Your Oneness is Remembered Within Your Mutual Core

*Please watch the video and read the lyrics before you read what I wrote ~ you’ll get much more that way*

Lyrics ~ Bjork

I shuffle around the tectonic plates in my chest.

You know I gave it all,
Try to match our continents
To change seasonal shift,
To form a mutual core.

As fast as your fingernail grows,
The Atlantic ridge drifts
To counteract distance.

You know I gave it all,
Can you hear the effort of the magnetic strife?
Shuffling of columns
To form a mutual core.

This eruption undoes stagnation.
You didn’t know I had it in me,
Withheld your love, an unspent capsule.
I didn’t know you had it in you,
You hid the key to our continuity.
I didn’t know you had it in you.
This eruption undoes stagnation.
You didn’t know, you didn’t know.

What you resist persists, nuance makes heat
To counteract distance
I know you gave it all,
Offered me harmony if things were done your way.
My Eurasian plate subsumed,
Forming a mutual core

This eruption undoes stagnation.
You didn’t know I had it in me,
Withheld your love, an unspent capsule.
I didn’t know you had it in you.
This eruption undoes stagnation
You didn’t know I had it in me
This eruption undoes stagnation
You didn’t know, you didn’t know.

When you encounter your twin flame, there is an intensity of being pushed to look into the mirror inside and outside of your form, deeply within your own being, to find all the pieces of what you could consider darkness and love into the light, knowing that it is all love. As you do this, you then look back upon your twin in form and see the beauty enhanced, as you go back within to your own essence, loving your wholeness more, and this cycle goes back and forth continuously.  This is what I feel is the basis of the meaning within Bjork’s song, Mutual Core. The mutual core that IS between twin flames is the unique vibration of love between both hearts/souls ~ this love always has been, always is, and always will be…yet the journey of being spiritually in human form brings you into feeling, experiencing, acting in the separation from the natural flow of divine love that you are. But when you encounter/meet your twin flame, no longer can you resist seeing the love within you, the love that you so inherently are, for there is an undeniable magnetism towards it…and it begs you to become this love in full expression and embodiment for all to see, for all to remember their own oneness and wholeness with this love.

This video starts out with one heart but as two pieces…the recognition of the other piece of this heart essence within another … and hence the pieces become form, entering into the experience of duality…the whole process towards reunion (remembering that you are already one) is about unmistakably feeling this profound magnetism to this other. It brings you to let go of all of the illusions of love, of relationship, of being, of being the love in relationship with all that is, including your divine Beloved twin flame, your counterpart in being and receiving (expressing in embodiment) the love that you are with all that is.

What can often happen is that there is a pulling together, then a pulling away, a pulling together, a pulling away experience, but what this does is break down all of your perceptions, emotions, actions that keep you believing, feeling, experiencing separation. The pulling away (magnetic strife) is meant to allow you to release all that takes you away from moving deeper and deeper into the love that you are…the mutual core ~ which is your specific soul vibration of love that is the SAME as your twin flame ~ is already there, but it needs to be remembered, and all that blocks you from basking within that remembrance and allowing each step to build a strong understanding of what that mutual core is (and that it is ALWAYS, all ways, there between you) needs to be surrendered, totally and profoundly surrendered into the flow of the love that is you and your Beloved. This is where you remember your life purpose and mission your souls chose to take on together, for it is within this mutual core that your whole being resides ~ what brings you happiness, what makes you sad, what drives you and fills you with excitement, what brings you in a place of gratitude for being alive, what you know you just cannot live without, etc, etc.

Once all of the “columns” have been shuffled around, all of the illusions released, the divine truths are brought into the forefront, magnetically moving the both of you closer together into the ONE that you are. What this does is “counteract distance,” for no longer are you seeing, feeling and experiencing yourself as separate from the ONE that you are with your Beloved, regardless of whether your physical bodies are beside each other. This brings you even deeper into the essence of your mutual core…and you no longer resist all of the opportunities that come before you to offer love to your Beloved ~ you see everyone as an opportunity to love your love into form and expression with your Beloved. This is the same way that you start to be that love in expression with every experience and situation that you find yourself within. You begin to have a new vision with it all, feeling and experiencing in many directions (the nuances) the love and interconnectedness with all that is, which brings about an expansion of allowing yourself to be the love that you are as well as receive the love that you are. This can be a hard thing to do, especially if you perceive that you were born less than perfect and that life is not perfect ~ but this journey calls you to see the perfection that you are, and the perfection that is always unfolding in each divine flowing moment. You see yourself as love, everyone as love, everything as love…and you desire to be this love, to share this love, to create in this love. You truly exude this love that you are, that we all are, as ONE.

