You Know Beyond Knowing the Love that Flows Inside of You

Dearest Beloveds,

I recently watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and some other movies…how prevalent the theme is of true lovers knowing each other beyond form before their forms meet and embrace. Yet I have also recognized the contrast in that throughout history, ingrained in our minds is the perception (which has become a strong belief for many) that you must know your Beloved in form before you allow your heart to feel the deepest love, to surrender into the feelings that flow so naturally within you, that of course desires to be expressed without as we are both spiritual and physical in essence and presence.  Nonetheless, streaming within various movies, books…etc, etc…all modalities of creation and inspiration is the knowing that you know your Beloved beyond your mind’s knowing, but that it has been so deeply embedded within your psyche…awaiting your awakening to remember that you already know. You may know through your dreams as both Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip did…or you may make a wish in union with the song of your heart like Snow White and witness it manifesting exactly as you feel. The common experience within these stories, is the knowing that you already know your beloved within…and that when you encounter your Beloved in form, in body, you will remember the love that has always been, and is always between you. Therefore, the time that you need to know this is irrelevant…for time on the level of the soul does not exist ~ there has never been an ending…but always a continuous, eternal, divine flowing. Move within, remember, know that you know…never give up hope that the love that you have decreed to move within shall find you, in the perfect moment. Until that moment, enjoy right now…sing outside…connect with nature…do what you enjoy…and allow it all to align freely and with the most profound perfection.

*I do enjoy thoroughly how both the princes and Snow White/Aurora know that they know their true love…and make the decision based on their intuition and emotion to move in physical co-creation in sharing their love when the time was right* Tis not just the women who know…this knowing I refer to is beyond limitation. It is within us all.

Sending you all waves of love from my heart to yours,

Gabriella Hartwell

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  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    This was so beautiful. I love fairy tales and and is probably why I chose Sleeping Beaury as my name and want Ptince to awaken me !!!! Lol !!! ???? you are right it is a deep knowing and one can only feel the way through. Love to you and thanks for such a lovely post. It makes me feel so dreamy and yearn more than ever for my TF !!!!!!!!

  2. Dearest Gabriella,
    True love can only be felt ! My TF and I now only feel our love. I am not feeling the need to communicate by texting to him. I just feel so connected to him deeply by just feeling the love.

  3. Hi! Everybody: I just want to share this video from ascension pioners: “Holding on: What holds you back?” on youtube. It helped me to see things clearly.

    Waves of love to everybody

  4. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    I’m not surprised that you would resonate with this post…such clarity, and layers upon layers of choosing the name Sleeping Beauty 😉 Through this journey, as you may have learned as well, that it is not your Prince that awakens you, but your awareness of your divinity as well as your natural alignment with your Prince as one which awakens the both of you…which can be aided by the encounter with your Beloved…your Prince awakens to the truth of your Oneness and Eternal love as you do…then when the layer of the actual physical expression of this love that always is occurs, it is another deeper and profound layer of awakening that happens for you both. For so long, women have perhaps learned that the Prince will come and save her…this has been played out for so many generations…yet this is not what is meant to be…it isn’t a saving, but a remembering of this deep love and divine essence that you are as ONE and as ONE together, then making the decision to be one together in all ways and walking in co-creative oneness for all to see. So much love to you always dear one! Keep feeling and connecting with that love within and without of you, as you feel the ripples coming back upon from all directions.

  5. Dearest Gabriella,
    So true !! Toe days back in was quite upset and feeling lost and crying my heart out and asking God for guidance and a connection with my TF physically. To my utmost surprise, drama was played out so beautifully and I was literally taken to my TF and we were both enclosed just the two of us in a room for nearly forty minutes and you will not believe it !!!! The energies were so intense !!! We wanted to just merge but we talked trivialities and then eventually we did get intimate , suddenly he jumped up and said it is too dangerous and cannot be close to me and literally ran out of the room. There were waves and waves of love energies swirling around and I just dozed off , while he waited to cool off outside. Can you believe this ??!! The pull was so strong and Intense and he had to keep away from me to protect me as I am still not ready to take in such strong intensity. This journey is amazing and I feel so guided and know there is something very important that we have to do here. This time my TF and I were more open with each other and for the first time he said he is there for me. I thanked the Angels, Gid, Universe for answering my prayers and giving me time with my TF. It made me feel so good and encouraged to move on with more strength and faith. Your post was also a great encouragement.
    One more thing was , I showed my TF the symbol of TF , the black and white mango shaped (one mango up and one down, joined together in a circle) symbol and he asked me what is and I said it is yin and yang and and asked him to check out in the web… He was curious but not negative… Gabriella, later it amazed me that I was actually talking about sacred union to him, which I have never felt ready to mention to him. But now I have shared it with him and it was all so inspired at that spur of the moment !!! As you say I do not know who awakens who… But we are definitely on an amazing journey of oneness and I am filled with gratitude to you, God and all in this sacred journey.. I love my TF sooooooo much and want our reunion soooo much ….. Waves and waves of love to you… !!!

