The Alchemy of the Soul is the Blending of the Son and the Daughter

The Alchemy of the Soul is the Blending of the Son and Daughter
Poem received from Mother Mary, June 2001.

The dove descends in radiant light
Calling your soul back to the height.
The heart of love, the heart of life,
Protects you ever from despair and strife.

My dove shall come on feathered wing
To carry you forth until you sing
Of truth and love, peace and bliss,
Invoked into you by sacred kiss.

United, united and never apart
You shall return to the Mother’s heart.
Blend the Holy Essences of soul
The upward spiral is the goal.

When your beloved is attained
On Heaven and Earth you shall reign.
Return now to your true Divine state
Unite, unite – no longer wait.

The time has come. The gate is clear.
Step into union without fear.
Holy Daughter, Holy Son –
Return now to the only True One.

When the two unite in heart,
The Trinity shall never part.
Sacred Union, Sacred Source
Brings you to the only true course.

Realization pure and true
Is the only way for you.
To you I sing my Sacred Song
Return to Me where you belong.

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2 comments on “The Alchemy of the Soul is the Blending of the Son and the Daughter
  1. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella,
    This poem touches my heart so deeply. What a calling !! of late I have been experiencing a kind of squeeze in the sens That everything is delayed. Whatever I wanted to happen faces with a A delay and some stumbling blocks. It has been very frustrating and I feel I am being squeezed out dry. My love for my TF is what keeps me going I think. It is still like just free flow and we just have to trust and hold on to our faith. Many times this journey seems endless. This poem makes it sound like the end is near and we are finally arriving . thank you so much for posting this.
    All messages and articles keep saying that the upcoming weeks will be eventful. I am planning to celebrate 12.12.12 in a special way with environment service projects and taking a Green Pledge with groups of people on 12.12.12 at 12.12 noon.
    Let us all join together and send our waves of love into oneness.
    I wish to share one stunning coincidence. I was so stressed out last week and I texted to my TF saying I wish I had wings and could fly off somewhere. To my utmost surprise later when I saw your Facebook page you had posted the song “wings of love” . Gabrilela.. It brought tears to my eyes…

  2. Gabriella says:

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    I am glad that this poem has touched your heart! Know that when you move into trusting the divine flow of this abundant Universe you are always in co-creation with, then you surrender into what is in any moment, truly knowing that whatever you could consider to be a “delay” or “stumbling block” is not the case, for there is no such thing. Everything is divinely orchestrated, and exactly where you are and what you are experiencing is exactly what you need along the journey to be ready to embrace and know the next step. It is an endless journey but love and your spirit is truly that, eternal and limitless, neverending, such is the case for the experiencing of your constant union with your spiritual essence and physical presence. Truly, don’t focus on the “destination,” knowing that you are within the destination and always moving ever close with it, dancing together within the co-creation. I have no doubt that the coming weeks will prove very eventful for us all, individually and collectively.
    As for the coincidence…I’m not surprised!! I am so happy that I could bring tears of connection and love to your heart through the song “wings of love…” we are all continuing to rise higher and higher up the ladder of love with one another…we are all joining together, sending waves of love into the oneness, before 12-12-12 and beyond. Lots of love to you my dear!

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