For so long the masculine has been in fear of being stifled or controlled by the feminine, and the feminine has been afraid to be in her divine power, to express herself and allow herself to be loved by the masculine while also honoring him while they both be a support to each other. When twin flames go through this process towards reunion, letting go of all that had previously been followed which is not in alignment with the truth of divine, sacred, eternal love, they recognize that what they have been craving for has been the comfort and intensified individual and joint power that comes with moving, flowing, being together in this natural, limitless, free flowing love, fully within their mutual core ~ their mutually reflective essence that is theirs. They are meant to be and receive this love as they share this love with all that is, to be this divine love in embodiment to help others to remember their love into the experience of the oneness with all that is. The masculine “didn’t know” that the feminine has “the key to their continuity” and the feminine “didn’t know” that the masculine actually will remember and give of the love that he is. These are the wounds of each which are to be healed through the journey of experiencing themselves into the oneness and love. When they both remember this, the perceived “distance” between them dissolves, and their love flows freely between them and with all that is. They become vessels of the love that they are.

When they are within the energy and vibration of this love, as the distance is no longer perceived between them…the inner balance of this love must match the outer balance of their love (if their souls have intended in this lifetime to be fully united in all ways). This sets the stage for their reunion ~ both of them consciously choosing to unite with one another within the nucleus of their mutual core, to share their love and unique vibration with all that is. This reunion, “this eruption undoes stagnation,” brings about a complete merging and fusion of their oneness within into form, as they now become three (each on their own with their mutual core ~ the free flowing love that is). Now that they fully know and are immersed within all of the pieces of their mutual core, they are able to withstand anything that will come up from within or without that can attempt to bring in separation. They both choose and intend to see, feel, be and love within union consciousness, always bringing them back to their mutual aligning core in their ONE essence.

5 Comments on “Your Oneness is Remembered Within Your Mutual Core

  1. I like this post Gabriella and the song is fantastic. But if only one of the twins understands any of this, how is this so? I find this truly hard to comprehend when I know for certain that my twin does not even know what a twin flame is, nor could he be bothered to have anything to do with me. So I can keep diving in and I can keep loving and everything you say.. but I don’t think it makes any difference to him.

    I have been in the process of pushing and pulling for a long long time.. and that’s all it ever seems to be. Signs, signs and more signs.. but followed by nothing.. so the only thing it is doing is filling me with false hope. I know that we are ONE all ways, always but this is not translating in the 3D… and that is where us as humans are having a human experience.. it is a nice thought to know that I meet him on the dream plane often.. but to have a full human experience, which is what we are here for.. one needs more than that.

    You say ‘they’ a lot in here.. but how is it ‘they’ when one understands this and the other does not? How can any kind of reunion take place when one is blinded to it all?

    Just frustrated.. I wish often I would have never known about Twin Flames or known about him.. but like you say it definitely is magnetic.

    Have a safe and enjoyable flight!

  2. Misty, I understand exactly what you are feeling, as I’m there as well. It is obvious that your twin “knows” you are theirs, but that recognition may just be from their soul/spirit. If they had no idea of what you are to them, they wouldn’t be connected enough to visit you in dreams. That doesn’t mean they understand this as humans, but they are clearly connected to you and are somehow receiving the love and intentions you are sending out. As I’ve learned, it has so much to do with patience and enjoying the signs you do receive. Chances are, your twin is adjusting spiritually, and perhaps they need that extra loving energy you are sending them to encourage them in that direction. I always remind myself how long it took me to fully awaken and release all the illusions and negativity holding me back (several years of conscious work), and I realize that if this is what they are going through (in my case, I know it is), they need all the love and patience I gave myself.

    I say there is no false hope. You are free to choose how you live your life and who you live your life with, and if you can’t imagine life with someone other than your twin flame, you have chosen to devote yourself to your twin, whether that manifests physically or not. I prefer to still believe it’ll happen when both have been properly prepared in their bodies and spirits, and that just means we as humans need to connect and integrate our spirits. If one twin hasn’t done that work (they are still unaware of their higher self and its intentions), you are right: the reunion is probably not going to happen, and if it does, there will probably still be much work to do before the mission can fully develop.