  6. Hi Joanna ~
    I just wanted to quickly pass you a note to say thank you to you for sharing what you watched on YouTube……I not only watched and listened to the one you suggested, I have listened to quite a few of her videos now.

    She’s so intriguing to listen to and although I, myself understand all that she is saying, her videos and words are taking me to an even higher level of understanding when it comes to my TS and life in general even. So thanks again 🙂 it’s great stuff!

  7. First of all, Thanks Gabriella to allow us to come to you blog and share whatever we read and listen here and there. I remembered you shared with us the website “ascension pioneers”, I have been listening many of these videos, and also Nicole and Mel. There are so much to learn and understand about this TF journey. I stop crying because of the physical separation with my TF, since I understood that the reason was my emotional body unbalance. I’m always reading your posts. Dear Shannon it is always nice to find more and more information and opinions of people living this TF’s journey as well.
    Blessings to everybody

  8. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,
    I am so happy for you and your wonderful time you had with your beloved twinflame! I can feel your excitement, your joy, your deep fulfillment and peace it brought to you!
    How beautiful that you were suddenly able to show him the yin/yang symbol and how beautiful how easy and natural it suddenly felt for you to talk about the sacred union to him! Oh, I am so happy for you, sweet Sleeping Beauty!!!!
    I guess it is like Gabriella always says: just follow your own inner wisdom and some day, some time suddenly things will come easily and naturally …. you could not have forced them to take place earlier, even if you wanted to … and now they just were in the flow! I am so happy for you, dearest Sleeping Beauty that you have experienced these beautiful moments of truth and love and trust with your twinflame and that they now belong to your twinflame journey and I am wishing you (and also all of us :-D) so many more moments of miracles with your beloved!
    I am sending you and your twinflame so much love from my ONE heart to your ONE heart <3 <3 <3

    Dear all,
    I haven't written in a long time …. and I want to let you know that I have been sending you love and light all the time, to each one of you who has touched my heart … and also much light to all …
    This year has been quite a series of transformations for me so far and has somehow absorbed all of my energy and I had to move inside over and over again and as soon as one thing had been resolved, a new transformation took place and I needed all my energy to solve this next thing and so on ….
    and now I am inviting all the sweet spring energies to come to me and blow away those winter cobwebs and transform them to a fertilizing energy for a beautiful new time!

    Sending you all my love and sweet angels to be with each of you all the time,

  9. Dear Delphina,
    Thanks for your heartfelt wishes. It is so nice to hear from you after a long time. I also felt this resting period after 21.12 .12. I was Justin the flow. Even now I am quite surrendered and I leave it to the Universe to take care of everything. Love to you all.

  10. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Ah Justin case we need a reminder that Justin, the flow has always been embracing us…how beautiful it is that all of us have been diving into him and playing with him, for truly isn’t this the joy of life? To allow the current of each moment to move us along…and to create as we are guided. I am so happy to hear this continued intimacy you are experiencing with your twin flame, as you are both moving into creative divine expression with one another by walking through any fears of this closeness ~ honestly, from my experience, I find that what these fears really are is just waves of the attempts of control from the mind…the mind desires things to be in “order” and understandable…but in order to feel into your unique vibration and dynamics with your twin flame, it’s essential to delve into the heart and your feelings…then bring it all in union with the mind. In that space, there are no fears, profoundly, no fears and you bask in the love that always is, right in front of you. You can handle the intensity of your magnetic attraction and union in all ways by just soaking it in and bringing it within your psyche…for you are the mirrors of one another…and of course, doesn’t Justin, the flow remind us to have fun as we walk? Tis what life is meant to be…fun…and we are all sharing it with one another! SO much love to you!

