All Relationships Reflect Your Growth and Choice

Your Relationships are a Reflection of Your Growth and Your Choice

All of the relationships you find yourself in as well as those around you reflect your desire for a higher love. If there are challenges within your relationships, they are there for you to become clear as to what you are choosing and to make another choice if the relationship is not reflecting what you choose to have and create in partnership. You can have the patience and endurance to continue along the journey to a higher love.

I will go into detail on the 3 parts of service in a higher relationship:

1. Connecting with and loving your self
2. Connecting with and loving your twin flame or soul mate
3. Connecting with and loving/sharing your love with the world

These bring you into oneness with the consciousness of all that is and helps bring in the New Earth.

What are the aspects of the twin flame journey?
Patience, Balance, Constant Surrender, Growth of Unconditional Love and the 3 parts of service as mentioned above.

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2 comments on “All Relationships Reflect Your Growth and Choice
  1. Paul says:

    Hi Gabriella,
    Thanks so much for your show, I really gained alot from listening. Your wisdom and light shine in your work. I love how you combine higher consciousness and esoteric teachings into relationships.

  2. Gabriella says:


    Such a delight to receive your sweet energy. Thanks for the words and for listening to the show! What a beautiful website you have, and I love the name: sound of all things…the connection of everything, so beautiful. Truly there is sound in everything, even the “sound of silence.” 😉 I enjoyed listening to the music…love “Something May Come,” the instrumental…such calm beauty within it. Thank you so much for sharing…would love to talk more about what you do and perhaps have you on the show as well. I agree that sound is vibration, vibration is sound and through vibration, we heal and are able to raise our consciousness higher and higher. Send me over an email, and we can share more.

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