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Reunion and Merging in the Dream State

Q. I wanted to know if you can have your reunion with your twin in the dream state? I had a powerful dream where I remember saying this is our reunion and from there we made love to one another

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Runners are Always Present

Q. I’ve had dreams about my twin flame for several years. Even now, he still comes and goes from my dreams. I first saw him almost two years ago, after several days of having vivid dreams about him. We saw

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Feel Your Connection With Your Twin Flame

Q. My twin and I connected from 50 ft away, it was the most beautiful yet almost traumatizing moment of my life. It was literally a connection, and it was actually caught on video. We have never met face to

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Remember this Truth: You Know Your Twin Flame

Q. How will you know if the man in your dream is really your twinflame if you are a universal empath? Any thoughts regarding these? A. What I believe a universal empath to be is one who can feel the

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Energies are Speeding Up

Q. What do you mean when you say the energies are speeding up? I’ve been feeling anxious as of late, wanting to contact, but I stop myself. Also, dreams of him have been more profound. A. Have you noticed that

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Poetry From the Heart: Connecting With the Inner Twin Flame Energy

On this show, I shared a lot of my poetry written for my twin flame and a recent dream that we have had together. Please join into this intimate sharing of my heart with you. You are always welcome to

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