    All I’m going to say is PATIENCE. I know, I have a hard time with it too. 😉
    Sorry, I’m stealing the limelight, but this entry got me going because I absolutely love this CD and this song. (It totally made my morning!) Bjork is just so good with writing twin flame songs. The other song on this CD that I love, that my twin flame’s SPIRIT responds to when I listen to it, is “Virus.” Their energy reacts to the line, “Someday, I’ll find you. The urge is here…” Oh, it always makes my day! 😀 If anyone is interested:

  3. Dearest Brae,

    thank you so much for writing these wonderful words. Oh, this is exactly what I am feeling:
    “As I’ve learned, it has so much to do with patience and enjoying the signs you do receive. Chances are, your twin is adjusting spiritually, and perhaps they need that extra loving energy you are sending them to encourage them in that direction. I always remind myself how long it took me to fully awaken and release all the illusions and negativity holding me back (several years of conscious work), and I realize that if this is what they are going through (in my case, I know it is), they need all the love and patience I gave myself.”

    I am saying very softly and with all my love: yes, I think this is so true. Chances are very good indeed that our twinflames may be adjusting to us this very moment and at the same time we are aligning to their energy as well of course.

    I think when twinflames meet and begin to feel the desire to spend time together and be close to each other, there are all the unresolved inner issues jumping up from deep deep down inside, all shouting at once they want to be released, like a big crowd with everybody shouting:” heal me … heal me … no, heal me first … ” So many things are coming up for both twins, and maybe one twin refuses to feel them all in this depth and therefore doesn’t react on the outside as much, but I guess for all of us the inner work has just started the moment when we started reconnecting with our twin. For many of us this may have been even before we have encountered our twins in person … both for myself and my twin this has also been the case … dreams or just knowings that someone very special would turn up ….
    I think all of these inner issues/past hurts everyone has encountered of course cannot be solved just within a wink of an eye, but they take just take time. I believe that even the twinflames who currently deny their own twin are doing this inner work. It is not a conscious decision, it can in fact be a lot on the unconscious level.
    I believe all of us here who consciously know and think about them are right now as well adjusting to their energies as they are to ours. Imagine how twinflames came into being and how much they were one right from the start, but have then encountered so many lifetimes of different experience. Imagine you wanted to reunite all of this, two beings being so much alike, yet having had so many completely different experiences … and sometimes as well experiences that look different from the outside but that are bearing the same kind of essence. However, it seems a vast amount of things to align.

    Thinking of me and my twinflame, I can surely say there are loads of things that will have to be smoothed, aligned, released, reframed in order to reunite fully.

    I mean imagine being with just someone else, maybe a good friend or a soul brother or sister … whatever you are doing together (going out to lunch, talking, watching a film, taking their hand) with them will only touch you to a certain extent …. it might touch your heart, but even this is probably only to a certain extent. At least this is my experience for myself. By the way, even having sex with someone does not necessarily mean it touches the whole being to the core. Even this may be exprienced through walls so to say.

    However, being with my twin, the smallest thing we talk about, the smallest thing we do, even touching her hand for one second only , it all touches the very core of my being, and it touches all that I am. Each spoken word, each written word, just everything.
    I cannot prevent that and the result is that every tiniest grain of sand that I haven’t been yet able to release (of my own issues, I mean) will cause immediately an immense pain, both for me and for my twin. I can do all these things with lots of people, but with her EVERYTHING is different. Because the walls we normally have with others just do not work any more with twins.
    Everything touches my heart and being to the very core. I think this might be the reason why things have to be released first until we can see our twinflames again, and then we will see how much of it works now .. and then we realize there are still things to work on … and once we have realized them, we separate again … and when we have released these things we find each other again …and so on …

    I think it may just take some time, and nobody knows how much time will be needed until the next meeting, and nobody will know in advance how deep this meeting will be … and how long it will last.

    The best thing seems to do what is in your own heart and what makes you happy because in this way you are aligning yourself with your own soul and so you automatically align with your twinflame’s soul as it is the same :-)… and enjoying the signs on the way is such a nice thing to do because it is the reassurance of the heavens that we are on the right track and doing well.

    I am so thankful for your words, dear Brae, and I need to hear encouragement like this over and over again … because me too, I am feeling the deepest sorrows of this time without my twin in the 3D and it helps me so much to know that the love I am continuing to send her makes it easier for her, and I know deep down that this is so very true. I also feel her love she is sending me, consciously or not. All twinflames are doing this, it is just their nature.

    Waves and waves of love to you and everybody,
    also to all who have written lately how sad they are,
    you are all in my prayers
    and we are all on the same journey
    and I am so glad we are encouraging each other so beautifully in this family here

  4. Very nice.:) “Between the Raindrops” by Lifehouse and Natasha Betingfield is a great twin flame song too! It has a great beat and always makes me think of my tf and myself.

  5. Thank you dear Cyndee for the suggestion. I’ve listened the song and quite agree 🙂 so I shall be posting in the Videos section.