Send Your Love to All

“All things are One, and there is nothing else. When you understand this, you begin experiencing life in a new way. When you see that there is no separation in God’s world, that you and God are One, you will be afraid no more. The most joyous part of Who You Really Are is the part that knows you are One with everything and everyone. Pain and suffering are avoided when you experience your Oneness with each other, and with God.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

FEEL the oneness that is today. Feel your connection to all that is, and send your love through all the channels that you are able, to all who you love, knowing that as you do, you are sharing love with us all.

One comment on “Send Your Love to All
  1. Leslie says:

    Hi, this is such a beautiful quote from Neale Donald Walsch. It’s an amazing, powerful thing to realize.

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