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As we move forward with consciousness in building the New Earth the way our souls are being guided, it is only natural to include education. I have felt this for some time, and have had my own experience in the education system, both as a student and as a teacher. I’m going to share with you some of my experiences along the journey, including others who are leading the way forward in this direction.

I remember that it was in 4th grade that I became aware how much I loved words, and in particular, I would construct rhymes in the form of poems but it wasn’t until I was in my freshman year of high school that I realized how deep this passion was. I was the girl who would stay up until 2:30 in the morning, under the covers with a flashlight, reading a book I had to complete before I could sleep! Through my excitement for reading and for stories, for traveling with these characters along their growth and transformation, I developed a natural sense of communion with words, and knew what words to use, when to use them and so forth. Have you felt something that you just feel is a part of you and when you discover it, it makes you feel alive, it feels as though you don’t “work” at it, but that it just flows? This is a clue for you as to what you are meant to cultivate and bring forth more fully into your life and in this world…

As many of us may have been told that we needed to have something more concrete to fall back on, I was told this by my mother when I mentioned to her that I wanted to be a writer. So therefore, my major in college was English though I added a concentration in writing so I could get what I truly felt deep within me, out. People assumed that I was on the road to becoming a teacher within the school system, though right from the start, I knew this was not my specific role to take. When I graduated, I shared with one of my professors how I wanted to bring writing to people as therapy, for I had done my own healing through creation with words. I had thought to go onto my MA with this thought in mind…

I went on to teach Creative Writing to kids at a summer camp…in addition to teaching writing at the YMCA to troubled kids, tutored in writing/reading…I often heard people say, “I just can’t write,” and I would respond, “the only reason why you can’t write is because you believe you can’t. When you can get past that thought, the words will flow.” I have always felt that it is what we believe we can’t do that stops us from doing it, of course the fear of being “wrong” or made fun of if we aren’t considered “normal,” though what is “normal” could be another blog, for truly it is a perception that varies depending upon the observer.

I did go onto taking some classes towards my MA in English while also taking some classes in Psychology for my other passion was observing people in the hopes of helping them. For your information, I didn’t complete my Master’s, for I was nudged away from it (and mind you, I had only 6 months to a year in order to be finished) because my inner knowing knew that I wasn’t going to teach in a school. However, I have been a natural teacher throughout my life, guiding people through their life experiences, as strangers (though are we ever strangers to each other?) would share with me their life stories. I do remember though, exploring my options for teaching if I were to do it, because I didn’t feel attracted to the public school system as I felt that it was so restrictive and not open to the creativity of the teacher to bring an extensive depth into the classroom, with limited books and how to go about teaching them. If I were to go that route, I had felt it would have to be in a Montessori, more open atmosphere where ages were mixed and there were particular rooms for creative endeavors, such as writing/reading, art, music and others. Whatever the kids wanted to do that day, they did, more individually yet the teachers were there to assist when needed. Even though that sounded exciting, I still didn’t feel that this was the direction I needed to be heading in. I also recall vividly a conversation/interview I had with a lady at a school I had applied to work for where she shared with me their mission statement. She said, “here at our school, we focus on academics, and that comes first, we do not feel that a focus in the arts is as important…” there was a lot of other things expressed, but this stood out so intensely for me, and I think I blocked out everything else that was shared. I didn’t feel that I could ever work in a place that was not in alignment with what I feel so deeply inside…and the arts actually should be at the forefront, but that honestly, the kids themselves should be able to choose what area they feel so strongly drawn towards. As teachers, we are meant to help cultivate what is naturally emerging within our young ones.

Then along came some awakenings within me about coaching, writing, relationships, my twin flame…all that had already been inside of me but was the time to come out. I then started taking action towards doing what I do now, though I am constantly being guided as the days unfold extending onto what I do. I have a vision of bringing the deeper awareness of higher relationships into schools…how this will completely happen will be revealed as I go along, I have no doubt. I am always expressing how important it is to go within, for it is there where one connects with their inner passions, the love that is waiting to be discovered, the light that is shining and waiting to be seen. Once that light is found, it can then be cultivated extending into creations that can be shared with the world…and as the love is discovered within, it can then shine forth, and naturally attract its complement, the divine, true love partner.

I remember growing up learning about sex and drugs in health class and the physical anatomy in biology class, but I don’t ever recall learning about healthy higher relationships, how having this type of relationship starts from having one with yourself. There is so much more beyond this…and I feel that it is time for this to be shared as part of the “new” education…

The reason I also brought in the arts here is like I mentioned, I have done my own healing through artistic creation, and through healing, we find our own lights (our passions), and then we can take the steps in bringing who we are into the world, which of course then allows for the natural unfolding of the healthy relationship, rather than starting with a relationship out of “need” that we enter into because we don’t know or love ourselves…we are releasing this so that we can be in our own light, shine our light, and attract to us other lights that are a part of our own.

I am honored to tell you about Josh Groban’s foundation “Find Your Light,” for it mirrors many messages that I have shared that I feel so strongly about. You may want to keep updated on this for I can see many more creations as time goes on. I’ll let the website and Josh’s mission statement speak for what it is about. Find Your Light

Here is a video to watch on the importance of cultivating creativity in education so that no one feels afraid of standing in their own light and shining it forth into the world. The world is truly in need of everyone’s specific light, and guidance in what they feel to create and share.

Wisdom is Effortless Mutuality (from the Tao Te Ching)
~Lao Tzu

The expert traveler leaves no footprints.
The expert speaker makes no mispronunciations.
The expert in calculation needs no calculator.

The expert in closing things needs no lock,
yet not one can open what has been closed.
The expert in binding uses no knots,
yet no one can pull apart what has been bound.

The expert in caring for things never wastes anything.
The expert at helping people never abandons anyone.

These are the paths of enlightenment.
Those who arrive at their destination teach those who are still on the path,
while those still on the path are sources of wisdom for the teachers.

I love this verse for we are all students and teachers. Whatever role we are playing, we can always receive more for life is a neverending story, a neverending path of growth and learning, discovering and shining, creating and sharing, where as we receive, we give and as we give, we receive, if we are open. This I feel, is the path of the new education, in that when we see that there needs to be a shift to welcome in the new ways/wisdom that we have been given, then we take action to doing this. Our cup is always half full and it can continuously be filled again and again, in such limitless and beautiful ways. Let us continue to begin, again and again…

Another thing I remember, is when I spoke about happiness and relationships in a college freshman class. I discussed how through our relationships, we shift and change, therefore we have a new discovery as to who we are when the relationship transitions. After class, there was this one 18 year old boy who came up to me and asked, “what about the things that don’t change?” I shared with him that is what is in alignment with another person that we are ultimately searching for. By first understanding ourselves, our passions, who we are, we can then in turn recognize the “parts of us that don’t change,” the parts that make us who we are in another, and then join together in healthy partnership. Young adults are absolutely having relationships with just about everything in their lives, as well as with themselves, and I feel would embrace such discussions and sharing within their education with open arms.

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