Remember this Truth: You Know Your Twin Flame

Q. How will you know if the man in your dream is really your twinflame if you are a universal empath? Any thoughts regarding these?

A. What I believe a universal empath to be is one who can feel the emotions of other souls which can be felt in the waking dream time, with our eyes open but also during the sleep dream time, with eyes closed. I do believe that we astral travel during both waking and sleeping dreams, as we can travel to visit, communicate, and love with other souls for various reasons. Many of us are doing just that recently as the consciousness is rising, yet it is different with your twin flame.

I get asked quite often how one can tell if someone is their twin flame and my answer is a strong you will know for there is this deep recognition on the soul level which extends from many lifetimes and even before there were any physical human lifetimes. You can have many connections with other souls, especially since we are all deeply connected with each other, but with your twin flame, it is a deep remembering of your eternal love that can’t be described any other way than you will know when you encounter it. It is a matter of feeling the connection, recognizing the love and remembering your love as well as your agreement for creation in this lifetime.

I have a feeling that even as you asked this question, your heart has already answered. Feel it…do you know that the man in your dreams is your twin flame?

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8 comments on “Remember this Truth: You Know Your Twin Flame
  1. Ingo says:

    You will know it…

  2. Sidney says:

    Depending on how well you remember your dreams, you may sense that there is someone who is always there, has always been there in your dreams. In my dreams, the physical attributes of my TF sometimes change, although he most often looks like he does in this incarnation. However, it is more about recognizing his energy, which is so sweetly familiar and reassuring. Also, pay attention to the dream content-what is communicated between you and the person you believe could be your TF. Is it always loving, supportive? I think you will be able to “connect-the-dots” to figure out if the man in your dreams is your TF. It is a heart-knowing rather than about how’s and why’s.

  3. Michael (Rachel) says:

    Well it was no accident how I’d end up working in a retail store 2009 during the market was down and 9 months after, my twin flame was a comeback associates at the retail store I worked 2009. It was meant to happen! If the Universe pulled me into that store 2009 and him returning to the store 9 months after my hiring date, most definitely, the heavens and the Universe will find its way for us to reunite in the physical part of the union. In addition, my twin flame and I have the letters “EL” ending to our first names and believe it or not, yes we physically smile alike and our hands are just about the same, even the eyes, except he is 6ft tall and i’m only 5’4 to 5’5. It’s amazing yet, mysterious how the divine Universe works. Incredibly, if you take a look at the numbers of our birthdate, the numbers consist of 1 and 3 and we’re both born in the same year 1984 just one month apart. One of my favorite readers, Ms. Peg whose an astrologer, clairvoyant educated me that we meet our actualy SOULMATE or TWIN FLAME while we cross over to the spirit realm; however, our actualy one and only true soul mate or TWIN FLAME, can choose to incarnate with us and we end up both here in this physical plane or physical destinations, just as me and my twin flame. She also said, the people that we deal it, for example, those who break up and divorce or relationships we’ve had who are not a longevity state are considered, Karma! Basically we only have ONE TWIN FLAME and one actual term soul mate, based on her theory. In my situation, I am the one whose lit up in this twin flame relationship and my twin flame in the other hand isn’t, see, it mirrors resembly as the YIN-YANG symbol one will be lit up and one won’t be lit up, but eventually both will be lit up by divine timing. I am praying for all of you experiencing the twin flame connection with all my love and light!!

  4. Janene says:

    You will feel the most powerful love feeling in your heart. A drawing feeling. You both feel it. That is a twin flame.

  5. Lillith says:

    I saw my Twin Soul on tv, never met him personally. It was when he looked straight into the camera and I looked into his eyes, I felt a jolt and like someone hit me right in the chest, there was no pain but but only the effect as if someone just it me in the chest. And right there I KNEW he is the One. So at that moment I did not know about Twin souls or Twin flames, so it has been a learning curve for me. When that “knowing” happen to me I discarded as a weird episodes… then the synchronicity started to blogged my mind mind..Life got really difficult for me at that moment in time because I was going thru some staff that I couldn’t understand. But now looking back and knowing about Twin Soul, I think my TS had visit me in dreams. I just realize that 4 days ago, but since 2-3 years ago I have been dreaming with this “unknown” man that when I wake up I can remember his face. In my dreams he is always following me, and at the beginnings of the dream I don’t know who he is and I try to get away from him, but every time at the end of the dream we are together and we there is an inexplicable love. I know many who believe in TS believe that TS must meet personally to “know” … but the way I feel about my TS, feelings I never felt before, I know he is my TS. But what I cannot understand is why in my dreams I tried to get away from him at the beginning? Why I don’t recognize him?

  6. James says:

    I probably know that I have responded/ told this on another post, but I just want other people who feel as if you are alone or no one quite understands you. You are never alone and the meeting of a twin solidifies that point. I was one of those who thought soulmate hocus pocus crap is for those quirky off beat folk who are a little off of their rocker or just two people who are in love/married. Now, look at me, I can’t seem to talk enough about it.
    For me the realization came with a feeling. In hind sight, I remember having that BOOM moment when I first saw my twin’s face. But it was a quiet boom in the soul. Quiet enough that I suppressed it or ignored it.
    In dating, sometimes you meet people that you go out with and you say to yourself, ” such and such is nice but….” With the twin flame connection there is no doubt or the getting to know period… because instinctively you already know them. A feeling of weird and scary all at the same time. I tell ya, your life will never be the same.

  7. DUPE says:


  8. Gabriella says:


    You can read my response to your questions here: Personally You Already Know Your Twin Flame

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