Energies are Speeding Up

Q. What do you mean when you say the energies are speeding up?
I’ve been feeling anxious as of late, wanting to contact, but I stop myself. Also, dreams of him have been more profound.

A. Have you noticed that what may have taken you years or months to experience is now taking you shorter periods of “time?” We are now meeting soul mates along our path that are helping us to confront the issues, emotions, behaviors, beliefs that don’t serve us in moving forward to raise our vibration in unconditional love. As a result, we are going through a lot of healing, a lot of emotions coming up for us to release, a lot of awareness of patterns we may have been participating in, beliefs we held so strongly to, and these are all transitioning at a quicker rate than before. For example, it may seem like you don’t have a time to breathe before another thing comes up for you to heal or face.

I would give you the message that if you are feeling a strong pull at this time to do something, to contact your twin, feel it in your heart and see if this is your inner guidance nudging you to take action. Why do you stop yourself from contacting? Is there fear there that needs to be released? One cannot accept and allow deep love within if there is fear that keeps coming up to block it.

Find comfort in the dreams, as many of us are experiencing more intense dreams right now with our twin flames, but also with others…our spirits are traveling in our dreams to meet with others to assist in the work/role that we will be taking here on Earth as the days unfold, and it is exciting. May you hear the insight and feel the love coming through in your dreams.

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