the most out of every experience I have in this beautiful NOW!

    Keep on dreaming beloved Delphina! You never know what´s the “real” and what´s the illusion here in 3D!

    Love Shakti

  4. Dearest Shakti,

    oh, I’m so happy to hear that it is the same for you, the two lives and that you are also experiencing the melting and merging into the oneness, too.
    I am always so touched when this happens and when I see elements of my “dreamlife” in “real life”. Sometimes they are truly unbelievable and I am then just so surprised to see it in normal life just the way it was in the dream in my dreamlife with my twin.
    I am then wondering how all of this can happen and don’t know an explanation, but since a spiritual friend has told me that is the worlds merging and melting into one I feel a lot more comfortable with it. And now I am so happy you are saying this as well, so validating this thought. To me this thought is a great relief, because:

    To tell the truth to all of you here … when these things started happening with my twinflame at first, both of us felt a kind of fear and although the things were often just so wonderful and also very welcome, it was nevertehless somehow inexplicable what was going on and this also made me feel afraid a bit … it is somehow strange and unknown even when good things happen so easily, so unexpectedly, so much in wondrous ways. My twinflame and I then called it “the angels at work”, which is surely true, and it made us feel a bit better that there were loving beings arranging things for us.

    Of course we have to admit that the angels also close doors for us, and they did for my twin and me this year, but I also believe that the reason is a good one and one *in favor* of us twinflames, although I don’t yet know what it is.

    But I am looking around me and seeing it in other people’s lives as well … how things that at first and while being lived through looked like such a tragedy or misery, but that turned out later in life to lead to such a wonderful path in life that would otherwise not have been able to enfold.

    So I’ll go on trusting in these higher powers to protect and guide us all, to open and close doors for us so that we can find our path of our lives …. and I’ll go on dreaming 😉 Thank you for that encouragement, dearest Shakti!

    Waves and waves of sweet love and light to you and to everybody and their twinflames

  5. Dear Delphina:
    I think angel don’t close doors, they just tell us to hold back and learn through a life experience what we need to know before give the next step. Well, it is how I see things around me…I ask all these questions too. WHY angel seems to pave our way and then suddenly stop us. Maybe, they stop us to give us time to digest the knowledge we get. I don’t know, I just wondering, in my case the opportunity to see my TF again, help me to confirm that he and I are in love.

    Blessings to everybody