All is Revealed Within When you Connect to the Beloved Energy

Q. Dear Gabriella, I have met you through a person that has talked to me about you. I found your page so interesting and attractive. For months I read your posts and finally I understood that the person I have met 7 months ago is my twin flame. With no doubt. No mistake.She is a wonderful person that met her twin flame few months before she met me. How is it possible that she feels her twin flame is someone else and I am so sure that I am her twin flame? What can I do? Is there something that I can do so that she can recognize me? Thank you very much Gabriella, take care. With Love

A. I’m glad that you’ve been guided my way, and that you have been finding clarity and comfort from my page as well as what I’m guided to share here. Since you have been following things I’ve shared regarding this twin flame journey, you may know how much an inward journey it is, how the heart feels beyond what the mind can understand…how so much of this journey is of experiencing the merging of all pieces of ourselves we may have deemed separate…therefore, there is no rhyme or reason it can seem when you feel love for another, yet the soul has a map that can only be uncovered and revealed to you one step at a time, for the experiencing of the journey is so intimately and profoundly essential for remembering the pieces you are meant to, for your specific purpose/mission in this lifetime, which of course includes your twin flame ~ in however way you have both intended to co-create here. There is only one harmonic resonance to your own soul, which you will know when you know. It is a deep soul recognition, therefore it cannot be thought about to come to a conclusion…it cannot be rationalized to come to a knowing, it must be remembered. There can be such a thing as a misperception of your twin flame…which would come from a different place than an inner knowing that beyond all other reasons, just knows, beyond what can be explained…I’m getting a strong sense for you to let things unfold…for I’m feeling that pieces have yet to be discovered and put into their “proper” place, they have yet to come into alignment with your souls plan…keep staying connected to your heart and follow your inner guidance. What eventually happens along this twin flame journey, you remember your natural essence of the Beloved energy…you start to see everyone as your Beloved, and everything, every experience you encounter as another opportunity for you to love your one self into being love and being loved…everyone that you meet and share with becomes an extension of your own Beloved energy that flows through you, and the more that you open to be the expression of love with that person, you increase the love and remembrance of the oneness of this divine love for all. This awakens the vision within you that knows you are already one with your twin flame, and you are loving right now, right now as you are reading this, you are loving your twin flame and yourself into the remembrance of your oneness. So what can you do? Allow yourself to be a vessel of bringing this divine love that knows no separation into every relationship, every experience, every thought, every circumstance you encounter…and watch how the soul of your twin flame will remember your oneness, as she too will become this vessel of the expression of your unique aspect of the oneness and love that is. Your hearts will continue to expand, sending waves of light to all that is…I can already feel its sweetness. heart You are so welcome, with the deepest love. heart