    Dear Delphina,

    It is such a delight to see you here and feel your presence again. Despite the times when you are not actively expressing your light so that others can see it, I know that you are always sending this love. Please know also that it is being received and given back upon you, even if it is not expressed. The sweet energies of Spring are approaching…and I am inviting them in, in the same vibration as you so beautifully expressed dear one. As they gently and eagerly wash away the cobwebs to create a beautiful flowerbed of sweetness bursting in emergence. So much love to you dear Delphina and to everyone here, all the time.

  11. Dearest Sleeping Beauty and dearest Gabriella,

    thank you for your loving words and all the love you are sending me!

    Oh, Justin, the flow … this sounds nice !!! Have never heard of him before, but I do love the image it is creating in my mind! Thanks to both of you for mentioning Justin ! 🙂

    Sending you and all sunbeams full of love and spring sweetness,

  12. Dearest Gabriella,
    Justin , the flow !!!! That is nice. This is the second time within 24 hours that I am getting the message that I have to chill out and enjoy the flow ,,,, and not stress it out. God wants us to love and enjoy whatever we are doing and will us the best at the best time !!! Your words aout mind control and being in heart is a clear reminder if this. Thanks and waves of love to you all. Does Soring Equinox have anything to do with TF reunion ?

  13. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Yes, the flow that you have expressed you are within, and the message coming back upon you to strengthen what you know, and let it all flow. Let’s bring the symbolism of what Spring represents ~ the washing away of the winter, the surrendering what has kept us cooped and hidden, so that the blossoming flowers within us can be seen and basked in without us. On that note, you are writing your creation with each step that you take (why it is so essential to enjoy what you are doing right now, the moment, the flow) with each choice you make…and as the warm weather emerges to assist the flowers to emerge in their beauty and colors, to rise from the Earth in form, to interact with the other flowers and all other aspects of nature, so too is your soul emerging into a deeper, and more profound state of oneness, and consciousness, in unity. With this in your mind and heart, then as Spring approaches, as you allow this ever changing, ever expanding, ever deepening emergence of your natural essence in oneness, then it has everything to do with the reunion of your one soul…within and without. Waves of love always, all ways, to you and to all.

  14. Dearest Gabriella,
    Your words resonate so strongly with me. Today I received so many messages of blessings and that a New Earth is born. In my personal life also I have taken a new step forward, by formally entering a new house . After this I read all these messages of blessings and how something new has opened up. So many synchronicities indeed !! I even read a message about how I should keep my new home filled with things of beauty and colour and laughter and joy !!!! I was amazed to experience such synchroniticities!! Love to you !! Loving wishes for all To unite with their TFs.????

  15. Dear Sleeping Beauty,
    you energy is so contagious, i am so happy for you and your TF, just keep shining!! 🙂
    Love to you all!

  16. Dear Sunshine,
    Thanks a lot for your wishes. TF journey is all about trust, timing and faith and love ….!!! I am sure you will also get thro this period and your TF will find his way back to you. Love to you all !!

  17. Hi! Everybody…just sharing, I’m feeling so peaceful eventhough I’m separated physically from my TF. I have a strong divine pulling which is pushing me to make some changes in my life. I mean I feel the need to make some changes which does not resonate anymore with my life. Something happened just yesterday, Somebody drew a heart with the word “smile” on the wall just infront of the engineering building where I’m taking a clase. AS soon as I saw it, I smile and think on my TF. I know, where ever he is, he is also thinking on me.
    Blessings to everybody

  18. Dearest Joana 🙂
    there it is again ….. your angel messages for me 🙂 …. a SMILE ….
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this angel message truly needed so much today.
    This smile reminds me of something and confirms my angel message I got this Sunday. For a special reason the word SMILE reminds me of my twinflame as well, just like it reminded you of your tf… and on Sunday I saw something on TV which made tears come to my eyes …. it said: “a smile is holy”.
    It instantly brought tears to my eyes, as I think so much of her with the word “smile” and to have it with this association: “smile is HOLY”, this is just so wonderful for a loving twinflame heart like mine!
    The “smile” has even come to me a third time because I have seen another picture with the word “smile” on it, making it the threesome of the holy trinity … things that you encounter three times are likely to have a special meaning for you 😉 a loved one told me yesterday.

