Self Love Enhances the Love For and With Your Twin Flame

Q. I have a question. During the time of a separation, are the twin flames able to gauge each others emotions at that moment. For instance, if I’m feeling a loneliness and a longing to be with my twin are they feeling that as well? Sometimes when just thinking/longing of my twin it feels like I have conversations in my head with him. I repeatedly tell him in our conversations that I miss him and I love him. And in some funny way, it feels like he misses me as well. I don’t know what to make of it because I don’t know if I’m being obsessive, or is this actually happening? I have never had this experience within any other relationship. However, during this separation in knowing that there is a need for self love and healing of any issues that I have had in the past. Could someone please tell me if they have ever experienced this?

A. To answer your question right from the start here, yes, your twin flame is experiencing your emotions on many levels, and depending on how awakened your twin is, there may not be a full conscious awareness of what is being felt or how it is being felt, maybe even not completely able to distinguish that it isn’t his own feelings in the moment that they come. However, I’m willing to bet that at this point in our consciousness, your twin is consciously aware of your emotions and able to figure out that it is exactly his when he feels them. Pay attention and stay connected to the conversations you have in your head for the truth is that we are connected beyond direct physical contact and can love, communicate, share beyond our bodies. I like to say that the conversations you have in your head is just your open receptivity to hearing the communications that are always going on, that only the mind blocks from picking up on.

Just as your twin can feel your emotions, the same is true for you. You can feel his emotions as well so it isn’t surprising that you feel like he is longing for you to. I have always loved the quote, “What you are seeking is seeking you,” for the truth in this is that the energy that you put out into the universe has to be opened up in vibration to begin to be attracted to you. When you become aware of your twin flame, it is because your soul has remembered you have intended to connect in this lifetime, and therefore each step is essential leading up to that reunion. You are absolutely right in the importance of self love in this between time, because as you love yourself, you love your twin and allow your twin to love himself more, as this becomes a neverending circle of increasing unconditional love for self…then when you look upon your twin and your twin looks upon you, the love for self is magnified as you see you within your twin, naturally enhancing the love for your twin and yourself all in the same moment…and then this love extends out into the cosmos, affecting everyone, all that is. This deep eternal love is powerful and the journey is so exciting…please don’t focus on the destination itself but enjoy every step along your path leading up to it, knowing that you are together, merging closer, and co-creating in this moment, which is in preparation for when you come together to continue creating in all ways.

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  1. I agree with this so completely I know from the beginning I could feel my beloved’s emotions and I also know that when I am longing for him and it is so intense that he has to be longing for me as well. I feel he is finding himself and truly learning to love himself right now and when he finds himself he will find me. As we are always together in the heart.
    Much love and light<3

  2. I agree completely. I have conversations with my twin flame all the time especially when I long for him the most. He reminds me of how I’m doing great and to be patient for our union is just around the corner 🙂

  3. I always ask to my TF, when are we going to be together? and he ask me back the same question, I said to him, I don’t know. The last time he ask me I told him to pray for it. I sense those long conversations with my TF in my head too. They pup up, during my day and night. Sometimes, during the night I have to tell him that we should go to sleep, it getting late, and we need to wake up early in the morning. He has a great sense of humor and we laugh a lot. Thanks Gabrialle I had the same questions as Connie and you just answer to them.

  4. I don’t feel my twin is “awake”. He runs when we get close and it could be weeks before we physically communicate again. So in that case would he still feel for me the longing and emotions that I have for him?

  5. I believe i’ve met my twin soul , however I need some kind of reassurance, if anyone can help.The thing is we crossed paths briefly many years ago,both moved on ,however I felt he has always been present within me somewhere, as I’d have recurring dreams of him often.

    I found him 21yrs later on social network and since then he has had a huge effect on my life where I cannot imagine a day passing without him dominating my thoughts and feelings.

    The emotions on both sides were intense with electic energy , we couldn’t get enough of each other.We were telepathic as well as empathetic. His happiness and wellbeing became most impt to me.

    In all of this I have repeated highs and lows, highs when I feel his frequency in tune with mine, lows because we’re apart physically and I feel at times that he’s far ,far away in thoughts too. Its a feeling im afraid of, fearing a permanent drift between us. The sadness of living seperate lives ,of wanting to feel his closeness,and of having these ovrrwhelming feelings of him is too much to take sometimes.

    I tried forgetting him, but its really hard. I know we can’t be together but I can’t help the feeling of hoping that oneday, or maybe another life…….

    I feel uplifted in my yearning for him, it makes me feel deeper, and then I ultimately start to pray , for him, for us , cos I don’t know what else to do.

    I have never in my life felt this way for another person, that’s why I woukd like to believe oyr connection is deeper .

    If anyone could help me with these questions……. does he feel what I feel, can he love me in the way that I love him. How will I know these things???

    All I do know is that I spend every waking moment of him in my thoughts.



  6. Dear Arien,

    This love is so profound with many layers of delving into the depths of love, and remembering through the experience of it. The awakening of your flame of love, and encountering your twin flame is about remembering who you are, the infinite love that you are, and how nothing can separate you from the immensity and intensity of love. This is an invitation to bring the love you feel for him, that has awakened in you, outward into creation and service. Let all the pieces of who you are come together, moment to moment. The bliss is remembering who you are as you uncover your pieces, experience by experience. Let the steps of your journey bring you to more clarity for your unique journey. Hold onto your love and what you feel and let your journey reveal it all to you, as it unfolds. If you would like to share more intimately, I am available for sessions. Sending love your way!

  7. As hard as self-love really is, I found that by accepting and loving myself more and more, I love my twin more and more as well, and I feel more of it from my twin as well.. But if they really multiply each other, this is the best advice yet. And I truly appreciate it.

  8. Robert,

    So beautiful to read your words. It is absolutely true, that by accepting and loving yourself more, you love your twin more and the desire to share that love with others along the path increases, and the circle, continues, enhancing and increasing 🙂 More and more beauty, love and synchronicities shall embrace you as you walk. Sending love from my heart to yours <3

  9. I have a questions, how to know whether am I feeling my TF or was it my mood? Do we have to be at a certain stage, then are we able to feel each other from a distance? My TF is not talking to me, hence I’m unable to verify. Thank you

  10. My tv is much younger than me so we cannot be together due to the inappropriateness of our age difference. I could be his mom. That does not change the intense feelings I have for him, though and makes it difficult to progress the depth of emotion I feel for him. I suspect the feelings are mutual and can relate to many of the above posts. This love has opened my heart wider than ever, but it’s not something I can discuss with just anyone, not even him. So I process all the feelings internally and sometimes feel like I’m going crazy. I was happy to find this and to just be able to share my story. Thank you for listening.

  11. Becky, I’m older than my TF, and I’m in a relationship. So, I’m just going with the flow. I feel that he loves me the same way I do, and the telepathy communication is becoming intense. We are not in physical communication, and he lives 2hrs from where I live.
    Blessing to you and everybody