Trust Your Heart

Q. Why are there so many different explanations of what twin flames are? There is a new site I found out about that states that all these other sites about what a twin flame is are wrong. They say that twins only come together in their last life and have not spend many past lifetimes together. I don’t agree with that but there are some newer sites out there stating this. I’m confused!

A. You have to trust your heart on what resonates for you. In the past, which seems ancient now (considering how quickly we are evolving as individuals and collectively) it was the norm for twin flames to merge together in all ways when it was their last physical incarnation on Earth. The reason for this was because both would have been able to evolve through their many lifetimes dealing with the feelings of separation from each other, and able to come to the point of finding that comfort and connection with the twin inside. This process is still how it is now, however, many twin flames have chosen to come together now to increase the energy of unconditional love on the planet, therefore affecting everyone, making it possible for twins to come together. I believe that twins have had many lifetimes together playing various roles in each others lives, depending on what the particular souls decided to accomplish…there are others who say that twins always incarnate as opposite sexes, and this is a point I also disagree on. Within twin flame love and twin flame perception, separation does not exist…excluding a possibility or experience for whatever reason is because of an idea of separation somewhere.

I can tell you that in the last lifetime (and you will know if it is your last physical incarnation) you and your twin will be taking on a mission in service to the world assisting to raise the vibration of all. This is because you will have both come to the point of learning for yourself so deeply that you desire to share all of that learning and overwhelming unconditional love within you with others. Sharing this with others only increases the love you feel for yourself and your twin, filling your hearts with more love than you could think possible.

Follow what you feel resonates with you…everyone has their own journey to walk…there is no wrong one, just the right one for you in this moment, and that can always change too.