  19. oh, I’m sorry, I just hit “send” because I was just completely overwhelmed, speechless and in tears by a message from the angels which just came my way.

    Dearest Joana, you made me investigate the message even more I received about the “smile” and think about it more and I just found “by chance” 😉 a very personal, overwhelmingly beautiful synchronistic message for me …. reassuring me that God is in complete control and that the angels are already busily working behind the scenes to make God’s blessings tangible for us all.

    Now I am really overwhelmed and so thankful at the same time for this big blessing at the end of an incredibly challenging, beautiful, difficult, promising and blessed day. All emotions very much in motion :-).

    Thank you, sweet Joana, from the bottom of my heart, for this “smile” message.

    A smile is HOLY


    Sending all of you a holy smile filled with all my pure, divine, sacred twinflame love and bringing you beams of love and light to whereever you are,

    Your Delphina with all my love

  20. Dear Delphina: This is the second time I found this message “smile” infront of me, but now with a heart instead of a happy face. The first time this happen it was when I was taking a class and my TF was taking this class too. I used to sit every day in the same desk infront of a dusty monitor of a computer. It seemed that in that room nobody clean those computers. So, my TF used to take a early clase in that room too. One day I found a message: “smile” and a drawing of a happy face on this computer monitor on my desk. For some strange reason I always thought that he was the one that drew the happy face and in the bottom of it he wrote the word: “smile” ,and don’t know who wrote this graffitti heart with the heart on this wall behind the engineering building, but it make me so happy.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  21. how nice, dear Joana, to think it was your tf who drew this heart and smile 🙂 Makes me smile, too.

    Waves of love and angels of light to everyone and their twins

  22. it is truth and how beautiful this sweet yet profoundly real resonating aspect of our relating is! : ) Over and over again and timeless ness throughout we known, we are told and we are given the path to truth. This could be on many many aspects and seriously so many i do speak, write and teach about. The truth always ingrained within our deepest senses and sensory dimensions, our intuitions, guides, dreams, higher selves always nudging us through. We admit though it is through perplexing conditions of the human dimensions and the main focus to the visceral mental or overlying avenues that often sidetrack us into other things but when centered in heart and realness we do come back to truth. I do thank you for ever and ever more for being the beacon of light in our lives for ever. It is of utmost importance to be reminded of the simplest most profound truth so right infront of us, like tuning into nature, listening to our dreams,favorite music, poetry, all along they have been there and life journey takes on. Interestingly again through dreams and re iteration of very wise one shamanic friends I was called forth to go into the deeepest dwelling of the inner core again and again. aLl ways surrendering to that is a very courageous choice, sometimes one stands lonely indeed. However it is what we are called forth to, to go through the fire of the testing, to be so ingrained in our truth in full alignment : D How interesting changing life dimensions can also sway us away from core truth borne by us all along and then to keep centering back to us again. Its more than easy without tending through deep to lose into illusions but if heart is open and ready the right directions, next steps and calling come right away Yes? ! ~ lots of love drear precious beloved ~It is for you that journey got so much more power strength rendered ~ love you and more ~**~*~*~*~ : ) : ) : ) : )

