When You Encounter Your Twin Flame, It IS the Perfect Time

Q. Why would my twin flame and I be brought together at this time, only to be together for a short period of time, when the time is not right? When it is obviously not right when there is another soul mate involved on his end? I am hurting now so bad? I do not see the sense in it?

A. The twin flame journey moves you into your love within ~ it is a constant, continuous back and forth experience, balancing your vibration of love within and bringing this balance into expression without. The time that you encounter, that you meet, that you become aware of your twin flame is the “right” time because everything is always, all ways, flowing, happening, occurring in perfection. If you perceive that it is not the “right” time to meet, then somewhere, there is a mistrust of the divine flow and perfection of life. Encountering your twin flame brings about a deep, powerful, and essential spiritual awakening, as this awakening increases with each step that you take, bringing you into the profound remembrance of your divinity and all of the aspects of what sacred, unconditional love is. I invite you to look deeply within what you are feeling, the questions that you are asking, how you may be perceiving your twin flame sharing love with a soul mate? As this journey brings you into a deeper spiritual awakening, it is necessary for you to be, move, create, see within the vibration of union, the deepest waves of pure love, and part of this process, most often than not, is to meet your twin flame, have physical space away (though you are always connected and never truly separate), so that you can move within the wellspring of love within your essence, releasing all of the illusions of what love is so that you can balance the vibration of love within you, and bring those balanced vibrations of love into expression with all that IS around you.

When you meet your twin flame, you become entranced within the intensity of the depth of love that IS within and between you both, yet what can usually happen is the eruption of the patterns, behaviors, perceptions, emotions, of what you may have attached to about love and relationship, the rules upon relationship and the roles placed upon love exchanges.  For example, boy meets girl, girl experiences love with boy ~ vice versa ~ then the relationship SHOULD move right into a committed physical partnership, with both people expressing their devotion. However, since the twin flame connection/love is true, pure, divine, and eternal, all of the aspects of the illusions of love that have been known and followed before are strongly encouraged to be released in order for the free flowing sacred love to be given and received within the energy of the Beloved ~ within self, between twin flames and with all that is.

Divine love is not exclusive, but rather completely inclusive, as on the most profound levels, your heart knows that all love shared is love shared with all. The love that your twin flame is experiencing with a soul mate is increasing the love for you, with you, within you and for all that is. As you are so intimately, and intricately intertwined with the love and the heart of your twin flame, both of your hearts and love is weaved into the love of ALL as ONE. As you be love, and allow yourself to be loved (from all directions), as your twin does the same, your increased capacity to embody the Beloved (to be love and be loved) seeps into everyone, everything else, into all that IS. You become this love, you become a vessel of this love, as the Universe presents people, situations, experiences within your life to be the embodiment of this love beyond form in form, to feel and be the full balanced expression of divine love. This is the beauty of the limitless love of Beloveds. I encourage you to feel into your pain, and let the waves of love move through you. You are a spiritual being within a human journey, and therefore, your Spirit feels profoundly each aspect of each step along your path, but the emotions (energy in motion) that seem unpleasant will pass, for they are releasing the illusions of love, to allow you to surrender into the truth of love. When you observe it all, and allow yourself to see the puzzle pieces of your life aligning and moving into place, each hole that you are witnessing within yourself or outside of yourself moves into wholeness and you see the vision of the whole of it all, the beautiful perfection that always is.

2 Comments on “When You Encounter Your Twin Flame, It IS the Perfect Time

  1. Dearest Gabriella,

    thank you so much for this wonderful post. It is such a great relief to just let this thought sink in: it IS the perfect time.

    Yes, it truly IS …. although our mind is not able to grasp it completely and has doubts and worries. But is IS the perfect time ~ otherwise we would not have met our twinflame!

    This is so true and I couldn’t agree more, dearest Gabriella!

    DIVINE PURE LOVE is completely INCLUSIVE … it is not “either – or” … but it is always inclusive and a big yes to all involved.

    We are all on the road of learning this deeper and deeper every day I have the impression, and all of the world needs to learn this. That love never excludes someone or something, but includes all.

    The twinflame journey has taught and is teaching me this every day in so many aspects.

    Thank you so much for your beautiful wisdom full of love you are sharing with us here every day, my dearest soul sister!

    Sending you waves and waves of love from my ONE heart to your ONE heart,

  2. That is beautiful! I love the way this is written! Yes, we must have both been ready to meet! It is so beautiful but some of these lessons learned are PAINFUL!