Reunion and Merging in the Dream State

Q. I wanted to know if you can have your reunion with your twin in the dream state? I had a powerful dream where I remember saying this is our reunion and from there we made love to one another ( different from the earthly making love).

A. Yes, absolutely we do meet our twins in the dream state – and there is a progression of those dreams and what occurs within them as we continue to grow, as individuals and as our one heart/one soul. The progression of dreams absolutely lets you know where you are on the path towards full merging with the twin. Reunion = remembering that you are already one. The more that you remember this deeply and you see/feel your oneness with your twin in everything, everyone, every moment, the more that sets the stage, the path, for your full union in all ways, including the physical, if that is in your soul intention for this lifetime. The nighttime dream state is one place where our spirits leave the body and travel limitlessly to receive insight, learning, love, and so much more – it is a place where we can remember – for it is a time when our minds are quieter than the daytime.

So you actually do reunite many times with your twin in the nighttime dream state to grow, learn, encourage one another, love each other, and remember each other and your soul intentions, as well as to see where you are at on your journey of co-creation with one another. Making love in this state is PROFOUNDLY different from earthly making love – it is a love from the heart, the soul, the cells of your spiritual essence and physical body – it is limitless, flowing, eternal and truly OUT of this world. Just imagine how that will be when you are in the physical while also so deeply connected on all other levels with your twin, spiritual, emotional, mental, etheric – truly divine and heaven on earth. The reunion does take place on all those levels before the physical, most often than not…and this is probably what was occurring in your dream. Your merging beyond the physical to prepare for your physical union.

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  1. I’ve met my twin flame about 6 years ago, we had not seen each other since 2010, or spoken for the last two… And not only have I been going through the most profound awakening of my life, I’ve been experiencing synchronicites involving 11’s, 11:11, etc, than I did when I first met her, and I’ve been dreaming about her more frequently than I used to. Right after each dream, I feel like a different person, I can literally notice the growth post-dream. And I’m very grateful for that, and I’m very grateful for this article. I give you much love <3 and thanks again for the insight.