  23. Hi. I don’t know exactly if I fit in here because my Twin is not with me physically; not incarnated this time around. He (my king aspect) is in a higher frequency where he knows the truth of Love, and where there is no time, only the Now moment. I had an IBE… an in-body-experience I’ll call it, where I, my mind & heart went to its core… we are made up of an energy called Love… (short story for brevity… if you think the word “bounce” when there you’ll bounce!). I have seen the interconnectedness of us we fit into a kind of grid and move within it. I’ve also seen the hologram we live in. As my Twin communicates to me at the Higher Self level; I know he and my Higher Aspect (me, also called my queen self) are constantly in touch and have sooo much love to give and serve. My Higher Self is less pretentious (egoless) than me here, less inhibited, and alot of fun.. I aspire to be her. She ‘talks’ through me to other people in a kind of animated soul language with physical gestures. We all do this from from time to time, we just may not be aware of it (another long story). I once learned/believed that the dream subconscious was the great balancer; now I believe that it is an opportunity to encounter my Twin and learn/be taught from signs and symbols he and my Higher Self may be trying to convey. 6 nights ago, I dreampt of opening a big box… as if to say try to think outside of the linear box. 5 nights ago I dreampt of a manicured lawn… could mean ardent wishes gratified. 4 nights ago, I dreampt I was in a furnished room; I turned away and back again and the room was empty… could mean feeling lost, or the feelings of having lost someone, or a fresh start blank canvas. 3 nights ago, I dreampt the empty room was being painted… could mean a change in outlook. 2 nights ago, seeing a butterfly could have meant spirituality or a new way of thinking as my Twin and I are thinking within the same Twin Flame. It must be difficult to be be aware of your Twin in physicality yet not be able to be with them. I’ve been advised not to let my needy ego magnetize my Twin away from where he is (remember, it is he who is at home, it’s me who is away here!). I was advised to “not be afraid” and to see him as a Guide. We are communicating right now via; fine literature; ask a ?. I’m a little perplexed that knowing the Twin first precedes a physical reunion in Divine timing but in my case that may not unfold. I forsake romantic love as I learned the TS was not about that… but you know what?… I’m bringing it back! The song “Tangerine” by Led Zeppelin is about his TS. For now, as I practice my Tantra routine (oops ‘nother story) I imagine him with me. I have felt his warmth, almost overwhelming. I have also felt ‘running energy’. So one synchronicity was on Valentine’s Day. I answered the phone. A man said “Happy Valentines’s Day!”. I said, “oh no you must have the wrong number”. He said, “no, that message was meant for you!” He was familar with channelling! I smiled! I knew the message was from my TS and I thanked him. Since the first day my TS and I crossed paths in 1998 (also a long story), I know his enthusiasm (enthus means “in God”)(intuit means “in God” also) and ardour (he’s not shy) to communicate with me. On the website, under the ‘Songs Of Inspiration’ category, I’ll put “Wind Beneath My Wings”. I sing this to my Higher Self, but now also to my Twin. Thank you Gabriella for your wisdom and clarity of thought to express emotions, and to everyone; you’ve been a great help and comfort as I read every page and comment. Love and Light.

  24. Dear Diviane,
    Thank you so much for writing, I LOVE your sharing! And be reassured, dear one, you DO belong. Of course you do! 😀
    Everyone is a beautiful color in the rainbow we are creating here together as Gabriella once so beautifully expressed, and I am truly happy our rainbow has got a new touch of your beautiful color today. You seem to be a divine being, with such a beautiful name ;-). And I love to hear from someone whose twinflame is in the home world so to say. Sounds so wonderful to me, dearest, and I am sending you waves of love and light and a beautiful angel to hug you in his wings of love,
    Delphina <3

  25. oh, I just want to add ~ about your Valentine’s call, sweet Diviane:

    this “messenger phenomenon” so to say ~ yes, I know this very very well, too, and am experiencing it in all crucial situations of my life when I really need my twinflame and also whenever a truly important angel message needs to reach me. 😀
    and I am truly grateful for this! And I also KNOW that these are messages from my twin somehow brought to me in a way that is poosible right now, when some ways are blocked, but when the message needs to reach me. It is incredible, yet true, and I even have the proof that it is true because this messenger phenomenon also happened while my twin and I were still in 3D contact, at times when she e.g. just was not able to take my call because she was at work, and when I truly needed HER, then other people brought me a message that felt somehow like as if a fairy blessing was sprinkled over it, and afterwards I talked to my twin and she answered my question or said what she though about my problem I had just had, and it was ALWAYS exactly what I had got as a message before. When I then told her I had already got the message, she was also amazed. I have been AMAZED a lot of times at the clarity of these messages sprinkled with fairy blessings. They don’t happen every time, only when it’s important and only when I am having this feeling connected with the message (this feeling comes BEFORE the message is coming or when e.g. the mobile phone makes its noise to say a message has arrived or when an email makes its sound. So I KNOW before reading the message that this is now a fairy tale message so to say. And so far, whenever I had the opportunity to talk to her afterwards ~ without sharing of course that I had had such a message ~ so that I would get her real answer ~ it ALWAYS ALWAYS was true. So I think now that the angels have taught me how to listen to these messages of this kind so that now, while she is gone in the 3D, I would not feel so sad and alone and would still be able to receive her messages of love and light to me 😀

    Much love and light to all of you,